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Dr. Christopher Mirus


Associate Professor

Department of Philosophy
Location: Rome Campus
Office Phone: 972-721-5161

Dr. Christopher Mirus received his doctorate in History and Philosophy of Science from the University of Notre Dame. He holds master's degrees in Philosophy and in History and Philosophy of Science from the same institution; his undergraduate work was in theology and philosophy at Christendom College. He works in the areas of ancient philosophy, especially Aristotle, and philosophy of science. Among his favorite undergraduate courses are Philosophy of Being, Ancient Philosophy, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Science. He also regularly teaches graduate courses on Aristotle. He is coordinator for the undergraduate concentration in History and Philosophy of Science.

Recent Courses

Phi 1301 Philosophy and the Ethical Life
Phi 3311 Philosophy of Being
Phi 3325 Ancient Philosophy
Phi 3335 Philosophy of Education
Phi 3351 Junior Seminar
Phi 4331 Epistemology
Phi 4333 Philosophy of Science
Phi 4334 Bioethics
Phi 6310 Text Seminar: Aristotle's Organon
Phi 6310 Text Seminar: Aristotle's De Anima
Phi 6322 Aristotle's Metaphysics
IPS 8321 Plato & Aristotle
Phi 3343 From Ancient to Medieval Philosophy
Phi 4333 Philosophy of Science
Phi 8315 Aristotle

Fall 2015 Courses

Phi 2323-01, 02 The Human Person

Fall 2015 Office Hours

Tuesday, 2:00-3:00 PM
Thursday, 2:00-3:00 PM
Or by appointment

Representative Publications

"Homonymy and the Matter of a Living Body," Ancient Philosophy 21 (2001): 357–73.

"Aristotle's Agathon," The Review of Metaphysics 57 (2004): 515–36.

"The Metaphysical Roots of Aristotle's Teleology," The Review of Metaphysics 57 (2004): 699–724.

"The Homogeneous Bodies in Meteorology IV.12," Ancient Philosophy 26 (2006): 45–64.

"Aristotle on Beauty and Goodness in Nature." International Philosophical Quarterly 52 (2012): 79–97.

"Order and the Determinate: The Good as a Metaphysical Concept in Aristotle." The Review of Metaphysics 65 (2012): 499–523.

“Space.” In New Catholic Encyclopedia Supplement 2012–13: Ethics and Philosophy, edited by Robert L. Fastiggi, vol. 4, 1448–51. Detroit: Gale, 2013.

“Excellence as Completion in Aristotle’s Physics and Metaphysics.” The Review of Metaphysics, forthcoming September 2013.

Book Manuscript

Being is Better than Not Being: The Metaphysics of Goodness and Beauty in Aristotle



Chapter 1: The Human Good

Chapter 2:  The Good Human

Chapter 3:  The Fine and Beautiful

Chapter 4:  Being and Goodness

Chapter 5:  Order and the Determinate

Chapter 6:  Completeness and Self-Sufficiency

Chapter 7:  Excellence as Completion


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