Satish & Yasmin Gupta COB Celebrates Mardi Gras

COB Mardi GrasThe Satish and Yasmin Gupta COB celebrated Mardi Gras on Tuesday with a lunch for our staff, and they were pleased to have some other university staff join them. They learned all kinds of New Orleans trivia thanks to Dr. Brett Landry and Christine Bible. The winners of the trivia contest became "parade" participants and threw beads, doubloons, and cups to the rest of the staff. And, of course, they had muffulettas, mock hurricanes and king cake.

"We learned how to second-line and used it as a fun way to 'throw' the small stuffed animals that each person brought into our donation box, which we are delivering to Our Children's House at Baylor," said Marianne Wilson, administrative manager.

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