UD Makes TheBestSchools.org Top 50 Colleges List

TheBestSchools.org RankingThe university is featured on TheBestSchools.org in an article that showcases "The 50 best Colleges in the United States." The recently released ranking had as its criteria that institutions be focused on providing an excellent education to undergraduate students, rather than on research or graduate education. UD was ranked number 30, the highest in Texas.

"During the selection process we gave great consideration to the prospects for personal enrichment and advancement that await students after graduation," said Brian Jenkins, senior editor of TheBestSchools.org, "but we also stressed factors such academic rigor, freedom of inquiry and expression, quality of faculty, school reputation, and job prospects for graduates."

TheBestSchools.org is an independent organization with no ties to any other educational institution. Its editors are extremely familiar with the academic world inside out and have extensive experience in teaching, research and publishing at the university level.

The full report is available on TheBestSchools.org.


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