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Catholic School Teacher Education

The Dioceses of Dallas, Fort Worth, and Tyler are part of the Texas Catholic Conference (TCC). All applicants must have a minimum Bachelor's Degree and 12 hours in designated teacher courses from a nationally recognized college or university, accredited by one of the six regional accreditation organizations recognized by the United States Department of Education.

Texas Catholic Conference Education Department sets the following minimum requirements for teaching in the Catholic Schools in Texas:

An Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education, or a Bachelor's Degree with 12 credit hours in Early Childhood Education

K-5 Self-Contained Classroom: 
A Bachelor's Degree with 12 credit hours in professional education coursework. Courses must fall into the category of: Educational Technology (required), Developmental Psychology, Learning Theory, Elementary or Secondary Curriculum, Classroom Management and Teaching Methods. 

Departmentalized Grades 6-8; Grades 9-12:
Applicants for Middle School (6-8) also must have 18 hours in their primary teaching assignment. Applicants for High School must have 24 hours in their primary teaching subject. Both require 12 hours in any secondary teaching assignment.

Deficiency Plans: 
If necessary and with prior permission of the Director of Catholic Schools, a teacher with a Bachelor's Degree who does not meet the requirements for professional education coursework or subject credit hours, may be hired under a Deficiency Removal Plan. Except in special circumstances, the teacher is given 2 years to complete the requirements set forth in the deficiency plan in order to continue teaching in the Catholic Schools of Dallas. Contact the Diocesan Department of Education regarding deficiency plans.


The DANTE program is not offering classes at this time. Courses designed for the Catholic Teacher Certificate Program can be by clicking the following link - Catholic Teacher Certificate


The Dallas Area Network for Teaching and Education (DANTE), a special project of the University of Dallas Department of Education, offers summer courses in professional education at special reduced tuition rates. In addition there is a limited number of scholarships for summer course work available for teachers under contract to school of the Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Tyler Dioceses. For information about DANTE Summer Courses for Teachers, click here.

Courses Recommended for Teachers of All Grade Levels

Edu 3305 Computer Problem Solving (Learning Theory Integration) Required of ALL Teachers.
Edu 5352 Educational Evaluation
Edu 5357 ST/Instructional Strategies (summer only)
Edu 5357 ST/Human Growth and Development (summer only)

Courses Recommended for Teachers of Grades K-8
Edu 3322 Children's Literature
Edu 3323 Developmental Reading 
Edu 3325 Mathematic Concepts for Elementary Teachers 
Edu 3326 Science in the Elementary Schools 
Edu 3327 Child Growth and Development
Edu 3329 Math Problem Solving for Elementary Teachers
Edu 3330 Integrated Curriculum
Edu 4343 Principles of Elementary Education
Edu 5354 Language Acquisition/Linguistics
Edu 5357 ST/Mathematic Concepts for Elementary Teachers (summer only)
Edu 5357 ST/Developmental Reading (summer only)
Edu 5357 ST/Science in the Elementary Schools (summer only) 

Courses Recommended for Teachers of Grades 4-12
Any of the courses listed for all grade levels.
Edu 3328 Psychology of Adolescence (Secondary)(Psy 3328) 
Edu 4346 Principles of Secondary Education (Grades 6-12)
Edu 5323 Reading in the Secondary Schools (Grades 6-8)
Edu 5357 ST/Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum (Grades 4-12) (summer only)

N.B. Teachers who are interested in Texas state certification will find that the courses that satisfy requirements for the Texas Catholic Conference also may satisfy Texas certification requirements. However, certification is not simply an accumulation of courses. There are various types of certifications available. Individuals interested in state certification must be formally admitted to the University of Dallas Teacher Certification Program. In addition, an individual must take at least twelve credit hours from a list of designated courses AFTER he/she has been formally admitted to the Teacher Certification Program.

For more information about Catholic or Texas Teacher Certification, call Mrs. Kay Haaser, Certification Officer, at 972-721-5184

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