How to Prepare for the Upcoming Campus-Wide Utility Shutdown

Utility ShutdownUpdate: If you are running critical experiments and require special consideration for electrical or refrigeration, please contact Tony Hardy (ext. 5297) or Greg Goodrich (ext. 5015) as soon as possible.

Next weekend, approximately 40 facilities staff members and outside electricians will shut down and completely overhaul the university's low voltage electrical system, during the annual utility shutdown on Aug. 17-18.

To prepare campus for a weekend without electricity, the Facilities Office requests that faculty and staff do two things: ensure their campus refrigerators are empty and, if possible, turned off with the doors propped open. Second, completely power down all sensitive electrical equipment, including the uninterrupted power supply units (UPS), which provide back-up power during brief power outages.

"When in doubt, shut it off," said Tony Hardy, associate director of facilities. "There's a good chance that the UPS will be completely drained after running its battery all weekend."

Generators will keep the phone and computer systems running all weekend. The only campus buildings that are not included in the utility shutdown are the Student Apartments and the College of Business Administration Building.

Contact Tony Hardy at ext. 5297 with any questions about the upcoming utility shutdown.

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