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Honor Roll of Donors

President Keefe

Thanks to all of our generous donors for your gifts to the University of Dallas. Your enthusiastic support is helping educate UD students so they may develop intellectual and moral virtues, prepare themselves for life and work in a problematic and changing world, and become leaders able to act responsibly for their own good and for the good of their family, community, country and church.

Many of you have probably heard me say that greatness requires resources, which in our case comes from the generous support of alumni, parents, friends, corporations and foundations. Without the financial resources you provide, the University of Dallas would be unable to rise to the challenges that success brings.

This year, the quality of our university has been recognized nationally and even internationally by Forbes, The Princeton Review, U.S. News & World Report and others. In addition, I was asked by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to serve on a committee of bishops and university presidents that will address topics related to Catholic higher education and our essential contribution to the Church and society. People are beginning to recognize what a quality institution this is.

We hope you are as proud as we are by the increased recognition your alma mater has received over the last year. Today, more than ever, your continued support is critical to sustaining our new momentum. Through your generosity, new generations will be able to benefit from the rigorous academic standards and enthusiastic Catholicism that defines the UD experience. Again, thank you.

Thomas W. Keefe, J.D.

The goal of the Advancement Services Department is to promptly and accurately acknowledge all contributions. If you have any questions regarding your giving to the University or the listing in this honor roll, please contact David Smith at 972-721-4105 or email

This honor roll includes all gifts received between June 1, 2012 and May 31, 2013.

Campus Transformations
$100,000 and above
$999 and under
  • Campus Transformation Project

    The University of Dallas has been providing students with an outstanding education for over fifty years. Academically, we are measured against some of the best schools in the nation. However, the campus itself needs immediate attention if we are to continue attracting exemplary students and faculty, grow enrollment, and enhance the quality of life for our existing community. The Campus Transformation Project is the first step in bringing the level of aesthetics on campus up to match the level of our academics.


    Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Alexander ‘86

    John ‘86 and Amy Anton


    Bill and Mimi Berry

    Dr. and Mrs. Donald Brotherman

    Diane De Clerk Burnham ‘69 and Jim Burnham ‘66


    The Catholic Foundation

    Communities Foundation of Texas

    Michael and Lou Ann Corboy


    Eugene McDermott Foundation


    Christy and Stewart Frazer

    Dexter Freeman, II ‘11


    Tommy Heyne ‘06

    Hoblitzelle Foundation


    Robert ‘76 and Teresa Israel ‘11


    Judith (Ostermann) ‘87 and Gerard ‘87 Jacob

    The J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation

    Josephine Graf Foundation


    Susan Kahil ‘06

    Fr. Brian D. Klingele ‘98


    Robert Lambert

    Paul D. Lanari ‘11

    Steve ‘73 and Barbara ‘03 Landregan

    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Lattner, ‘75

    Betsy ‘93 and Jim Livernois


    Brannon ‘98 and Christine (Stanley) ‘99 Marlowe

    David and Peggy Morales, ‘88

    Adam ‘01 and Annie (Crabbe) ‘03 Muller


    The National Christian Foundation

    NCH Corporation


    Hubert O’Brien


    Laura and Peter Quinn


    Mary (Rossi) ‘85 and Tim Ritter


    Scott Salzman

    Frank St. Romain


    Hal Tehan

    Richard and Mary Templeton

    Templeton Foundation

    Texas Instruments Foundation


    Regina Uhl, ‘00


    The Vilfordi Family

    Thomas M. von der Heydt, ‘08


    Tony Weber ‘00 and Holt Haley-Walker ‘00

    Eleanor & Don Wetzel

    Michael S. Wilson, ‘04

  • $100,000 and above


    Communities Foundation of Texas

    Constantin Foundation


    Pat, Jr. ‘67, ‘68 and Mary (Pendery) ‘67 Haggerty

    Hatton W. Sumners Foundation

    Hillcrest Foundation


    Joe Oscar Neuhoff


    Richard and Mary Templeton


    Templeton Foundation

    The J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation

    The Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Foundation

  • $10,000-$99,999


    Walter E. Adams

    The Honorable Donna Arp


    Steven Alan Bennett

    Michael and Kathi Benoit

    C. R. Bright, ‘78

    Anne and Bill Burleigh


    Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation

    Michael and Lou Ann Corboy

    Louise S. Cowan


    Mr. Barry Hanner

    Ed Haggar Family Foundation


    Estate of Frank K. Ribelin

    ExxonMobil Foundation

    Most Rev. Kevin Farrell

    Fidelity Advisor Charitable Gift Fund

    Tim ‘65 and Elvira Fitzgibbons

    Dannie (Arrieh) ‘81, ‘82 and Dan ‘82, ‘83 Flaherty


    Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund


    Myles C. Harrington

    Gregory P. Hoelscher, ‘77

    Frank and Julie Hubach

    Richard and Elizabeth Husseini, ‘88

    J. M. Haggar Jr. Family Foundation


    Margo and Jim Keyes


    Terry Larsen ‘68


    Al and Nancy Magana

    Minnie K. Patton Scholarship Foundation Trust Grant

    Joe and Kathy Murphy


    National Philanthropic Trust

    NCH Corporation


    Jill Peterson, D.D.S., Ph.D. SM ‘11

    Don and Judy Prejean


    Tim and Mary Rooney


    Scanlan Foundation

    Nicholas and Viveca Serafy

    Serafy Foundation


    The Catholic Foundation

    The John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation Inc.

    The Larsen Foundation

    The Rita and Alex Hillman Foundation

    Shane and Nichole Tucker


    Gary W. Uhl, ‘96

    Uptown Endodontics


    Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust


    William R. Burleigh Family Foundation

    Wyoming Community Foundation


    Stephen and Denise Zabilski

  • $1,000-$9,999


    Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Aid to Education Program

    Warren Andres, MBA ‘85

    Andres Construction Services, LLC

    Anonymous Donor

    John ‘86 and Amy Anton

    Aramark Inc.(Corporate)

    Architecture Demarest, Inc.

    Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

    AT&T Foundation

    David L. Atkinson, ‘99


    B & A Family Partnership, L.P.

    Bahl & Gaynor, Inc.

    Bank of America Foundation

    Dr. Edward Baptista, ‘92

    Kimberly Barvick, ‘04

    David ‘66 and Barbara Bauer

    Charlie Baumann ‘88 and Donna Dolle ‘89

    James and Karen Bell, ‘07, ‘07

    Win and Lynn Bell

    Bill and Mimi Berry

    Mark and Deanna Berry

    Mr. Michael Joseph Beshara

    Terry and William Biggins

    BIOMEC Services, LLC

    Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas

    Beth (Holland) ‘83 and Peter ‘82 Blute

    Jorge and Penny Boehringer

    Philip Bossert and Anita Shorosky

    Taylor R. Bowlden, Jr., ‘81

    Keith and Susan Bravo

    Mary Therese Breger, M.D., ‘80

    Sandra and David Brennan

    Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Burkett

    Diane (De Clerk) ‘69 and Jim Burnham ‘66

    Diane De Clerk Burnham (1969) and Jim Burnham (1966)


    Carlos Garcia Cantu MD PA

    Carpet Services Inc.

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Carville, ‘64

    Rosemary E. Casey

    Christus Health

    Paula M. Ciprich

    Tom and Shelly Codd

    Katherine A. Coerver, ‘89

    Constellation New Energy

    Daniel A. Contreras

    Bainard ‘70 and Christine (Ciembronowicz) ‘70, ‘72 Cowan

    John and Elsa Crain

    Jim and Josette Cramer

    Mark Cronenwett, ‘90

    Dan ‘61 and Margie Cruse

    Joseph and Kristina Cyr


    Dallas Area Rapid Transit / DART

    Mark Patrick Daly, ‘76, ‘82

    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Danaher, ‘85

    Bruce ‘79 and Mona (Martin) ‘79 Davies

    Jane Delahanty, MBA ‘93

    Mr. and Mrs. Sean Doherty

    Dominus Commercial, Inc.

    R. Scott ‘62 and Susan Dupree


    Charles W. Eaker

    Mr. Brian Easley ‘87

    Patricia Eason

    Martha Kincaid and Richard Endres, ‘69

    Laura and Peter Quinn


    Msgr. Don L. Fischer, ‘62

    Ms. Martha Fitzgerald

    Walter Lee Fleming III

    Mike E. Florence, MBA ‘75

    Follett Higher Education


    Elizabeth M. (Richerson) Gabriel ‘90

    Alison E. Galbraith, ‘12

    Alexander and Martha Galbraith

    Robert and Jackie Galecke

    Joanna B. Garcia, ‘87

    Dr. and Mrs. Carlos Garcia-Cantu

    Robert and Susan Gasser

    John and Jennifer Gates

    Jennifer and John Gates

    Geneva Capital Management, Ltd.

