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Graduate Schools Attended


Grads 2013



2013: Baylor University and the University of Kentucky 







2012: Yale University, University of Notre Dame, University of Notre Dame






2011: Princeton University, University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin (2), University of Missouri-St. Louis and Washington University St. Louis, University of Texas, MD Anderson








2010: Vanderbilt University (NSF Fellowship), Texas   Tech University, University of St. Thomas, University of Southern California








2009: Texas A&M University, Southern Methodist University





2008: Fulbright Scholarship to CERN, Harvard University, Rice University (NSF Fellowship), Southern Methodist Law School, University of Texas at Dallas, Baylor School of Dentistry

2007: Purdue University, University of Texas at Dallas, DePaul University

2006: University of Notre Dame, University of Minnesota

2005: University of Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Fulbright Scholar to France, M. D. Anderson

2004: University of Chicago, University of Notre Dame, University of Wisconsin

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