90 Aspiring Scholars to Visit UD, Compete for Scholarships

Aspiring Scholars June 3-4Ninety rising high school seniors will visit UD with their parents on June 3-4, to attend classes, tour campus and compete for up to $8,000 in scholarship awards per person by taking the Aspiring Scholars Award Program (ASAP) exam. The Office of Undergraduate Admission is also hosting a wine and cheese reception for the visiting parents on Monday at 5 p.m. in Gorman Faculty Lounge; all faculty and staff are invited.

"If you see visitors, please go out of your way to welcome them," said Jill Corbin, associate vice president of enrollment. "Often, three or four years later, when we interview students for jobs in the Admission Office, they are still talking about how hospitable people were when they first visited."

Campus Visit Coordinator Lucas Preble '13 explained how Admissions gives the visiting students a taste of campus life during the quieter summer schedule.

"We ask the professors who are teaching Mayterm, which ends on Friday, June 7, to teach a few mock classes in the Core disciplines—usually English, philosophy and science," said Preble.

The two-hour ASAP exam, constructed by faculty, includes a multiple choice questions and an essay and gives students a comprehensive look at what they can expect to learn if they attend UD.

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