Students of French Revolution to Perform "The Fall of Robespierre"

RobespierreFaculty and staff are invited to see the first recorded performance of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's and Robert Southey's three-act play "The Fall of Robespierre," directed by sophomores Colleen Slattery and Alex Taylor as an interdepartmental effort from Steven Stryer's and Charles Sullivan's course "The French Revolution in the European Imagination." This course examines how writers in Great Britain and France responded both polemically and imaginatively to the revolution that overturned the old regime in 1789.

The production will take place in the Drama Department Building beginning at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 12, and will feature an all-star cast of students: Joe Beatty, Alexander Hermes, Monica Dickson, Alex Taylor, Colleen Slattery, Mary Joy Cunningham and Michaela Sobrak-Seaton. Graduate students Ashley Harbers-Iwasko and Stan Szczesny will be making brief introductory and conclusive remarks, and directors and cast members will be available for discussion after the production.

Come prepared to participate in the National Convention, as we break the fourth wall to discern who the real tyrants are.

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