Media Continues Fascination with UD Faculty, Staff, Students

Romers at Ash WednesdayFollowing Pope Benedict XVI's historic announcement on Monday, Feb. 11, that he will resign his office effective Feb. 28, UD faculty, staff and students have been featured on a number of news programs.

Peter Hatlie, dean and director of the Rome program, served as a source in North Texas Catholic's Feb. 12 story on local Catholics' reactions to Pope Benedict's news.

Spring Romers Thaddeus Howard and Alex Taylor were included in a report about Catholics saying goodbye to Pope Benedict; the story aired on NBC Nightly News. Watch for Thaddeus and Alex at 0:50 into the clip.

President Thomas Keefe's radio interview with KLIF is now available here

Susan Hanssen, associate professor of history, spoke to the Catholic News Agency on Pope Benedict's legacy of linking learning with the love of God. 

PHOTO: 33 Spring Rome students attended Pope Benedict XVI's last public mass on Ash Wednesday in St. Peter's Basilica.

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