    Goldman Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program

    David and Sherry Gruber


    Senator William and Anna Haine

    Michael MBA ‘83 and Nancy Hall

    William C. Hardy, MBA ‘74

    Andrew and Sylvia Harris

    Mary and Kevin Hasson

    Leo and Joan Heiting

    Higher One Payments, Inc.

    Edward and Mary Holcomb

    Antoinette (Toni) Horak, ‘60


    Robert ‘76 and Teresa Israel

    Jackson Walker L.L.P.

    Jessie’s Housekeeping


    Jesuit College Preparatory School

    W. Paul and Jill Jones

    Jones Lang LaSalle

    Josephine Graf Foundation

    Joseph and Kristina Cyr, ‘97, ‘96


    John and Kathleen Kahil

    Susan Kahil

    Kane, Russell, Coleman, & Logan PC

    Nam W. Kang ‘95

    Julissa Kappes

    Thomas and Suzie Keefe

    Richard D. Kelly, ‘00

    Robert ‘92 and Annmarie (Flynn) ‘91 Kelly

    Chris ‘90 and Tricia Kerr

    Anne Margaret King, ‘87

    Maurice and Linda Korkmas

    Kathy Kreuter



    Kenneth and Lezlie Kunkel

    Paul D. Lanari

    William and Judy (Burns) ‘68 Lange

    Ann Lang-Ellis, ‘70

    Mark and Carol Langsfeld

    Jerry ‘60 and Ann Lerner

    LFG, Inc.

    Richard Long, ‘85


    Catharine and Patrick Maher

    Mario Sinacola Companies

    Brannon ‘98 and Christine (Stanley) ‘99 Marlowe

    Mark and Jonelle Masty

    Doug ‘78 and Marta Mayer


    Pat and Nancy McLochlin

    John (‘73, ‘07) and Christine (‘72, ‘89) Medaille

    Daniel and Kathleen Milligan, ‘91, ‘91

    Carlo and Monica Molano

    Moon Capital Management LP

    Mark ‘83 and Claire Mrozek

    Stan ‘75, ‘77 and Susan Muckenthaler

    Brian Murray

    Kelly (Duggan) ‘80 and Michael Murray


    Robert and Linda Nelson, ‘75

    Linda and Robert Nelson, MBA ‘75

    Steven and Tamara Nicksic, ‘92

    Noel-Levitz, Inc.

    Concetta M. Nolan

    Angela (Nutt) ‘89 and Duong Nguyen


    Pat and Neil O’Brien

    Janice Olsen


    Pace Realty Corporation

    Palladium USA

    Tan ‘93 and Beth (Haugan) ‘91 Parker

    John and Mary Peisen

    Candice Pence

    Frank and Cristen Peterson, ‘97

    John and Nancy Plotts


    Jose and Diana Ramirez

    Dr. Ion Ratiu

    Bennett J. Rawicki

    Robert Reinke, ‘72

    Carolyn (Cardenas) ‘02 and Adam ‘01 Rekerdres

    Patrick and Jeanne (Demma) ‘90 Respeliers

    Patrick and Jeanne Respeliers

    Ray Richardson, Jr., ‘64

    Dwight and Cynthia Riskey

    Mary (Rossi) ‘85 and Tim Ritter

    Rosemary Haggar Vaughan Family Foundation

    Len and Peggy Ruby

    Paul ‘88 and Carley Rydberg


    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Saar

    Safeway Inc.

    Sagiss, LLC

    Stephen Sale ‘74

    Jerry G. Sanchez

    William A. Schofield, ‘85

    Mr. and Mrs. Martin J. Schubilske

    Judith and Carey Schulten

    Mrs. Judith Schulten

    John and Kathleen Scotti

    Steve and Jeanne Seitz

    Dr. and Mrs. Jack Sellman

    Dr. and Mrs. James H. Shelton, ‘70

    Marty Sheridan, ‘77

    Deacon Denis and Lady Denise Simon

    Mark and Blair Spearman

    Rick and Patty Stark

    Douglas and Kathy Stocco

    Strake Foundation

    Joanne H. Stroud Bilby, ‘72, ‘75, ‘80

    David and Rhonda Stryk

    Sun Capital Partners Foundation, Inc.

    Supreme Systems, Inc.


    Joyce K. Tarpley ‘02

    Mike and Mary Terry

    Texas Instruments Foundation

    The Bank of New York Mellon

    The National Christian Foundation

    The Sursum Corda Foundation

    Jere and Peggy Thompson

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Thompson

    Thompson & Knight Foundation


    Tri Dal Excavation, Ltd

    Charles MBA ‘74 and Liz Tusa


    UBS Foundation USA Matching Gift Program

    Regina Uhl, ‘00



    Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program

    Vaughan Nelson Investment Management

    Patti and Paul Verderese

    Verizon Foundation

    The Vilfordi Family

    Eugene E. and Shirley G. Vilfordi

    Gene and Shirley Vilfordi

    Mr. and Mrs. S. Scott Voynich


    Bridgett and James Wagner, ‘81

    James Walker

    Karla (May) ‘65,’70 and Martin ‘64 Warborg

    Wells Fargo Foundation

    Laura C. Gricius-West ‘85

    Irene R. White

    Mark and Monica Wischmeyer

    Michael and Nancy Wozniak


    Dr. Donald L. Yandell

    Young Boozer Family Foundation


    Tom ‘79 and Catherine Zellers

    Rev. Msgr. Donald F. Zimmerman, ‘69, ‘73

    Manuel and Jane Zuniga, ‘70, ‘70

    Zuniga Investments, Inc.

  • $500-$999  ↑ Top


    3M Foundation


    ACR Supply Company

    Mr. and Mrs. Albert G. Alexander ‘86

    Pamela C. Altizer, ‘84

    Margaret (Cossman) ‘93 and James ‘94 Amorella

    James and Dorothy Amorella

    Timothy Anders

    David and Thu-Lan Andrews, ‘90

    Alumni Anonymous

    Megan and Alan Anz, ‘02, ‘02

    Aristotle Capital Management, LLC

    AT&T United Way Employee Giving Campaign


    Bagby Elevator Company Inc.

    Judith A. Bernas

    Monique Bimler, ‘86

    Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bland

    Mr. Steven F. Bloemer, ‘09

    BNSF Railway

    Michael Bordelon ‘67, ‘72, ‘75

    Annette H. Borkowski SM ‘08

    Curtis ‘83 and Pamela Bounds

    Glynis Box, ‘11

    Robert E. Boyer, ‘70

    Thomas and Linda Brill

    Dr. and Mrs. Donald Brotherman

    Margaret (Marcy) Brown, ‘91

    Brown Reynolds Watford Architects, Inc. (BRW)

    Mary Alyce Buck ‘88


    Bob and Cindy Campbell

    Mr. and Mrs. Frank Casano

    Hector and Fatima Chavez

    Chris and Patricia (Conoly) ‘68 Christenson

    Kathy and John Clark

    Cornelius G. Clark, ‘88

    Jan and Suzanne Collmer

    Grant ‘74 and Juanita (Polito) ‘75 Colvin

    Connie Duncan Connelly, ‘60, ‘69

    Steven ‘03 and Donna Crane


    Anne (Seaver) ‘82 and Tim ‘80 Daly

    Roberto and Deborah DeGuzman

    DeSoto Janitorial Supply

    Toietta & Mike Dixon ‘86, ‘88

    Toietta and Mike Dixon ‘86, ‘85, ‘87

    Andrew Dodge, M.D., ‘77

    John ‘81 and Kim Donnelly

    Thomas and Annella Dosdall

    Barbara and Leo Drolshagen

    Amy (Harveson) ‘88 and Sean ‘88 Duggan


    John C. Eastman, ‘82

    Edison Electric Institute

    M. E. English, MBA ‘79

    Joan Eschrich

    Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Esposito


    Eddie and Vickie Farris

    Mark C. and Sue M. Faulkner, ‘84, ‘86

    Sue and Mark Faulkner, ‘86, ‘84

    Susan (Hall) ‘88 and Edmund Fay

    Janis (Drexelius) ‘84 and Martin ‘84 Fee

    Frank and Frances Fehribach ‘82 ‘84 ‘85

    Brenda (Martin) Firth

    Greg Fletcher, MBA ‘71

    Dale Fodness

    Fourth St. Performance Partners Inc.


