Electric Space Heaters Not Allowed for Office Use

Electric space heaters are not allowed on campus for supplemental heating. Please do not bring in and use any space heaters in office areas as the electrical circuits are just under their maximum capacity in many of UD's facilities. Adding an electrical heater causes the circuit breaker to trip and may result in office computers shutting down abruptly in multiple areas resulting in accidental loss of data.

If there are any issues with heating in any office, please call the Facilities Department at ext. 5296, so that Technical Services can investigate the problem and make adjustments to the systems that control temperature to the space.

Some electrical space heaters are a fire hazard when left on for an extended period of time. Units left on at the end of the day under desk or around stacks of papers can cause dangerous fire situations.

Only if a building experiences an extended heating outage will authorized self containing oil electric space heaters be utilized on a limited basis and provided by the Facilities Department.

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