Graduate Student Resources

Graduate Student Resources

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Annotated Bibliography

The Annotated Bibliography (AB) is a degree requirement (required for graduation) of all Graduate degrees* for students beginning coursework in the fall of 2015 or later.

 A completed AB will consists of:

  • 25 total works that each include:
    • the formal bibliographic entry for a text, and
    • a description of thesis, argumentation, and significance of the work.
  • 15 of the total works have already been selected by the Graduate Faculty to represent the core coursework of the program. (See the Annotated Bibliography List)
  • The last 10 works are to be selected by the student with the approval of their faculty advisor. 

All students are required to obtain approval of their bibliography list BEFORE completing the annotations. The completed AB is due to your faculty advisor prior to the degree application date for the semester you intend to graduate.

Completed ABs for Fall 2017 graduates are DUE no later than Friday, September 15th! Applications for graduation will not be accepted until the completed AB is submitted.

For more information, view the Annotated Bibliography Description or the Sample Annotated Bibliography Entry.

*The annotated bibliography is NOT required for the Master of Catholic School Leadership degree.

Books for Class

Looking for your class book list? Visit the University Bookstore website, select Textbooks & Course Materials from the Books drop down menu, enter your course information, and view your book list. 

Course Schedules

Curriculum Planning Worksheets

How to Login...

Read these instructions to learn how to login to Banner web, Udallas email, eCollege and the UD library database.

How to Register for Classes

In preparation for registration, please check your Banner account for the coursework you have already completed. Use the curriculum planning worksheets to fill in the information you have from Banner. Then, select courses from the schedule to register for classes. 

Graduate Student Handbook

We invite you to read the Neuhoff School of Ministry Graduate Handbook which attempts to provide for current students a detailed “roadmap” for navigating participation in the Neuhoff School of Ministry. We also know that nothing takes the place of personal conversation and relationships. Students using this Handbook are urged to do so in dialogue with faculty and staff of the Neuhoff School of Ministry.

Graduate Student Forms

Students are encouraged to make use of these forms appropriate to their specific needs and circumstances. Please click the links below to access each form. After completing the forms, students should return them to Sheri Collier ( at the Neuhoff School of Ministry. Forms may be submitted electronically, but instructor signatures will still be required. Please make sure all of the individuals involved in the completion of the form have been notified before the form is submitted.

Capstone Application
For applying for complete a capstone. Please see instructions also.

Capstone Instructions
Requirements to complete a capstone course.

Capstone Formats
Explanation of different formats available to students completing a capstone project.

Change of Degree Plan
For changing the degree concentration, program, or from certification to master level.

Course Withdrawal Form
For withdrawal from a course after the scheduled drop/add period.

Current Enrollment Change Request (Add-Drop)
For adding or dropping a course or courses, during the add/drop period.

Degree Application
For applying for a diploma.

Graduate Certificate Application
For applying for a graduate certificate.

Graduate Student Registration
For student registration for classes. This form to be used only if online registration is unavailable.

Independent Study Form
For applying for an independent study.

Registration Cancellation
For canceling registration prior to the first week of classes.

Request for Incomplete
For requesting an Incomplete "I" in a particular course.

Request for Leave of Absence
Request for taking a leave of absence for a predetermined period of time.

Request to Transfer Course Credit
For requesting a transfer of course credit.

Request to Transfer CPE Credit
For requesting a transfer of CPE credit specifically.

Withdrawal from All Courses
For withdrawing from all courses in a given semester prior to the deadline specified in the Academic Calendar.

Writing Consultant Submissions

In an effort to streamline our writing assistance service, we have a new procedure for submissions to our writing consultant. Please direct any submissions for review to the email address

In an ongoing effort to improve our student services, the turnaround time for submissions to the SOM writing consultant will now be four working days (except weekends and holidays). Please see the graduate student handbook for details on how to make use of this free service for all graduate students.

Note: All new students must review the Bacterial Meningitis Vaccination Record prior to enrolling at the institution for the first time. 


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