Faculty Volunteers Needed for Academic Expectations Orientation Session

Andrew Moran and StudentNew students and their parents filled classrooms to capacity during last August's faculty-led orientation session on academic expectations. This year, the Office of Student Life (OSL) is planning to provide these sessions in more intimate settings.

"One of the distinctions of a UD education is the personal relationships students form with faculty during their time here," said President Thomas W. Keefe. "We are fortunate to have 20 faculty volunteers for this session, but that is only half the number we need to make sure we adequately address this important aspect of college life."

Depending on their availability, faculty volunteers will lead one or two one-hour discussions on Saturday, Aug. 31, concerning college students' academic responsibilities and the differing expectations of college and high school. According to Valerie Landrum, director of parent and family services, OSL currently plans to assign a student orientation leader to each session to help with questions from a student perspective.

"First-time college students need to understand that while they are only in class for 15 hours a week, they are full-time students," said Landrum. "There's no better person to explain this than one of their future professors."

To volunteer, faculty members should contact Landrum at landrum@udallas.edu with their availability for the day. Before orientation, she will provide participating faculty with a general outline of topics to cover during the discussion.

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