    Pamela M. Garcia

    Aleta K. Gay

    Joseph H.Gigler, MBA ‘80

    Elaine (Gwosdz) and James Gilman, ‘88, ‘88

    James and Elaine Gwosdz Gilman, ‘88, ‘88

    Bernarda and Howard Glicksman

    Pedro A. Gonzalez, ‘05

    Eileen Gregory, ‘68



    Ruth H. Hablas, ‘74

    Halff Associates, Inc.

    Benjamin S. Hart

    Cynthia (Contreras) ‘98 and Joseph ‘98 Heyne

    Sally F. Hicks

    Andrew and Louisa Hoelscher ‘86, ‘86

    Holmes Murphy & Assoc., Inc.

    Christopher and Janice Hughes



    IBM Foundation

    Interstate Battery Systems


    Judith (Ostermann) ‘87 and Gerard ‘87 Jacob

    Robert ‘62 and Carolyn James

    Stephen F. Joyce, ‘76

    Joseph ‘98 and Tara (Karpinski) ‘99 Judge

    John F. Juraco, MBA ‘92


    Msgr. Gregory Kelly, ‘78, ‘82

    Patrick and Judith Kelly, ‘63

    Brandon Kenney

    Daniel Kerr, ‘03 and Kathleen (Jones) Kerr, ‘07

    Barbara (Cvitanovich) ‘71 and Ray ‘72, ‘76 Khirallah

    Barbara (Cvitanovich) ‘72, ‘76 and Ray ‘71 Khirallah

    Mr.and Mrs. William M. Kouba

    Lorraine M. Kuchmy


    Babs Saul Landon

    Steve ‘73 and Barbara ‘03 Landregan

    Estelle (Tovar) ‘67 and James Lara

    Levi Strauss Foundation

    Aaron R. Linderman, ‘06

    Madeleine and Mark Lowery

    Dan ‘77 and Theresa (Bennett) ‘75 Luby


    Donald J. McAllister, ‘78, ‘79

    Dotty (Bowers) ‘68 and Mike McCaughey

    Elizabeth and Gero G. McClellan, ‘93, ‘95

    Patricia Ann. Meachum

    David and Peggy Morales, ‘88

    Michael ‘63 and Josephine (Semasek) ‘65 Murray


    Network For Good

    Dr. Lloyd A. Newton, ‘98

    Mr. and Mrs. James R. Niederle

    Bertha and Thomas Norman

    Northwestern Mutual Foundation

    The Novinski Family


    Hubert O’Brien

    Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.

    Cindy and Patrick Ohlenforst, ‘74

    Oklahoma City Community Foundation

    Monica (Martin) ‘99 and Dan ‘99 Oldenburg

    Jesse and Diane Orsini


    Peachtree Construction, LTD.

    Susan (Pennell) ‘91 and Luke ‘90 Dreisbach

    John T. Penter

    David and Jo Peterman

    Denise G. Phillips ‘90


    Dr. Bert and Mary Rakowitz

    Bernard Joseph Raley ‘89

    Andrew and JoAnna Rawicki

    Basil J. Reiter, ‘60

    Adam and Carolyn Rekerdres, ‘01, ‘02

    Dr. Raymond Remmel

    RGM Advisors, LLC

    Jim ‘91 and Bobbi Roberts

    Robert B. and Helen C. Roper

    Elizabeth and Frank Russo

    Denis ‘91 and Christine Ryan


    SAIC & Subsidiaries

    Robert Scherer

    Stephen and Anne Schuberg

    Schwab Charitable Fund

    Shahan & Son LTD

    Hep ‘61 and Julie (Smith) ‘65 Shockley

    Julie and Hep Shockley, ‘65, ‘61

    Steve and Mikki Smith

    Michael J. Smith, MBA ‘93

    Softball Factory Inc.

    Southwest Geoscience

    Andrew J. Spahn

    Frank St. Romain

    Judy and Richard D. Steed

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Szatkowski

    Karin Szatkowski


    TechScape Inc.

    Mr. and Mrs. William R. Tennant

    Gail Thomas, ‘73

    Michelle Neuhoff Thomas, MBA ‘91

    Lisa Thornton


    Daniel and Patricia Torpey

    Hien and Dan Tran

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Tulli

    Elizabeth L. Turicchi, ‘85


    Utility & Enviromental Services, Inc.


    Paul and Patricia Verderese


    Brigham A. Walker

    Washington Post

    Mary Ellen and Mark Wauck

    Mary and Paul Wearden, MBA ‘77

    James R. Webb ‘84

    Martin ‘80 and Janet (Sobey) ‘81 Weisse

    D. Brent Wells, ‘76

    Wheeler Pump Co., Inc.

    Clint Wheelock MBA ‘00

    Lely White

    Paul and Meg (Mehan) ‘98 White

    David and Katherine Wignall

    Janet H. Wiksten, ‘80

    James ‘66 and Jeanne (Price) ‘67 Williams

    Willis North America Inc.

    Janusz Wnek

    $250-$499  ↑ Top


    Margaret Abruzzo, ‘99

    Isabel and Al ‘69 Adams

    Nancy M. Alsup

    The Anastaplo Family

    David ‘90 and Thu-Lan Andrews

    Dr. Fernando E. Arellano

    Mark and Judy Arredondo

    AT&T Services, Inc. (AT&T Federal PAC)

    Atmos Energy

    Rev. Victor L. Austin

    Ayco Charitable Foundation

    Tina Azamar, MBA ‘89


    Gary C. Barnes

    Mr. and Mrs. James P. Bascom

    George MBA ‘79 and Nancy (Pulich) Bednarz

    Msgr. John P. Bell, ‘71, ‘75

    Frank ‘88 and Joan (Woeltje) ‘88 Bick

    Julie M. Billmeier

    Rebecca and Bruce Bird

    Mr. and Mrs. Gene H. Bishop

    Juan S. Blanch Jr., M.D., ‘80

    Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Blaxton

    Michael S. Boggs MBA ‘10

    John F. and Kitty Boyle

    Marian (Schaefers) ‘67 and Martin ‘68 Braham

    Beverly and Brian Burch

    Declan and Gwendoline Butterly


    Rep. Kevin Calvey ‘88

    Bryan and Jilliann Carlson

    Drs. Roberta and Richard Case

    John and Vicky Castleman, Jr.

