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Continuing Education

"My involvement started out simply as an effort to become knowledgeable about the Church. That initial effort soon became a driving force in my life. I have been so enriched by the impact of the program in my life; I simply thirst for more." - Diana, Continuing Education Participant

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Catholic Biblical School

The Catholic Biblical School provides an in-depth Bible study from a Catholic perspective over a four-year, comprehensive curriculum that covers every book of the Bible.


Adult Faith Formation

Our Adult Faith Formation is geared towards adults who desire to learn more about the Church and their faith. These classes, which require no homework or tests, cover various topics, ranging from theology to Scripture, church history, canon law, and more.

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Programas en Español

Dos programas están disponibles en español: La Escuela Bíblica Católica y El Certificado en Teología Pastoral.

Adult Continuing Education

Deacon Formation

The School of Ministry provides the academic component of deacon formation, in both English and Spanish, for several dioceses around the U.S.

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