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Theresa M. Kenney, Ph.D. t Kenney

Associate Professor, English
Location: Braniff Graduate Building 308
Office Phone: 972-721-4069


B.A. English and Classics, Pennsylvania State University
M.A. English, University of Notre Dame
Ph.D. English, Stanford University

Scholarship and Recent Publications 

The Christ Child in Medieval Culture: Alpha es et O!   Co-edited with Mary Dzon. University of Toronto Press, 2012.

"The Christ Child on Fire: Robert Southwell's Mighty Babe."   ELR 42.2 (2012). Forthcoming.

"Jane Austen, Revolution, Socialist Realism, and Reception: A Response to Helong Zhang's 'Jane Austen: 100 Years in China.'" Persuasions 33 (2012).

"Aisha, Rajshree Ojha's Urban Emma: Not Entirely Clueless."   Persuasions On-Line 32.1 (Winter 2011).

"Why Edward Ferrars Doesn't Dance."   In Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility.  Ed. by Eleanor Donlon. San Francisco: Ignatius Press. Forthcoming.

"Mansfield Park and the Conscience Outside the Self."  In Jane Austen's Mansfield Park.  Ed by Eleanor Donlon. San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2010.

"Compassion and Condemnation in Wuthering Heights: Mediation, Christianity, and the Occult." In Wuthering Heights. Ed. by Joseph Pearce. San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2008.

"'Slyness Seems the Fashion': Dexterous Revelations in Pride and Prejudice." Persuasions 27 (2006).

"'As she was not really Mrs. Croft': Playing the Admiral's Wife in Bath." Persuasions 26 (2005).

"The Infant Christ as Inspiration to the Anglo-Saxons." Southwest Commission on Religious Studies, March 2003.

"Arcangela Tarabotti, Venetian Humanist and Nun." Canticle, 2000.

"From Francesca to Francesco: Transcribing the Tale of Passion from the Inferno to the Paradiso, or Thomas Aquinas as Romancier." Religion and Literature 31.1 (1999).

"Women Are Not Human": An Anonymous Treatise and Responses.  NY: Crossroad, 1998.

John Donne's Conversion from Misogyny." English Renaissance Prose 6 (1997-98).

Recent Courses

Literary Tradition I, II, III, IV
Jane Austen
Arthurian Romance
Charles Dickens
Medieval Lyric and Romance
Religious Lyric
John Donne

Research Interests

Metaphysical poets
Medieval Romance and Lyric Dante
Nineteenth Century Novel, especially Jane Austen.



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