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Valeria Forte


Doctoral Studies in Humanities: Literature. University of Texas at Dallas, 2008 to present

M.A. Anthropology, University of Texas at Arlington, 2008

M.A. Spanish, University of Texas at Arlington, 1998

B.A. Spanish and Classics, University of Texas at Arlington, 1996

Maturita’ Classica. Liceo Classico, Italy. 1994


Valeria Forte, professor of Italian Language and Literature, has taught at the University of Dallas since fall 2002. Her academic expertise combines two major areas of research: literature and archaeology. Her fields of interest are Italian and Classic Literature, Jewish Studies, and Mediterranean Archaeology. She has devoted most of her research to the question of Etruscan origins, cultural migration through the Mediterranean, the influence of Jewish mysticism on Italian Literature and related linguistic phenomena. Professor Forte conducts her research in Europe, the Middle East and in USA, where she has been involved in several academic institutions and cultural organizations.

Frequently Taught Courses:

MIT3323 Advanced Communication in Italian
MIT3322 Italian Literary Tradition II
MIT3321 Italian Literary Tradition I
MIT2312 Second Year Italian II
MIT2311 Second Year Italian I
MIT1302 First Year Italian II
MIT1301 First Year Italian I
MIT1101 Italian Language and Culture
MIT4V51 Independent Research

Select Presentations and Publications

“The Eternity of Leopardi’s Poetry” Rome Walking Tours Lectures Series Fall 2012.

“Etruscan Origins and Italian Nationalism.” Studia Europaea, vol. 1 (2011).

“Martin Buber’s Response to the Historical and Cultural Context of the First World War.” Studia Europaea vol. 4 (2009).

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