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Health Care Ministry Concentration

The Health Care Ministry Concentration of the Master's in Pastoral Ministry degree combines courses in theology with several courses in ministry, as well as clinical pastoral education courses and a capstone project.  This concentration supports students preparing for ministry in health care facilities.   

In addition to the Core Courses, which are described in the courses section, the following courses are required to receive an MPM with a concentration in health care ministry:

RPS 6330. Ministry in the Church. This course explores the contemporary phenomenon of ministry in the Catholic Church from the angles of theology and pastoral practice. Theological exploration focuses on biblical visions of ministry, the history of ministry in the church, and its doctrinal underpinnings and implications, especially in ecclesiology. Pastoral consideration reflects on attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary for effective pastoral ministry in today's church. Integrating these perspectives, the course includes discussion of issues related to the contemporary ministerial scene and critical ecclesial documents on ministry formation

RPS 6V78. Clinical Pastoral Education (C.P.E.). This is a practicum in hospital-based pastoral care, which is available in cooperation with local hospitals whose programs are accredited by the National Association for Clinical Pastoral Education.

RPS 6V90. Ministry Capstone. Students take this course in their final semester. It provides an opportunity for them to integrate previous coursework and reading with the knowledge and skills required to address particular pastoral tasks effectively. The student will work with seasoned ministerial practitioners who will provide onsite supervision. Capstone projects require detailed applications and written approval by School of Ministry faculty supervisors prior to registration.

Electives: Students can also take six credit hours of elective pastoral ministry courses.

MPM- Health Care Ministry Curriculum Planning Worksheet

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