Student Managed Investment Fund Launches with 5 Student Members

The Student Managed Investment Fund will begin with five to six student members and an advisory group is organized to provide counsel and guidance for students.

Names of the advisory group:
Mr. Matt Brann, CFA
Dr. Michael Cosgrove
Dr. Jenny Gu, CFA
Dr. Ruth May, CFP
Mr. Joseph Oliveti, CPA
Dr. Robert Walsh, CPA

Names of current student group members:

Will Chavey (Junior)

Garret Gustafson (Junior)

William Remmes (Junior)

Sharmin Dosani (Graduate Student)

Ryan Bull (Graduate Student)

Clayton Rodgers (Graduate Student)

The mission of the SMIF at the University of Dallas is to enhance students' academic pursuits in the study of finance by offering exposure and participation in investment research/analysis and portfolio management/strategies. A portion of the returns generated by the Fund will be dedicated to a scholarship program for prospective and current students with a demonstrated interest in finance. Scholarships will be awarded by the College of Business.

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