    Steve Cavanaugh ‘95

    Cathy and Richard M. Cavell

    Bruce and Lisa Chambers

    David ‘80 and Susan (Moore) ‘81 Chauvette

    Dr. and Mrs. James Cherry

    Chevron Matching Gift Program

    Ann Clark ‘92

    Susan and Daniel MBA ‘86 Clifford

    Samuel and Maryann Coleridge

    Computer Associates International

    Cooper Industries Foundation

    Anne (Sylvester) Cramer ‘72

    Earl and Karen Crapps

    Credit Union of Texas


    Bill and Patricia Davis

    David C. Dawson Vasquez ‘86

    Mr. and Mrs. Pete Deal

    Laurie (Dekat) ‘79 and Robert ‘76, ‘79 Kugelmann

    Christopher Dowling

    Jo Ann Driscoll

    Justin D. Dugyon ‘10

    Mary (Kleiner) ‘72 and Joe Dulle


    Charles R. Earnhart, ‘78

    Paul and Kate Eastaway

    John ‘89 and Michelle (Redwanz) ‘90 Eliseo

    Michelle (Redwanz) ‘90 and John ‘89 Eliseo

    Melissa K. Ellis

    Marsha Emmett SM ‘07

    Richard and Debbie Endo

    John and Michelle Engler

    Cesar and Maria Escarfullery

    Mary Ann Eschrich

    Professor Bruce Evans


    Frank and Frances Fehribach, ‘82, ‘84, ‘85

    Alan and Anne Feld

    Ralph ‘85 and Saundra (Davis) ‘84 Fitzgerald

    Daniel and Elizabeth Fitzpatrick

    John ‘85 and Barbara Flatley

    Robert J. Florian, ‘80

    Robert and Mary A. Flynn

    Fort Worth Opera

    Jerome C. Foss, ‘04

    Adam B. Fritcher, ‘04

    Jane D. Fuller ‘74


    Mike and Trish Gaffney

    John Gallagher, ‘68, ‘84

    Phillip M. Garcia

    Joseph M. Gavigan, MBA ‘00

    John Mark Gentemann, ‘02

    Lucas J. Godinez ‘93

    Renee Nephew Godinez, ‘72

    Andrew J. Gorman, ‘91

    Bridget and Ed Gramling, ‘90, ‘93

    Karen Granger ‘92

    Anne Turicchi-Guidry, ‘96

    Mrs. Eve Guilbeau

    Dr. and Mrs. Roy J. Guse


    Bob ‘71 and Kay (Wangler) ‘72 Haaser

    Robert K. Hall

    William and Lucy Hannegan

    William and Patricia Hanson

    Steven Harmon

    Anne M. (Wisneski) Hartz

    Mr. and Mrs. Healy

    Melissa and Sean Malone, ‘96, ‘95

    James D. Hoelke, ‘02

    Anne ‘88 and Dennis Hoelscher

    David and Tricia Hoffmann

    Karen and Paul Hogan

    Paul and Karen Hogan

    Matthew S. Hogenmiller ‘90

    Holm Bambace, LLP

    Tom and Jan Hopwood

    John J. Hrad

    Mirla and Ramon Hugo

    Emily P. Hyde ‘04


    In-N-Out Burger

    Harry and Verena Isensee


    Joan Jaggers

    Nick & Karen Janszen ‘88, ‘90

    Joseph and Anna (Jencopale) ‘03 Wollscheid

    Robert G. Johnson, MBA ‘74

    Armin and Laurel Johnson

    Johnson & Johnson

    Boban and Regina Joseph

    Anne (Johnson) ‘02 and Mike ‘02 Judge


    Albert and Mary Emma Karam

    Mr. and Mrs. William Kewell

    Kimbell Art Museum

    Teresa Klaum, ‘82

    Fr. Brian D. Klingele ‘98

    Stephen and Anne Knapp

    Kandy K. Kobar SM ‘11

    Stuart and Barbara Kolner

    Joey Korah ‘98

    Miriam E. (Salten) Kotsonis ‘76

    Ruth T. Krusen, MBA ‘73

    Steven J. Kuehhas, ‘83

    Jennifer L. Kunhardt


    Jennifer (Paulson) ‘89 and Jeffrey ‘89 Laba

    Adam S. Landry, ‘11

    Kathleen and Michael ‘81, ‘86 LaValle

    Liza H. Leal, M.D.

    George and Susan Leatherman

    Jim and Amy Lerner ‘01, ‘04, ‘02

    John ‘75 and Ingelin Leslie

    Walter and Sarah Linz

    Betsy and Jim Livernois

    Frank ‘83 and Lydia (Tigges) ‘83, ‘11 LoCoco

    Fredrick M. Loeber Jr. ‘86

    Leah A. Looten, ‘09

    Martin and Elizabeth Lopez


    Godfrey and Beth Mackenzie

    John and Teresa (Deltz) ‘85 Magnus

    Hilary M. Maitlen

    David ‘68 and Mary (Rister) ‘68 Manuszak

    Larry and Beverly Marroy

    Angus and Jill Marshall

    Mr. James P. Martin

    Allen and Karen Martin

    Ruth C. May

    Linda DeSalvo McFall, ‘69

    McGraw-Hill Companies Community Partners Matching Gift Progr

    Andrew ‘83 and Annalisa Mena

    Jeff and Mary Angela (Graham) ‘89 Meyer

    John and Sharon (O’Neil) ‘63 Miller

    Richard and Holly Miller

    Angela Mistaleski

    Julia Mitchell ‘94

    Andrew D. Moran, ‘91

    Rolland and Patricia Morey

    William E. Moss, ‘11

    Marshall D. Moulis, ‘11

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Mulhern

    Cathy Mundy

    Sharon (Funcheon) Murphy, ‘76

    Mike & Colette (Flood ‘93) Murray

    Brian ‘90 and Deana (Dulac) ‘90 Muth


    Jesse ‘02 and Genevieve Nelson

    Carol and Robert Nicoud

    Claire (Holland) ‘81 and Michael ‘79 Nieswiadomy

    Matthew L. Norfleet, ‘93


    Elizabeth M. Ochoa De Beilby

    Amy (Harvey) ‘86 and James O’Keeffe

    Dr. Richard P. Olenick

    O’Neal Family

    Kristine (Krieger) ‘92 and Thomas ‘92 Ostermann


    Joshua and Lenore Parens

    J.O. Parker III ‘75, ‘76

    Timothy and Ann Patton

    Michael and Colleen Pecha, ‘11, ‘11

    Mary Cay and Thomas Pepin

    Donna C. Pierce, ‘87

    Susan Waits Pittman, ‘85

    Amy C. Pritts, ‘04

    Eileen Puhringer, ‘01

    Catherine A. Pullen, ‘84

    Jim and Janiece Pustejovsky


    Rafael and Carmen Ramirez

    Linda Jones Latham Rayes, ‘82

    Duren Ready

    Peter K. Redpath, ‘95

    J. Robert Rick, MBA ‘79

    Carol A. Ritter, ‘62

    Robin Roach, ‘01

    Leonard and Linda Robertson

    Ana Rodriguez

    Meredith Rolf ‘00

    Robert Rooney, ‘88

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ruff

    Karen Rutz


    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Santorum

    Joseph Schierhorn

    John ‘83 and Sheila Scola

    Maria Pia Septien, ‘05

    Vikas Sharma, MBA ‘07

    Roy and Patricia Sheetz

    Judith G. Sherwood MBA ‘08

    Sigma Iota Epsilon

    Ethan K. Smilie

    Scott A. Smith, ‘88

    Megan Anne Smith ‘02

    Bob and Linda Spiro, ‘68, ‘70

    Thomas and Susan Stanzel

    Louise and Timothy Stebbins

    John W. Stirton, ‘02

    Alfred D. Stoebner, ‘62

    Debra Strockbine

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Strockbine

    Subfloor Systems, Inc.

    Darlene M. Sullivan

    Sybil (Novinski) ‘90, ‘92 and Sean ‘95, ‘01 Sutton

    David R. Sweet

    Mark and Paddy Swiney


    Mary and Anthony Talbert

    Nicholas Anthony Tammaro ‘06

    Carl T. Taylor

    Texas Right to Life Educational Fund

    Rev. D. Timothy Thompson, ‘78

    Dwight Thompson MBA ‘84

    Thomson Reuters

    Nancy C. Smith

    Mr. and Mrs. Carl Tosetto

    Sandy Meinerz Townsend, ‘70

    Troubadour Research and Consulting

    Leslie ‘74 and Colleen Tschoepe

    Alex B. Valadka, ‘83

    Rene J. Vargas

    Nickanor Vazquez

    Mr. James F. Vigue

    Jose and Cynthia Villalobos

    Naomi G. Villanueva

    Richard and Olga Villanueva

    Chris ‘80 and Dannette Volkmer

    Thomas M. von der Heydt, ‘08


    Lisa K. Wade

    Peter and Lisa Wade

    David Wallace

    Robert and Ancy Walsh

    George and Joan Weigel

    William P. Weiman, ‘04

    J. Lee Whittington

    Mr. and Mrs. George Williamson

    Robert E. Wood

    Kevin ‘82 and Marsha (Martinez) ‘81 Wylie


    Masaka Yoshimura


    Tom ‘64 and Nita (Cacioppo) ‘66 Zajicek

    Elizabeth C. Ziegler, ‘83

    Ronald MBA ‘93 and Mary Ziolkowski

    John M. Norris, ‘84

    $250 and under  ↑ Top


    Alena Ababon

    Mark and Jocelynn Abbott

    Monica P. Abbracciamento

    Norman and Brenda Abdallah

    Gregory J. Abide

    Rose Abide

    Elizabeth Abide

    Patrick and Amy Watson, ‘93, ‘94

    Edwin T. Accomando, ‘92

    Andrew J. Acker, ‘12

    Kristen M. Adams

    Mr. and Mrs. Micheal Q. Adams

    Kenneth Adney

    Rosemarie and Kenneth Adney

    Briana Adsit

    Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Adsit, Jr.

