Facilities Summer Schedule Includes Crucial, yet Low-Profile Projects

Catherine HallThe Facilities Office has embarked on a busy summer schedule of campus maintenance and renovations, which so far has included constructing a new sidewalk between the Braniff Graduate Building basement and the Mall and preparing the residence halls for summer classes and camps, among other things. The office has a number of additional projects planned which, although the average bystander might not notice, go a long way towards making this campus a home to students, faculty and staff.

On the schedule for the summer are repairs to the Catherine Hall sewer line, renovations to the dumpster pad behind the Science Building to increase space and privacy and adding finishing touches to the Haggar University Center renovations. The annual utility shutdown to test, clean and repair the electrical systems is scheduled for August 17-18.

"If you've noticed patches of dug-up ground around campus and wondered what's going on, we're repairing gas and water valves," said Tony Hardy, associate director of facilities.

Not everyone will notice the new air conditioning units in certain Student Apartments, repairs to the Church of the Incarnation foundation, some new parking lot lighting near Braniff or campus road repairs, but Facilities plans to tackle these imminently necessary projects as well.

Already completed summer projects include a gas line repair near Madonna Hall and carpet replacements in Gregory Hall. Facilities has also cleaned out the Science Building neutralization tank and the sewers which feed into it from the different laboratories.

PHOTO: Catherine Hall, now home to the School of Ministry and classroom space, is one of the many campus buildings receiving crucial renovations and repairs this summer.




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