Aspiring Scholars Program Gives Prospective Students Taste of UD Education

Leafy CampusOn Friday, Feb. 22, more than 100 high school juniors will visit UD with their parents to attend classes, tour campus, meet current students and compete for up to $8,000 in scholarship awards by taking the Aspiring Scholars Award Program exam.

The two-hour exam, compiled by faculty, includes a multiple choice section and an essay question and gives students a comprehensive look at what they can expect to learn if they attend UD, according to Director of Campus Visits Drew Klein. Approximately 42 percent of students who attend the Aspiring Scholars program enroll at UD.

"That means that 40 of the students walking around on Friday will be students here in two years," said Klein.

"We would love for everybody to wear blue on the Friday of the event," said Klein. "While many current students, faculty and staff identify UD spirit with the Core, Rome, a Cap Bar drink or Flannel Fridays, it can be difficult for outsiders to understand the meaning of those symbols. We wear blue as an outward sign of our UD spirit and a sign of support for the visitors in their college search process."


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