SOM Program Fulfills Formation Needs for Atlanta Hispanic Community

Atlanta CTPThe School of Ministry is partnering with the Archdiocese of Atlanta to provide an online pastoral theology certificate program to Hispanic catechetical leaders and other Spanish-speaking Catholics in the Atlanta area. Graduates of the program, which consists of 12 theology and six pastoral courses taught in Spanish and taken over three years, receive a Certificado en Teología Pastoral (CTP) and become master catechists for the archdiocese. Classes on Scripture, church fathers, church history, ministry, liturgy and sacraments, among other things, are available.

The Atlanta Archdiocese has more than 66 parishes with Spanish Masses. Pastors from each of these parishes were asked to nominate at least one person to enroll in the CTP program, which began in January, with an archdiocesan scholarship. Currently 75 students are enrolled in the program.

"The consistency that the Catholic Church gives to the lives of Hispanic immigrants in the U.S., for whom everything is different and new, is very important. The program will help them develop the skills and the knowledge needed to help their communities," said Pia Septien, director of continuing education programs for the SOM, in an interview with the Archdiocese of Atlanta's newspaper, the Georgia Bulletin.

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