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Facilities and Research

Science Building

The Department of Physics is housed on the ground level of the Patrick E. Haggerty Science Center. The physical facilities for the department include separate laboratories for nuclear physics, electronics, and optics, as well as for introductory courses. An outfitted darkroom, electronics repair shop, and machine shop are also maintained by the department. In addition, each professor has a laboratory for individual research with students. The advanced laboratories are equipped with up-to-date instrumentation including the following: a micro-processor based multichannel analyzer for nuclear measurements, an x-ray apparatus for crystallography, semiconductor logic sets for electronics, a high speed digital oscilloscope for use in sound wave propagation experiments, and a Michelson interferometer, and an Ocean Optics spectrometer. In addition the department maintains the Haggerty Observatory. A 16-inch computerized Cassegrain telescope with a CCD camera is housed in the 5-meter dome and is available for student research projects.

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