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Dr. Robert Ansiaux

Department of History
Office: Braniff 230
Office Phone: 972-721-5097

Robert R. Ansiaux received his graduate degrees in history from the University
of Texas at Arlington. He received his Juris Doctorate from Southern Methodist
University. He received his undergraduate degree in history from the University
of Dallas.

Recent Courses

Western Civilization II
American Civilization I
American Civilization II
World Civilization I
World Civilization II

Representative Publications and Presentations

"Colonial Cartography and the Republic of Texas", March 2, 2006
Guest Speaker at the Texas State Historical Society, Austin, Texas
"The Eyes of Belgium are upon you, Texas that is!" October 16. 2003
Guest Speaker at the Transatlantic History Graduate Symposium, University of Texas at Arlington
Ansiaux, R.R. and Reinhartz, D., "'The truth is ...maps are weapons!' Cartographic Impressions and the Doomed Belgian Colony of Santo Tomas" Festschrift in Honor of Lisette Danckaert, (Brussels, 2006).
Ansiaux, R.R., "Law" in World Trade from Ancient Times to the Present, ME Sharp (2005).
Ansiaux, R.R., "Usury" and "Bankruptcy" The First, Second, and Third Industrial Revolution, ME Sharp (2009)
Ansiaux, R.R., "Harappan Empire", "Mauryan Empire", "Gupta Empire", "and "Belgian Empire", in World Empires, Facts on File (Anticipated 2012).

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