    Adventure Landing MiniGol

    Aetna Foundation

    J.P. Agarwal ‘73

    Paul and Kathryn Agruso, ‘02, ‘02

    Lulu Aguas

    Marcus and Martha Aguilar

    Peter Aguirre

    Marcy and Alejandro Aguirre

    Audrey G. Ahern

    Gregory S. Ahern ‘79

    Jeff ‘87 and Lori Ahlert

    Luke W. Ahn

    John P. Ahne, ‘83

    Cathy Beduhn Akins, ‘64

    Charles and Cecilia (Hernandez) Alcantar ‘61

    Joe and Tami Aldaz

    Alexander Alderman

    Robert and Suzanne Alexander

    Princy Alexander

    Dr. Lou Ann Flores Alexander ‘89

    Carolyn Alexander

    Katharine A. Ali

    Lee Allard, ‘81

    Jake Allee

    Darnyl E. Allen

    Andrew J. Allen

    Bret and Kay Allen

    Jonathan Allison

    Saul Almeida

    Mark Alonzo ‘97

    Alaina Marie Alsup

    Aly B’s Bakery LLC

    Gonzalo and Ellyn Amador

    Bernadette D. Ament

    American Airlines Political Action Committee

    Lindsay M. Arend ‘10

    Robert E. Amorello, ‘85

    Lori Andaloro

    Vincent and Lori Andaloro

    Leslie and Rita Anderhub

    Brett ‘91 and Tracey ‘91 Anderhub

    Brian Anderson

    Sarah Anderson

    Zachary M. Anderson

    Luke and Connie Anderson

    Nicole R. Anderson

    Taryn L. Anderson

    George P. Andrews MBA ‘84

    Elizabeth Andrews

    Marylyn R. Ang

    Angels & Moore

    Selena A. Anguiano

    Natalia Angulo

    Claire M. Antene

    Kevin Antene, ‘02

    Pietro and Miriam Antich

    Monica Anz-Cavazos ‘94

    Luis D. Anzaldua

    Idalisa A. Gordon

    Glenn ‘82 and Virginia (Lombardo) ‘75, ‘84 Arbery

    Joan Arbery ‘02

    Samuel Arellano

    Daniel A. Arevalo

    Samuel Argumaniz

    Brianna M. Arias

    Edwin R. Armstrong ‘80

    Devin M. Arnold, ‘12

    Hannah Arnold

    Laura Arnold

    Mary Arnold

    Courtney E. Arnold

    Laura (Sewickley) ‘85 and Paul ‘92 Arnold

    Timothy P. Arr, ‘72

    Mary and Fred ‘11 Arrambidez

    Cecilia Arredondo ‘92

    Eric Artho, ‘99

    Artisan Center Theater

    Joyce Asber, ‘00

    Mary K. Ascik

    Alexandra and Cris Ashenhart, ‘91

    Cris and Alexandra (Petrilli) ‘91 Ashenhart

    Michael Ashley

    Monica A. Ashour, ‘95

    Brandon Ashton

    Justin A. Aten, MBA ‘07

    John William Athas, ‘98

    Judith A. Atwood, MBA ‘79

    Mary Ellen Atzert, ‘72

    Donna I. Aubuchon ‘85

    Caeli Austin

    Candace J. Austin

    Michelle Avalos

    Katherina Avila

    Oliver Ray Aviles ‘08

    Johnathon C. Aylor

    Marie Azcona, SM ‘08


    B.J. Glass Co.

    Tizhong Ba ‘95

    Michelle A. Baalmann, ‘12

    Stephen J. Babka

    Mr. Andrew M. Bach

    Renee Bader

    Robert ‘97 and Rebecca (Wolfe) ‘98 Bailey

    Joanne (Braith) ‘93 and James ‘88 Baird

    Richard Baker III ‘65 (Baker & Company)

    Maria T. Baker, ‘05

    Sally Baker

    Andrew J. Baker, ‘12

    Timothy H. Baker ‘75

    Charles Baker

    Nettie and Charles Baker

    Garret ‘02 and Katherine (Baker) ‘02 Fox

    Daniel ‘99 and Margaret (Haine) ‘01 Balan

    Michelle B. Balch, ‘09

    Sarah C. Balch

    Juan A. Baldor, ‘77

    Dustin M. Baldridge, ‘02

    Debra Romanick Baldwin

    Carolyn (Baldwin) Oldenburg, ‘99

    Rachel M. Ball

    Betsy and David Ballard

    Margaret L. Ballard, ‘05

    Blake C. Ballard

    Claire Ballor

    Tyler C. Balzer

    Mr. and Mrs. Rodolfo Barba

    Jeanne Barber

    John Barber

    Matthew R. Barber

    Jude Barcenas, ‘78

    Tiffany Barden Garza

    Molly Barger Steinwald, ‘99

    Ellen Barker

    Gabriel J. Barkley

    Gilberto Barrera

    Bryan T. Barrera

    John and Emily Barrett

    Thomas E. Barrett, J.D., L.L.M.

    Rafael R. Barrientos-Martinez, ‘11

    Spencer D. Barrs

    Lisa J. Bartsch, MBA ‘07

    Mr. Joe ‘09 and Mrs. Allison (McKenzie) ‘09 Barvick

    Maria Bascom

    Mr. and Mrs. James Bascom

    Basharkhah Engineering, Inc.

