E-Recycling Set for Wednesday, Aug. 27

On Wednesday Aug. 27, the university will be organizing an e-waste recycling day. It will be the last one in 2014.

Please feel free to bring any and all appropriate items from your departments or homes and drop them off at the Haggar dock between 8 a.m.-2 p.m. on Aug. 27. Please do not bring items prior to this date since there is no secure storage space available to house the items prior to the recycling event date.
Every department and office is asked to assist with this event by delivering their own items to the Haggar dock.

We will no longer take TV's, CRT TVs or CRT monitors. Beginning in 2013, a .35/lb fee will be assessed for these and other similar devices that contain heavy metals, such as lead. Some examples of appropriate recyclable items include:

• VCRs, DVD players and their disks, remotes and related cords, connectors, and cables
• Computers, & LCD/LED monitors, printers, scanners, multifunction machines, copiers, laptops, cords and cables
• Entertainment systems (e.g. Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox etc.) and all related peripherals
• CDs, stereos, radios, speakers, cell phone phones
• Empty ink & toner cartridges
• Scrap metal pieces

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