Mike Wilson, MBA '04: Coming Home to UD

Mike Wilson"I am home" was the overwhelming feeling Mike Wilson, MBA '04 had while walking around the UD campus. Having had the opportunity to live many places in the U.S. and abroad, Wilson came to UD to work towards his master's of business administration degree while working for Texas Instruments where he is currently a manager in the IT Security Department. Since completing his degree he has "successfully implemented lessons in leadership into both work and personal life."

When asked to reflect on what makes UD special, Wilson said, "Although it's small, it has a strong culture, with all the moving parts tightly integrated together, like I'd imagine the chemical bonds inside a diamond. I think at the core of that, radiating outward and permeating the culture, must be 'the Core,' the emphasis on the Great Books, etc. I believe that's what holds the culture together."

Because Wilson's experience was so meaningful, he now serves UD as member of the National Alumni Board on the Nominations and Recommendations committee. Wilson encourages alumni to "find something about the University that really spoke to you, and keep that connection rekindled on a periodic basis. Maybe you enjoyed the art gallery. Go back and check it out once in a while to see what's new there. Make a donation to it. Get involved. Take a corner of the university, whatever little piece spoke to you and help keep it shiny and healthy. Enjoy it. Help someone else that's maybe never experienced it enjoy it as well."

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