    Kenneth Baskin

    Rebecca Basler

    Christine H. Bassett

    Rachel Bastian

    Edward and Lisa Bastian

    Laura R. Basurto, ‘00

    Jessica Battes

    Martin Batts, Ph.D., ‘83

    Stephanie and David Brennan ‘93,’92

    Jerry and Marcia Bauer

    Scott D. Baumbach, MBA ‘94

    Scott and Shiu-Yueh Baxter, ‘90, ‘85

    Martin J. Bayer

    Bryan E. Bayliss, ‘11

    Anne Bazin

    Sara Ann Beach, ‘75

    John and Marita Beagan

    Jesse T. Beagan, ‘11

    Beth and Tim Beatrice

    James and Jean Beatty

    Delia R. Beavers

    Mrs. Fred Becker

    Robert W. Beckley

    Trevor Beckworth, ‘98

    Paul T. Beeler, ‘10

    Randy ‘85 and Pam (Rose) ‘87 Beeler

    Daniel J. Begley

    Sri Beldona

    Greg Bell

    Robert ‘08 and Colleen (McHugh) ‘09 Bellamy

    Keith Belmont, 10

    Michael and Grace Leland

    Ms. Laura Benavente

    Jeffery K. Benavides, ‘87

    Don Bendure, MBA ‘89

    Michael D. Benedict, ‘11

    Christopher and Julie Bennett, ‘92, ‘95

    Kathryn Bennett

    Diane (Bennett) Joseph, ‘82

    Michael J. Benoit, ‘12

    Alison L. Benoit-Shipley, ‘05

    Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Berger

    Marie L. Bergez, ‘12

    Vallery Bergez

    Mary K. Reardon, ‘10

    Brad T. Berhorst

    Barry MBA ‘77 and Emily Berkov

    Paul D. Berling, MBA ‘01

    Eliana Bernard

    Christine and David Bernard

    David and Christine Bernard

    Don K. Berry

    Patrick D. Berry

    John F. Bertolini, ‘02

    Ron and Lynn Beumer

    David A. Biagini, Jr., ‘00

    Sofia Bianchi

    Paul and Christine Bible

    Mr. and Mrs. James Bilko

    Amanda L. Bilko

    Billy Bob’s Texas

    Robert ‘74 and Lori Bilodeau

    John C. Bily

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Bimler

    Frank Binch

    Katherine Bird

    Mary E. (Weinzapfel) Birden, ‘60

    Anthony and Elizabeth Birzer

    Catherine (Heeter) ‘03 and Matthew ‘02 Bishop

    Barbara (Bitter) ‘92 and Vince ‘91 Terracina

    Francis Bitterman, ‘01

    Roger and Cathy Bjorklund ‘98

    Christopher E. Black

    Jon C. Black ‘80

    Julie Lowery and Byron Black, ‘91, ‘91

    Bruce Blackburn

    Christine F. Blackhurst

    Carrie C. Blair, ‘08

    Monica and Chad Blando, ‘97, ‘04

    Sandra L. Blanke, MBA ‘94

    Kevin T. Blasczienski

    Timothy G. Blaxton, ‘12

    John and Elizabeth Bloch

    Mary Catherine Bloch, ‘12

    Peter H. Bloch ‘09

    Alice Bloemer

    Katalin M. Bloemer, ‘10

    Robert and Elizabeth ‘79 Bloemer

    George and Mary Blomster

    J.R. and Kate (Medaille) ‘01 Bluett

    Gregory and Cynthia Bluhm

    Joseph M. Blute, ‘12

    Peter L. Blute ‘11

    Janette K. Boazman

    Thomas J. Boedecker, ‘80

    Scott Boegeman

    John C. Boehringer ‘02

    Boeing Gift Matching Program

    Bryan F. Boggs ‘02

    Michael J. Bolesta, ‘12

    Michael J. Bolin, ‘06

    Robinson C. Bolt, MBA ‘99

    Kit Royal Bolte

    Ajay Bompally

    Zachary ‘07 and Monica (Bond) ‘07 Keith

    Gabriella Bondy, ‘91

    Taylor BonenClark

    Thomas ‘74 and Virginia (Dickman) ‘75 Bonifield

    Maria and Charles Bonin ‘92, ‘92

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bonin, ‘92, ‘92

    Vachara Boonprasert, ‘11

    Patrick and Laura Boos, ‘04, ‘04

    Chris ‘89 and Debbie (Frane) ‘89 Borse

    Debbie (Frane) ‘89 and Chris ‘89 Borse

    Maria R. Pepin, ‘02

    Andrew P. Bossert

    Caroline Bossert

    Alison Bossert

    Stephanie Bossert

    Denise K. Bouchard

    Mr. and Mrs. David Bouse

    Adre May Bower

    Ariel Bowman

    Karmien Bowman

    Jennifer and Mark Bowring

    Bruce and Helen Boyer

    Margaret Boylan

    John and Dia Boyle

    Joseph and Joan Boyne, ‘08

    Christopher and Mary Bozell

    Beth D. Bradley ‘83

    Petra R. Bradshaw

    W. Mark Bradshaw, ‘78

    Madelon L. Bradshaw

    Martin and Marian Braham, ‘68,’67

    Rachel Braham, ‘90

    L. W. Braun, MBA ‘91

    Rachel A. Bredemann, ‘10

    Jeffrey and Mary Anne Bredemann

    Michael and Rosemary Bregande

    Julie (Hosinski) ‘85 and Mathieu ‘87 Bregande

    John and Marybeth Brehany

    Mary Alice Brennan

    Stephanie and David Brennan ‘93, ‘92, 96

    Elisabeth and C. Thomas Breuer

    Elisabeth H. Breuer

    Mrs. Cecilia Briceno Hinojosa ‘72

    Tony L. Bricker

    Lauren Bridges

    Gregory Bridges

    Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Briggs

    Alyssa C. Briggs, ‘07

    Ursula (Brink) Crowell ‘99

    Karen Bristow Fate ‘83

    Megan M. Burton

    Anne B. Britton, ‘65

    William C. Broders

    Angela Brodrick, ‘87

    James and Sarah (Cavell) Brogan, ‘98

    James J. Brophy

    Christine Brown ‘02

    Dorothy Brown

    Mr. Christopher H. Brown, ‘09

    Robert F. Brown, ‘73, ‘82

    William and Rosemary Brown, ‘88

    Mr. Benjamin J. Brown

    Kevin Brown

    Nathaniel M. Brown, ‘99

    David H. Brown

    Rob A. Brull

    Sarah A. Bruns, ‘10

    Herbert and Lenora Bruns

    Teresa Bruns

    Randy and Patti Brunter

    Valerie Synwoldt Bryan, ‘82

    John and Kathleen Bryan

    Mr. Mark L. Bryant ‘85

    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Bryant

    Bill and Jean Buchanan

    Sophia and Patrick ‘03 Buchanan

    Joe ‘90 and Barbara (Behan) ‘89 Buckley

    Julia Buckley Lopez

    Keith and Carolyn Buckner

    Keith Buckner

    Randall T. Buddenbohn, ‘07

    Michael Q. Bui, ‘99

    Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Bukaty III

    Mrs. Sandra Bunch

    Patrick A. Burch, ‘95

    Sara and Brian Burch

    Peter Burch

    Sylvia Kotch Burda, ‘61

    Sheila and Chuck Burdette

    Rebecca L. Burgess ‘06

    Joshua C. Burgess

    Penny (Lowe) ‘64 Burke

    Thomas E. Burke ‘64

    Jessie E.M. Burke, ‘12

    Rev. William F. Burke, Jr., ‘71

    Jane Burkett, ‘99

    Teresa M. Burkett ‘02

    Alethea and Joseph Burkett

    Alethea Hepler ‘99

    Mary (Haine) ‘99 and Peter ‘97 Burkett

    Edward and Barbara Burkett

    Nikki G. Burks, ‘10

    Rebecca K. Burns, ‘12

    Michael Burns ‘97

    Kevin J. Burns, ‘12

    Tyler J. Burr

    Mr. and Mrs. Kent Burr

    Ty and Lori Burson Tyler, ‘89, ‘90

    Robert L. Burton

    James III ‘89 and Beth (DeRocher) ‘89 Bush

    Mary E. Alvarez Bush

    Cynthia Bustamante

    Joan L. Butler

    Ragan N. Butler ‘02

    Larry and Cheryl Butler

    Linda and Curt Butler, ‘82

    Michael E.G. Byers, ‘12

    Douglas M. Byrd, MBA ‘77

    Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Byrnes


    T. M. Cadorette, MD

    Barbara Nowlin Caffey, MBA ‘81

    Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Cain

    Jerry E. Cain ‘78

    Susan Calafrancesco

    Brigid E. Callahan

    Kyle P. Callahan

    Mr. and Mrs. John Caluda

    Kurt and Ellen Smith

    Mary B. Campbell, ‘79

    Pauline Bellesky-Campbell, ‘84

    Anthony and Kimberly Campise

    Mike and Micki Canterbury

    Mike and Micki Canterbury ‘65, ‘72

    Joe ‘63 and Patty (Ferguson) ‘65 Canterbury

    Mary J. Capehart

    Michael and Therese Caples

    Mrs. Therese Caples

    Heather E. Capozzella, ‘12

    Joseph A. Cappelletti, ‘11

    Salvatore Caputi

    Melissa Caraway

    Richard A. Carle

    Donald Carlson

    Craig Carp

    Brent and Kathy Carpenter

    Brent and Kathy (Naughton)’80 Carpenter

    Phyllis D. Carr, SM ‘05

    Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Carranza

    Mr. Rafael A. Carrasco, ‘09

    Jose and Maurita Carrejo

    Alicia M. Carroll

    Joseph G. Carter, ‘11

    Carter BloodCare

    David A. Case

    Elizabeth Isabel Karam ‘08

    Kathleen (Casey) ‘90 and Sumant ‘90 Vasal

    Reyna Castelan

    Kayla Castillo

    Brittany Castro

    Mary T. Catalano, ‘11

    Kenneth and Patti Catalano

    Patrick Caton

    Christine and Charles Cavender

    Central Market

    Philip V. Cerroni, ‘12

    Matthew and Kathryn Cerroni

    Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Cervi

    Nicolas C. Cerza

    Michael A. Cerza

    Vincent and Sonia Cerza

    Alexa Cevallos

    Clare T. Chadwick, ‘11

    Mr. and Mrs. William J. Chalko, Jr.

    Erica Chang

    Andrea Chapa Escobedo

    Alan B. Charnock, ‘10

    Joshua A. Chase, ‘11

    Miss Mary A. Chatry

    Emily Chauviere, ‘01

    Renee (Chauviere) Carver, ‘96

    Kayla Chauvin

    Dr. and Mrs. William Chavey

    Halley Chavey

    William and Kara Chavey

    Larisa Chavez

    Ashok MBA ‘73 and Sandra Chawla

    Alexandra Cheatham

    Gabrielle K. Chee, ‘11

    Justina Chee

    Li Chen, MBA ‘08

    Anthony and Mary Chernoff, ‘95, ‘92

    Susan L. Cherry, MBA ‘82

    Doug Cheves, ‘65

    Kate E. Chiappe

    Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Chiappe

    Sarah Junker

    Lois Chmely

    David Choi, ‘11

    WangLing Chou

    Lanying Chow

    Matthew Christensen

    Christina Christensen

    Michael Christiani

    Emily A. Christianson, ‘10

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Christianson

    Andrew P. Christman

    Penelope (McTaggart) ‘67 and Joel Christman

    Mrs. Margaret Christofferson

    Peter K. Chung, MBA ‘75

    Brian and Julie Cieslak

    Edward Cisneros ‘04

    Melissa Citovic-Vukotic, MBA ‘78

    Marvin A. Clark, ‘05

    Ellen E. Clark, ‘83

    Tom and Jackie Clark

    Matthew T. Clarke, ‘92, ‘98

    Nathan Clarkston

    Jeff and Jan Clary

    Leanne (Lombardo) ‘87 and Tom ‘90 Clary

    Judith Merkle Clavelli, ‘63

    Leslie Claxton, MBA ‘94

    Brian T. Cleary, ‘86

    Raymond P. Clemente MBA ‘81

    Suzanne Clements ‘81

    Cherie A. Clodfelter, Ph.D.

