Student Directors Present Fall 2012 Senior Studios Through Saturday

Senior Studios 2012The Drama Department presents the Fall 2012 Senior Studios through Saturday, Dec. 1. Each evening features three plays directed by senior drama majors.

"The Way of All Fish," written by the award-winning comedienne Elaine May, is directed by Madeleine Robb. Miss Asquith, an image-driven, New York executive finds her obsession with power challenged when she discovers that her secretary, Miss Riverton, is a homicidal psychopath who wants to become famous by murdering someone rich or socially prominent. Unfortunately, Ms. Asquith happens to be both. Sharp, chic and outrageously witty, "The Way of All Fish" contests the contemporary value placed on appearance and power.

"Conquest of the South Pole," written by Manfred Karge and directed by Michael Jarvis, is a play about four out-of-work men who find solace in replacing their gritty reality with the fantasy of being the first men to the South Pole. The men play out this fantasy in one of their attics while the laundry is hanging out to dry. The play explores the differences between fantasy and reality and the nature of victory and defeat.

In Edmond Rostand's "The Romancers," directed by Alex Trevino, two fathers, Bergamin and Pasquinot, excitedly plot how their children, Percinet and Sylvette, can fall in love and marry. After the two fathers plot a fake kidnapping with the best showman in town, their plan is set in motion. The two lovers have no idea of their parents' plan, resulting in the best kidnapping ever.

All performances are at 8 p.m. in the Margaret Jonsson Theater. Tickets are free.

Reserve tickets online, by phone 972-721-5314 or by email

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