Across the Core Course Debuts Conversational Format

Across the CoreConstantin College has once again offered the one-credit course Across the Core, which looks at the Core curriculum as a whole. Undergraduates may take the class for credit, but anyone is invited to attend the sessions. Last spring's offering, organized by Scott Crider, associate professor of English, was a series of lectures from members of each department on the nature of their discipline and how it pertained to the Core. This year's Across the Core class, organized by Paul Phillips, associate professor of math, will feature conversations between professors of two different disciplines.

John Osoinach, assistant professor of mathematics, and Stefan Novinski, assistant professor of drama, held the inaugural conversation last Thursday, discussing the notion of beauty and elegance in their respective disciplines.

"We do our craft not because we are slaves to logic, but because a proof's main goal is to illuminate truth," said Osoinach. "For example, the Pythagorean Theorem has been proved in many different ways over its thousand-year existence, and each different proof is illuminating."

Novinski then compared different proofs of the same theorem to different productions of the same play, saying that each production illuminated something different and true in the play.

Gilbert Garza, associate professor and chair of psychology, and Stephen Slaughter, assistant professor of biology, will hold the next conversation on Thursday, Feb. 7, at 5 p.m. in Gorman A.

Faculty who are interested in participating in these conversations or would like to nominate others to participate can email Paul Phillips at

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