    Rev. Tom Cloherty, ‘70

    Olivia Close

    George R. Close

    Carrie-Leigh (Baumann) ‘84 and Drew ‘84 Cloutier

    Harleigh Jr. ‘81 and Lorraine (Wiley) ‘85 Clukey

    Cristi N. Clyburn

    CNA Foundation

    David P. Coakley

    Sandra Coates, ‘87

    Patricia Ann Connor Coggan, ‘83

    Mr. and Mrs. John Coghlan

    Alexandra Cohill

    Benjamin H. Cole, ‘09

    Andrew Cole

    Joirdan D. Cole, ‘11

    Olivia Cole

    Patrick and Yvonne Cole

    George and Ann Cole

    Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Coleman

    Elizabeth Coleridge Pianori ‘02

    Joseph E. Collard ‘96

    Adam E. Collard

    Dr. Corey John Collard, ‘98

    Tobin R. Collard

    Mrs. Godfrey Collins

    Bryanne (Whitney) ‘06 and Matt ‘06 Colvin

    Meaghan M. Colvin, ‘12

    Debra (Luther) ‘82 and John ‘82 Combs

    Compete Every Day, LLC

    Miss Anna M. Conces

    Sue Conger

    Phillip S. Conley, ‘11

    Theresa A. Conlon, ‘01

    Fred H. Connally, Jr., ‘75

    Jeffrey and Debra Conner

    Carol and Barry Conrad

    Mrs. Celica Constante

    Cary and Sandra Conwell

    Katherine Cook

    Mary & William Cook

    Dan and Emily ‘99 Cook

    Bill MBA ‘77 and Ginger ‘77 Cooksley

    Alaine Fay and Charles Coppin

    Charles and Alaine Fay Coppin

    Jill K. Corbin

    Brigitte R. Sipra

    James E. Cory

    Kathy and Michael Cosgrove

    Mr. and Mrs. Pierre M. Costello

    Jennifer Cottingham, ‘01

    Michael and Laura Coulter, ‘93

    John R. Coupe, MBA ‘74

    Carolyn and Andrew Courtois

    Therese M. Couture, ‘11

    William Cover

    William D. Covington, ‘10

    Michael B. Cowan

    Dolores V. Cox

    Brian and Bonnie Cox

    Carrie Coy

    Adam ‘01 and Annie (Crabbe) ‘03 Muller

    Jeff and Alice Crabbe

    Mickey and Joanne (Cloud) Craig, ‘82

    Patricia M. Craig, ‘12

    Lloyd G. Crain MBA ‘88

    Jennifer A. Crane

    Russ Cranston, MBA ‘85

    Tom Cravens

    Dean ‘94 and Becky (Watts) ‘94 Crawford

    Becky (Watts) ‘94 and Dean ‘94 Crawford

    Wayne L. Crawford, ‘65

    Caroline Creasman

    Patricia Crews

    Dr. and Mrs. Scott Crider

    Frank and Margie Cristofaro

    Kathryn and Joseph Crnkovich

    Robert and Elizabeth Crnkovich

    John ‘70 and Susan ‘71 Croll

    Sarah Elizabeth Crotty

    Sarah and Matthew Crouch ‘00, ‘00

    Mitchel Cruz

    Mr. and Mrs. Willie Cuba

    Angela E. Cuba

    Rafael Cuéllar SM ‘10

    Phillip J. Cullen

    Kathleen M. Cullen

    Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cullen

    Constance and Richard Culley

    Delores J. Cullivan, ‘76

    Christy S. Culp

    Lisa C. Cummings

    Michael S. Cummings

    James Cunningham

    John Cunningham

    Kelly and Mary Tom Curnutt

    Robert W. Curran ‘99

    Lois C. Curry

    Fred and Nancy Curtis, ‘81, ‘82

    Thomas Curtsinger

    Eugene ‘77 and Barrie (Allen) ‘75 Curtsinger

    Michael and Shelly Curtsinger, ‘80

    Shelly Curtsinger, ‘80

    Shawnalis Seay Cusato, ‘88

    Mr. Laurance Albert Cusick


    John Dahl, MBA ‘71

    Brooke E. Dailey MBA ‘10

    Nona M. Dailey, MBA ‘78

    Erick C. Daily

    Roberta Daley

    Steven F. Dalhoff, MBA ‘93

    Dallas Arboretum

    Dallas Cowboys

    Dallas Symphony Orchestra

    Dallas Zoo

    Clare M. Daly, ‘11

    Stefan A. Dammen, ‘11

    Christina E. Dammen

    Eric M. Dana

    Anne E. (White) Danaher, ‘07

    Paul G. Danaher, ‘80

    Patricia A. Danko ‘90

    Eli ‘06 and Kate (Harkins) ‘06 Danze

    Thu Hang T. Dao-Jeanjean

    Olivier Dardaine

    Kelly N. Darmer, ‘09

    Michael J. Daugherty, ‘12

    Debbie and Jack Daughters

    Jack David

    Samantha E. Davids, ‘11

    David and Rebecca ‘89 Davies

    Rachel J. Davies, ‘11

    Judy D’Avignon, ‘72

    Theresa A. Davis

    Cathleen and Daniel Davis, ‘00, ‘01

    Mr. and Mrs. James F. Davis

    Bonnie R. Davis

    Chelsea E. Davis ‘09

    Christina Davis

    Michael P. Davis, ‘11

    Jan (Plugge) ‘76 and Bill ‘76, ‘78 Davis

    Kelly M. Pabst, ‘09

    Marie Davis, ‘01

    Rev. Ernest and Valerie Davis

    Carol L. MBA ‘90 and Frank Davis

    Daniel A. Davis

    Jan ‘76 and Bill MBA ‘76 Davis

    Scott and Jennifer Davison ‘73

    Stephen R. Day MBA ‘83

    Lacy C. De La Garza, ‘11

    Joseph C. De La Torre, ‘11

    Vincent A. De La Torre, ‘11

    Martin and Emelita De Larosa

    Maria De Los Angeles Ruiz

    Jesse M. Deacon, ‘04

    Janice Deaki

    Mr. and Mrs. William Deal

    Mary A. Deal, ‘12

    Matthew L. Deal, ‘11

    Jerry Dean

    Danielle DeAses

    Marcus DeBruno

    Kirk DeCardenas

    Mr. Hans Z. Decker

    Sashana E. Decker, ‘06

    Paul Decleva

    Brian K. Dedeaux, ‘95

    Matthew deGrood

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Degrood

    Audrey A. DeGuzman, ‘10

    Ms. Elisa R. Dehan

    Karen Dehart

    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Deitchman

    Shayna M. Deitchman

    Ryann C. Dekat, ‘04

    Joseph P. Dekroon

    Anna M. DeLaRosa, ‘12

    Anthony G. DeLaTorre

    Logan and Victoria Chism, ‘11

    George and Elizabeth Delgado

    Dell Direct Giving Campaign

    Harrison P. Denn, ‘12

    Mary Beth E. Dennett, ‘83

    Michael Denny, MBA ‘84

    Kenneth M. Densmore

    Megan K. Deras

    Daniel and Lee Ann Derdeyn, ‘78, ‘82

    Linda Derdeyn Jackson ‘85

    Ms. Stephanie E. DeRoche, ‘09

    Michelle DeRoche

    Gregory D. Deschler

    Emily L. DeStefano

    Douglas Detten, ‘90

    Margaret L. Dettmer ‘92

    Cheryl Wiegmann DeVita, MBA ‘85

    Mr. and Mrs. William Devlin

    Jeannette DeVloo Neubeiser, ‘92

    Charles and Brenda DeWitt

    Anne-Marie Dhooghe

    Joseph A. Di Lucca

    Stephen and Pamela Di Lucca

    Christina J. Di Pietro, ‘11

    Oscar Diaz

    Alicia I. Moon-Wan ‘92

    Maria DiLorenzo

    Raymond D. DiLorenzo ‘95

    Steven ‘85 and Betty-Ann (Svendsen) ‘86 DiMarco

    Katie (Emmons) ‘94 and John ‘95 Dimitry

    Bernadette Diodati

    Miss Cristina M. Diodati, ‘09

    Monica C. Diodati, ‘11

    Jessica DiRocco

    Andrew P. Dixon, ‘09

    Patrick and Martha Dixon

    Cheryl L. Dixon

    Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dixon

    Viet and Jane-Margaret Doan

