UD Announces Teachers Cohort Program for Humanities Graduate Degree Seekers

BraniffUD is beginning a new program specifically designed for high school teachers who would like to pursue a master's degree in the company of their professional peers. Through the Teachers Cohort, which is offered to full-time teachers at a special tuition rate, cohort members can pursue any of the degrees offered by the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts. Applications are being accepted on a rolling basis from now through August for the Fall 2013 semester.

"We believe that teachers are charged with no small task, namely the preservation of civilization itself. To do that well, they need the opportunity to return to study themselves, to read and re-read the best things that have been written in community with their colleagues," said Braniff Dean David Sweet. "The purpose of this special program for teachers is to provide an opportunity for that growth."

Cohort members will begin their studies with a special orientation and throughout each semester they will enjoy events geared specifically towards their professional and intellectual development.

"While other colleges in the Dallas/Fort Worth area offer special programs for teachers, they are, for the most part, devoted to teacher training," said Associate Provost Brian Murray. "The Teachers Cohort will focus exclusively on content."

In addition to the traditional master's degrees, the Teachers Cohort also applies to the interdisciplinary Master of Humanities degree program. The program is designed around a sequence of six Core "World" courses (of which the student must take three) devoted to reading seminal works in different eras of western thought. In addition to these courses, students may choose from a variety of courses in history, philosophy, theology, classics and literature.

Those enrolled in the cohort program may also enroll in classes at the Dallas Institute for Humanities and Culture's Teacher's Academy, a program founded by University of Dallas professors, including Donald and Louise Cowan.

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