Students Campaign for a Papal Visit to UD in 2015

Alex Doucet, one of the UD students leading a grassroots campaign to invite Pope Francis to visit UD in 2015, asks that those faculty and staff who feel called to do so send a letter to the Vatican on behalf of this initiative, or support them in any of the other ways enumerated in the letter.

If you have questions please direct them to Alex at

She writes:

To the Friends and Families of UD Students and Alumni,

We cordially invite you to participate in our campaign to invite Pope Francis to visit the University of Dallas in the year 2015. The Pope is already going to be in the U.S. that summer, and we need YOUR enthusiastic participation to attract him to UD!

Of course, we know well that this is appears to be a remote possibility, but what can come of this effort but good? We have all the important connections that anyone could ask for. Whether or not we attain a papal visit, if this campaign reaches far and wide, we will be sure to receive papal recognition. Pope Francis has been known to respond to letters with letters, videos, and calls, and occasionally has granted a visit when hard effort has been evident to him.

As long as we shoot for the best thing, the next-best thing can happen.

The Spring Rome Class members of 2013 holds a special place in their hearts for Pope Francis, since we were present for the final moments of Pope Benedict in the Vatican, as well as sent him a greeting while he flew in his helicopter toward Castel Gandolfo (as shown below), and most of us were in the Vatican square as the white smoke arose from the conclave and as our dear Pope Francis gave his first address.

Help us to continue our story with him. Here's what YOU can do:

1) Most importantly, write a letter. See below for bullet points of what we would like you to include in the letter, but feel free to make it personal. We are seeking to absolutely bombard the Vatican Post office with letters about this campaign. You may write it and send to the Vatican Post Office yourself, or scan and email your letter to and we will send it ourselves.

2) Invite every Religious Order, Abbey, Seminary, or Parish that you have a connection with in order to, on their behalf, write to request a papal visit to our campus. Ask them to add this campaign to their prayer intentions. We know that they could have a significant physical or spiritual impact on Vatican attention.

3) Social Media. Take a "selfie" or any type of picture with the sign, found on the third page and post it to every social media site you can. Use your Twitter and your Facebook to spread the word and share the event page "Pope Francis @ University of Dallas" if you are a part of it. Use the hashtag #popefrancisatud.

Every single prayer and every single letter counts! Thank you, with all our hearts, for your participation! University of Dallas Students

Your Letter to the Pope

What to include:

When we want him to visit (Our bold goal is the Class of 2015 graduation in May maybe as our commencement speaker, or during the Spring of 2015, or either semester of 2015 is just as awesome.) Why we want him to visit (Our Spring 2013 Rome Class' experience, and our University's solid legacy in Rome; We are one of the most authentically Catholic Colleges in America, and wish for the Pope's direct encouragement of our mission as a school for Catholic Independent Thinkers; Quite frankly, we are in love with Pope Francis!) Your own reasons, your own stories and your own love for him! Your name, your graduation class if you're an alumni, or what your connection to the school is. Vatican Post Office

His Holiness Pope Francis
00120 Città del Vaticano

Please, if possible, send your letter by May 10, and the sooner the better! It would be wonderful if you could let us know: If/when you send your letter, If you know that those whom you passed this letter to sent a letter also, And which religious people/ order/ organization you sent an invitation to, All for the purpose of keeping tabs on the progress of our campaign.

"Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible, and suddenly, you are doing the impossible." ~ Saint Francis of Assisi

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