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Spring 2015 Reading Schedule

The HPS Faculty Reading Group meets on Thursdays from 12:30 to 1:30 pm, in the Math lab (basement of the Science Building).

Erwin SchrödingerWhat is Life? and Gumbrecht et al., What is Life? The Intellectual Pertinence of Erwin Schrödinger

Date Reading Discussion Leader
January 29 Schrödinger, chs. 1–2  
February 5 Schrödinger, chs. 3–5   
February 12 Schrödinger, chs. 6–7 and epilogue  
February 19 Gumbrecht et al., pp. 1–31  
February 26 Gumbrecht et al., pp. 33–43  
March 5 Gumbrecht et al., pp. 45–103  
March 19 Gumbrecht et al., pp. 105–121  


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