UD Begins Year-Long Process to Update Institutional Strategic Plan

Strategic PlanningThe university has begun an effort to update its institutional strategic plan, according to President Thomas W. Keefe and the university's Board of Trustees. The new institutional blueprint, which is expected to take a year to complete, will set the stage for college-level planning and guide major institutional decisions as the university develops over the next five to 10 years.

"The university is stronger than ever, and our future holds great promise," said President Keefe. "Now is the right time to plan how we will best realize our mission so that we can flourish as one of the nation's preeminent Catholic universities."

The final document will consist of institution-level strategy that speaks to the university's overall growth, offerings and structure. In addition, according to President Keefe, it will not only be a statement of how the university will manifest its mission, but it will provide a foundation for colleges to develop enrollment, academic and operational strategies. The plan's value also will extend to institutional advancement and master planning for facilities and technology.

To begin the strategic planning process, President Keefe has named a steering committee whose members will be responsible for developing and implementing an effective and inclusive process that eventually results in a statement that identifies the university's institutional position, strategy and priorities. The committee is co-chaired by Charles Tusa '74, a university trustee, and Brian Murray, associate provost and associate professor. Members include:

• Msgr. Greg Kelly '78 & '82, trustee
• Walter Adams, trustee
• Bridgett Wagner '81, trustee
• Dannie Flaherty '81 & 82
• Gerard Wegemer, professor
• Frank Doe, associate professor
• Tiffany Miller, associate professor
• Dale Fodness, associate professor
• Greg Bell, associate professor and Faculty Senate officer
• Jill Corbin, associate vice president
• Patrick Daly '76 & '82, associate vice president

"Each committee member brings to this endeavor a great deal of institutional knowledge and strategic planning expertise," said President Keefe.

Tusa and Adams offer decades of experience with corporate strategies, while Bell, Fodness and Murray bring specific knowledge and expertise in entrepreneurial, marketing and human resource strategic planning, respectively. The median tenure for faculty members on the committee is 13 years with that group collectively representing more than a century of service to the university. Alumni represent both the liberal arts and business programs.

"The university community and its constituencies will have many opportunities to be involved in the process by participating in focus groups, task forces, committees, open meetings and surveys," said Murray. "Data collected from these tactics will be used by the committee to compile feedback, instructions and information, which will, in turn, be used to craft a clear and comprehensive document for consideration from President Keefe and the Board of Trustees."

"The success of strategic planning will be seen in the process we employ to engage our community and identify and articulate the institution's distinctive character. It will effectively guide future decision making and practices," said President Keefe, emphasizing the initiative's importance.

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