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English Department Writing Colloquia:  Spring 2015

Discovering a Research Topic
Dr. Bainard Cowan

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Academic Discourse
Dr. Greg Roper

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What do I do in the library?
Christopher Kirk

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English Department Writing Colloquia: Fall 2014
Wednesday afternoons, 3-4pm in Gorman B


October 1

Caring for the Reader's Soul: Ancient Rhetoric and the Contemporary Essay.

Dr. Scott Crider

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October 8

Parallel Universes: A Lesson in Sentence Structure

Dr. Bernadette Waterman-Ward

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October 15

Ordering the Cosmos of Your Paper: Advice for Paragraphs

Mrs. Tiffany Niebuhr

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October 22

Stylistic Concision: How to Denominalize Your Prose

Mr. Matthew Spring

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October 29

Beginning with the End in Mind

Mr. Kenny Marchetti

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November 5

The Use and Abuse of Primary Texts: Advice for Improving Evidence.

Mr. Rhett Forman

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November 12

An Interesting Concept at the End

Dr. Debra Romanick Baldwin

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Writing Colloquia Videos Spring 2014

Session 1: Where Do I Begin
Dr. Andrew Moran
Handout 1
Handout 2
Session 2: Do You Wanna Make a Connection?
Dr. Bernadette Waterman-Ward

Session 3: Can Writing Be a Means of Discovery?
Dr. Bainard Cowan

Session 4: What's Your Problem?
Dr. Debra Romanick-Baldwin

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