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Dr. Jacob-Ivan Eidt

Dr. Eidt received a B.A. in German and Philosophy with honors from the University of Mississippi where he also taught elementary German. He received his M.A. from Die Katholische Universität Eichstätt in Bavaria in German literature (neuere deutsche Literaturwissenschaft), foreign language pedagogy (Didaktik des deutschen als Fremdsprache), and Philosophy. His M.A. thesis centered on allusions to Greek antiquity in Thomas Mann’s Death in Venice and was directed by Thomas Mann scholar Dr. Ruprecht Wimmer.   While living and studying in Germany professor Eidt also worked as an interpreter, a translator, a teacher of English, and in the German Department of Labor. He received his PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in Germanic Studies where he wrote his dissertation on the poet Rainer Maria Rilke with the title: “Deus Absconditus: Gnosticism, Secularization and Philosophical Modernity in Rilke” under the direction of Swedish poet laureate Dr. Lars Gustafsson. In Austin Dr. Eidt also taught ESL through the Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua and the Fulbright Commission in cooperation with the Korean and Japanese school systems. Prior to working at UD Dr. Eidt was a Visiting Assistant Professor of German at the University of South Carolina in Columbia where he also taught in the Honors College. Dr. Eidt has been active in the regional Modern Language Association serving on its executive committee as German representative as well as on the board of Trustees of the Dallas Goethe Center. He has also served as a Commissioner on the Advanced Placement (AP) German Language Redesign Commission. Dr. Eidt is especially interested in German intellectual history of the 19th century and the intersection of German music aesthetics and literature. In addition to his German courses he also offers courses in Comparative Literary Traditions and in the Branif graduate school.



Ph.D., Germanic Studies, University of Texas at Austin
M.A., German Literature, Didactics of German as a Foreign Language, and Philosophy, Katholische Universität Eichstätt, Germany
B.A., German and a Philosophy, University of Mississippi


Courses Frequently Taught:

First Year German I-II, Second Year German I-II, German Literary Traditions I-II, German for Reading Knowledge I-II, The German Novella, Wagner, The History of the German Language, German Translation, Advanced German Grammar, German Civilization, The Modern World.


Select Publications:

“Empathy of Sound and Sublimity of Sight: Music, Image, and the Kantian Sublime in Werner Herzog’s Lessons of Darkness” Glossen 35 /2012

“Aesthetics, Opera, and Alterity in Herzog’s Work” In: The Cambridge Companion to Comparative Literature and Comparative Cultural Studies, Ed. Steven Tötösy de Zepetnek and Tutun Mukherjee, Cambridge University Press, 2013, Reprinted from CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture 14.1 (2012) Purdue University Press.

“Rilke contra Wagner: Rilke’s early concept of Music and the Convergence of the Arts around 1900”. Studia theodisca XVIII,2011.

“Rilke und die Musik(er). Überlegungen zu Rilkes Musikverständnis im Kontext seiner Zeit” In: Rilkes Welt: Festschrift für August Stahl Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main, 2009.

“The Dean”, Lars Gustafsson’s novel Dekanen as world literature and pedagogical text, Modern Language Studies Vol. 35. number 2, 2005.

Translation of Select poems by Peter Rühmkorf. Dimension2 7.2/3, 2005

Translations of selected poems by Harald Gerlach. Dimension2 6. 2/3 2003

Select Presentations:

"Re-imagining the Other in Film: Alterity and the Musical Sublime in Werner Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo." Film panel Annual Convention of the South Central Modern Language Association (SCMLA) San Antonio, TX November 8 – 10, 2012

Invited lecture sponsored by the Dallas Goethe Center “Rainer Maria Rilke’s poetry and Influence” –November 19, 2011

University of Dallas Core Symposium: “Modern Languages and the Core Curriculum.” 2011

“Rilke, Absolute Music, and the Convergence of the Arts in fin de siècle Europe”, Annual Convention of the South Central Modern Language Association (SCMLA) 2010

“The Habsburg Monarchy and the Development of Absolute Music”: Habsburg Symposium 2009

“The Case of Wagner and Germanic Studies or: The Work of Art Beyond Good and Evil” Wagner Symposium, 2008

“Strauss’ Wagnerian Salome and Musical Modernity” Salome Symposium and Performance, University of Dallas / Dallas Opera, 2008

Invited lecture: “Teaching Literature in the Foreign Language Curriculum in the 21st Century”, University of South Carolina, 2007

“Time, Memory and Historical Subjectivity in Wim Wenders Himmel über Berlin” ACLA (American Comparative Literature Association), Puebla Mexico, 2007

“Do Angels Dream of BMWs?” The German Angel in Word and Image – Rilke, Klee, Benjamin and Wenders” Phi Beta Kappa Symposium, 2006

“Is Tom Cruise a Modern Fridolin? Approaches Toward Teaching Literature and Popular Culture Using Schnitzler and Kubrick” Popular Culture Association /American Culture Association, Atlanta, Georgia, 2006

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