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DANTE Institute


The DANTE Institute is not offering classes at this time. Courses designed for the Catholic Teacher Certificate Program can be by clicking the following link - Catholic Teacher Certificate


The Dallas Area Network for Teaching and Education (DANTE), a project within the Department of Education at the University of Dallas, is committed to forming an academic "community of practice" both on campus and online where preservice and inservice teachers can construct what it means to teach...for the first time or all over again.

DANTE offers teachers a safe, stimulating, and supportive academic environment in which to re-conceive knowledge of subject matter using the pedagogical tools of the twenty-first century. For all the "change" occurring in American schools today, the role of the teacher in student achievement remains the critical element. DANTE is committed to supporting the growth and continuing formation of good teachers.

To this end, DANTE offers credit courses, seminars, workshops, inservice as well as web resources and web hosting services to teachers and schools. Please click on the link above to be taken to the main DANTE website, and learn more about this program.

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