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The following courses and electives are required for the MTS degree:*

RPS 6010. Graduate Pro-Seminar. Required of all first-year students, this non-credit course is an introduction to the fields and methods of theological study for ministerial formation. Registration and active participation in all sessions constitute completion of the requirement.

RPS 6311. Liturgy and Sacraments. This course offers a critical survey of the history, theology, and liturgical celebration of the sacraments according to the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church, with special attention given to the role of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (R.C.I.A.).

RPS 6312. Moral Theology. A critical survey of fundamental moral theology, this course includes the distinctiveness of Christian morality, conscience formation, natural law, moral norms, and decision-making. It provides an entrée into special moral theology, which includes bioethics, environmental ethics, healthcare ethics, sexual ethics, and social ethics.

RPS 6313. Systematic Theology. This course engages students in structured reflection on the Christian communal experience of faith and how that faith is understood, expressed, and lived out in the Catholic tradition. It invites dialogue among students and with the formative elements of Catholic tradition to consider theological method (i.e., How do we do this work properly?), doctrinal clarity (i.e., What does our formative tradition teach?) and pastoral practice (i.e., How do theology and pastoral realities influence one another?). Topics of special focus include revelation and faith, God, the Trinity, Christology, Christian anthropology, and the theology of the church, including Mary and the saints.

RPS 6314. Church History. The focus of this course is on the development of an understanding of the church—its ministry and spirituality—through the early, medieval, Reformation, modern, and contemporary eras. In particular, primary councils, movements, and church figures are considered.

RPS 6320. Theological Reflection. Forming a basis of spirituality for ministers, theological reflection is a discipline designed to recognize God's activity within the context of ministry. Systematic reflection on students' spiritual journey and experiences enter into dialogue with scripture, church history, church teaching, current pastoral needs, and the lived faith experience of the people of God.

RPS 6321. Old Testament. This course surveys the theologies of the Old Testament in light of their historical, social, and cultural setting, with application of those theologies to contemporary ministerial and practical contexts.

RPS 6322. New Testament. Students survey the theologies of the New Testament in light of their historical, social, and cultural setting, with application of those theologies to modern ministerial and practical contexts.

*The MTS with a concentration in secondary school teaching requires RPS 6336. Catechetics and the Development of Faith. rather than RPS 6314. Church History. See Secondary School Teaching Concentration for more information.


Students may choose the additional five electives to complete their MTS degree. With special permission by the Dean, students may complete courses offered by the Graduate School of Management or the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts in addition to all courses offered by the School of Ministry. Course selection can depend on the student's interests and goals for the program. Students can also choose to concentrate in biblical studies or secondary school teaching, which will determine their elective choices. Some suggested elective courses include:

RPS 6324. Gospel of Mark.
RPS 6327. Paul’s Letter to the Romans.
RPS 6330. Ministry in the Church.
RPS 6331. Pastoral Administration.
RPS 6333. Pastoral Aspects of Canon Law.
RPS 6334. Liturgical Leadership.
RPS 6336. Catechetics and the Development of Faith.
RPS 6338. Models of Catechesis.
RPS 6373. Homiletics and Pastoral Proclamation.
RPS 6144. Skills for Christian Leadership.
RPS 6145. Evangelization and Catechesis.

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