ICUT Environmental Peer Audit to Evaluate Waste Disposal, Air, Water

Environmental AuditA team of four officials from other universities and one professional auditor from HRP Associates, Inc., will tour UD as part of an Environmental Peer Audit from March 5-7. The team will be evaluating the university for practices relating to clean air and water and waste disposal.

According to Tony Hardy, associate director of facilities, the peer audit is part of the Independent Colleges and Universities of Texas, Inc.'s (ICUT) effort to address environmental issues at the request of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Staff have been preparing for the audit since 2009 by reviewing and establishing waste disposal procedures and participating in peer audits at other universities.

"We've worked hard to make the campus compliant," said Hardy. "Our agreement with the environmental auditing firm acting on behalf of the EPA stipulates that there will be no problem if we fix issues promptly."

The environmental auditors are interested primarily in mechanical rooms and science, art and drama facilities. Hardy and Marcy Brown-Marsden, associate dean of Constantin College and Biology Department chair, will host the team.

"It's unlikely that faculty or staff will find themselves talking to the environmental auditors, but in case you do, be honest," said Hardy.

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