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1960 - 2013

We have lost contact with some of our graduates but even a partial list of their achievements is quite impressive. The following figures refer to the graduates whose careers have been tracked.

At least 55  have already received a Ph.D. in physics, engineering, or mathematics:

This file is in the process of being updated.

There are 15 others currently attending graduate school or professional school:

There are several (32, or 21%) of our graduates who are now employed after receiving a M.S. degree:

  1. Ahlert, M. University of Arkansas (geophysics)
  2. B. Barnhart University of Cincinnati
  3. J. Bauer University of Kentucky
  4. T. Bresee MCI, University of Texas at Dallas
  5. P. Burkett Pennsylvania State University
  6. Burns, M.   University of Texas, Dallas
  7. J. Fogel Rice University
  8. J. Grotte University of Texas at Dallas
  9. M. Hanafee University of Michigan
  10. R. Hansell University of Texas at Dallas
  11. K. Harkin University of Maryland
  12. A. Hug University of Arkansas
  13. A. Hurzeler GTE, University of Texas at Dallas, MBA at UD
  14. C. Kacoroski Trinity University
  15. G. Lange Kansas State University
  16. R. Lemire Airforce, Dayton OH (MS)
  17. P. Lintz Vanderbilt University
  18. E. Marshall University of Texas at Dallas
  19. P. Marzban Southern Methodist University (EE), UNT (physics)
  20. M. McHugh University of Oklahoma (meteorology)
  21. R. Muir University of North Texas
  22. A. Nalewaik University of Southern California
  23. P. O'Hagan Southern Methodist University
  24. G. Oliver Tulane University
  25. H. Paik University of Tennessee
  26. D. Rajcic North Texas State University
  27. P. Richardson University of Texas at Austin
  28. M. Rouse University of Texas at Austin
  29. D. Rupert Dartmouth University
  30. B. Sklaney Syracuse University
  31. J. Stirton University of Texas at Austin
  32. J. Visentine University of Houston
  33. M. Wangler University of Massachusetts
  34. A. Zaruba Texas A&M University


A few (7, or 5%) of our graduates continued in other fields after receiving M.S. in physics:

  1. Beard, M.                      Louvain University, then DO
  2. Gregory, D.                 Purdue University, then MD
  3. Higgins, V.                  Purdue University, now Legionairies Priest
  4. Maska, S.                      University of North Carolina, University of Texas Health Science Center,                                              San Antonio (MD)
  5. Rooney, J.                     Purdue University, then Theology, now a Priest in Kansas
  6. R. Walter University of Colorado (MS engineering), then theology at Loyola University


Or went directly into others fields (21, or 12%)

  1. Alexander, G.                    UT Galveston, M.D.
  2. Bennett, Chris                   Medical School, completed, residency at Bethesda
  3. Bellon, M.                          M.D. Anderson Health Sciences, UT
  4. Bergkamp, M                     University of Dallas, Master of Humanities
  5. Donohue, P.                        Master of Divinity, Priest
  6. Fisher, D.                             Law School, J.D.
  7. Faulkner, W.                       University of Chicago, M.B.A.
  8. Gramling, S                         Law School, J.D.
  9. Hayes, P.                              Medical School, MD
  10. Hosnain, M                         Medical School, MD/PhD
  11. Kahn, J.                                University of Dallas, MBA
  12. Kniest, T,                            Southern Methodist University (J.D.)
  13. Knutson, G.                       Baylor University (D.D.S.)
  14. Langan, J.                           University of Dallas, MBA
  15. Lewis, W.                          MD
  16. Makowski, V.                    Law School, JD
  17. McClellan, G.                   UD, MBA, Law School, JD.
  18. Meier, E.                            Medical School, MD
  19. Mosemann, J.                    Ordained a diocesan priest in 5/97
  20. Nelson, J.                            Law School, J.D.
  21. Orr, S.                                 Seminary, MA in Theology, now a Priest in Wichita, KS
  22. Shappell, S.                         Baylor Medical Center, MD/PhD
  23. Smith, R.                             Southern Methodist University, JD
  24. Spiller, V.                           Louisiana State University, MA
  25. Tenney, J.                           University of Dallas, MBA

There are students (27, or 17%) who entered the work force after completing their degree at the University of Dallas:

  1. D. Albert High School Physics Teacher in Dallas
  2. J. Boehringer High School Physics Teacher in the McKinney School District
  3. J. Costantino Self employed, web design company
  4. R. Dibble Working
  5. M. Faulkner Owns drug testing business
  6. D. Guay Fidelity Investments
  7. C. Hess Peace Core Volunteer, physics teacher in Tanzania
  8. R. Irlbeck Former Director, University of Dallas Rome Campus
  9. C. Johnson Sports Store Manager
  10. J. Laba High School Teacher and Dean, Episcopal School of Dallas
  11. M. Laurel Macromedia Programmer
  12. B. Martin Working
  13. D. Meany Working
  14. T. Miovas Working
  15. T. Parker Avanti! Corporation
  16. B. Pease High School teacher in Vermont
  17. J. Reily Defense Industry Worker
  18. M. Riordan U.S. Air Force Pilot
  19. L. Robbin Naval Officer, Nuclear Engineer
  20. D. Spencer Working in Massachusetts
  21. T. Thompson Professor of Photography, University of Central Michigan
  22. E. Hamm U.S. Navy Pilot (deceased)
  23. M. Walbran High School Teachers in Marblehead, MA
  24. S. Wark Avionics Engineer, Lockheed-Martin


74% have already received advanced degrees in physics, medicine, or law.

26% have already received Ph.D.s in physics.

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