    Matthew Dobrowski

    Ms. Christine Dodd

    Erin Doherty

    James T. Dolan

    Jeannette Dolman

    Sarah Dolphin

    Meredith A. Domalakes ‘10

    Mrs. Patricia Domalakes

    Paul and Patricia Domalakes

    Rosemarie S. Domingo, ‘11

    Dr. and Mrs. Ramon K. Domingo

    Virginia Muldoon Dominguez, ‘62

    Monica Dominguez

    Mr. and Mrs. J. Concepcion Dominguez

    Jill E. Dominy

    Margaret Dominy

    Steven Dominy

    Timothy and Mara Donohue

    Jason P. Doroga, ‘00

    Deborah MBA ‘93 and David Doucette

    Mary C. Dougherty

    Mary A. Dougherty, ‘10

    Julia C. Dougherty, ‘12

    Margaret Dougherty

    Richard and Julie Dougherty, ‘84, ‘89, ‘93

    F. K. and Bonnie Dougherty

    F. Kelly and Bonnie Dougherty

    Tim ‘83 and Carol (Ostermann) ‘83 Dougherty

    Michael R. Douglass, MBA ‘85

    Jeffrey Douthitt

    Hon. and Mrs. Dennis R. Dow

    Laura M. Downes

    Anne Downey ‘99

    Mr. and Mrs. Curtis C. Downs, ‘93

    Teresa Lynne Dozer, ‘82

    Julian and Sandra Dozier

    Jeremiah D. Dreisbach

    Jan Dreskin-Haig

    Jeff ‘84 and Anne Marie (Tobin) ‘84 Drummond

    Donna C. Drury ‘08

    Johann M. D’Souza, ‘12

    Janet C. Duaine

    Deanna P. Ducher, ‘99

    Eric Duechle

    Virginia and Alex Duenas, ‘08, ‘08

    James C. Duffy ‘98

    Shannon D. Duggan

    Jacquelyn Duggan

    Catherine Dugyon

    Malik H. Dulaney

    Anna (Wright) ‘98 and Robert ‘99 Dunikoski

    Paul D. Duntley, M.D. ‘83

    Max Duplant

    Jessica (Duran) ‘04 and John ‘04 Lynch

    Gloria (Enriquez) ‘72 and Richard ‘72 Duran


    Edward and Mary (Horne) ‘76 Eason

    Claire Eastaway

    E.H. Easterly, MBA ‘84

    Mitzi Patino Eastman, ‘76

    Bridget (Grover) Echerd ‘85

    Peggy (Graf) ‘67 & Dan ‘72 Eckelkamp

    Tom and Diane Edwards, ‘67, ‘68

    Joseph and Diane Edwards, ‘67, ‘68

    John and Ronna Egan

    Chris Egan

    Tracey (Ehemann) ‘91 and Brett ‘91 Anderhub

    Travis J. Ekmark

    Michael and Josefa Eliseo

    Amy N. Elliot

    Amy Elliott

    Robert A. Ellis

    Christopher Ellis, SM ‘10

    Mr. James K. Emeharole

    Jess Emerson

    Lauren M. Soscia

    Andrew and Liz ‘01 Engelke

    Andrew D. Engelke, MBA ‘07

    Donald and Rosanna Eppich

    Dorothy Reinke Erdmann, ‘75

    Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Erler, Jr., ‘67

    David and Beverly Ernst

    Miss Cindy M. Ernst, ‘09

    Joseph and Barbara (Davies) ‘71 Eshleman

    Jose ‘83 and Joanna Evans

    Ursula A. Evering, ‘11

    Taylor and Christine Ewing

    Callie A Bentley, ‘03


    Ms. Sarah Faaborg

    Frank J. Faecke, ‘71

    Thomas J. Fagan ‘07

    William M. Fagan ‘88

    Margaret (Fahey) Larson ‘91

    Faith Hope and Beads

    Jeannene and Harlan Faller ‘97, ‘97

    Jeannene and Harlan Faller ‘98, ‘98

    Kelly Fanning ‘92

    Kathryn Fanning ‘65

    Katharine D. Fanshier ‘02

    Andrew D. Farley, ‘98

    Celina M. Farrell, ‘11

    Jill A. Farrington

    Stephen and Carlene Faucher

    Gloria (Nimon) ‘98 and Scott ‘99 Fawcett

    Robert Fazen

    FC Dallas and Pizza Hut Park

    Thomas A. Federer, ‘84

    Dina E. Feil-O’Leary ‘93

    Michelle Felis ‘87

    Lindsay Fenwick

    Ashley L. Ferguson, ‘11

    Angelica B. Fernandez

    Mariah Ficek

    Mr. and Mrs. Vincent H. Ficek

    Ficek Legal Services

    Mary C. Fields

    Norma Isa Figueroa

    Ann and David Fincannon, MBA ‘87

    David and Ann MBA ‘87 Fincannon

    Catherine and Don Finn

    Don and Catherine Finn

    Fiserv Solutions Inc

    John F. Fisher, ‘00

    Kathleen and Richard J. Fisher

    Daniel Fitzpatrick

    Kellie M. Fitzpatrick, ‘12

    Mark and Gail Fitzpatrick

    Mr. and Mrs. James F. Flaherty

    David and Teresa Fletcher

    Raphael and Amanda Flood ‘97

    Julie A. Marx

    Michael and Colette Murray

    Diana P. Flores ‘02

    Patrick and Shelly Flynn

    Betty Flynn

    Paul Fojut

    Follett Corporation - Matching Gifts Program

    Lydia K. Ford

    Ms. Elizabeth A. Forget, ‘09

    Peter G. Forman MBA ‘84

    Rachel M. Formolo

    Fort Worth Zoo

    David Fortner

    Janet D. Foshee, ‘02

    Greg and Dana Foss

    Mary E. Fougerousse

    Ralph Fournier

    Carolyn C. Fouse

    Joseph T. Fox, ‘11

    Robert and Mildred Foye

    Chris ‘68 and Rosemary (Gastring) ‘67 Frame

    Laura and Vernon Francis

    Christopher W. Francis, MBA ‘02

    Andrea S. Francois

    Martha Francois

    Andrea B. Frank, ‘04

    Blake A. Frank

    William and Therese (Chicherio) ‘96 Frank

    James S. Frankiewicz, MBA ‘80

    Katie Q. Franzmann

    Christy and Stewart Frazer

    Sean Freauf

    John Fredricks

    Erin K. Freeman ‘02

    Terence and Kathleen Freeman

    Brent ‘90 and Yvonne (Matuszewski) ‘89 Freeman

    Yvonne (Matuszewski) ‘89 and Brent ‘90 Freeman

    Wayne and Mary Frei

    Margaret A. Frieden SM ‘08

    Julie Friedman

    Nancy (Veit) Friemel, ‘02

    Renate Frieser ‘70

    Frisco RoughRiders

    Justin R. Fritcher, ‘01

    Kerry (White) ‘95 and Ronny ‘95 Fritz

    Mary M. Fritz

    Brigitte C. Frost, ‘87

    Reagan Fry

    Danielle M. Fuchs, ‘12

    Mina Fuertes

    Meridith R. Fuller

    Paul and Sherry Padgett

    John ‘61 and Martia Furlow

    Edward Fusco, Jr., MBA ‘02


    James C. Gabele, ‘02

    Sean P. Gaffney

    Edward and Donna Gaffney

    Warren Gage, ‘95

    Vincent R. Gaines MBA ‘08

    Roberto Gaitan, ‘02

    Kathy and Bill Gaither

    Kyle R. Galbraith, ‘97

    Monica E. Gallagher, ‘12

    Max J. Gallagher MBA ‘75

    Mark and Kathleen Gallagher

    Teresa M. Gallagher

    Kathleen J. Gallagher ‘08

    John Mark Gallagher ‘10

    Grace P. Gallaher

    Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Gallaher

    Leonard A. Gallegos

    Antonio and Misty Gallizzi, ‘01

    Dr. Timothy Galpin

    Edwin Galvan

    Maria Galvan

    Ms. Catalina Galvan

    Maria Gamez

    Sham and Neelam Gandhi

    Shauna E. O’Sullivan Gansert, ‘10

    Damian and Christine Garcia

    Edna Garcia

    Brandon Garcia

    Luis Garcia

    Jean (Rekowski) ‘03 and Matthew ‘03 Garcia

    Loreena M. Garcia

    Randy Garcia

    Rebecca D. Garcia, ‘10

    Jack Gardner

    John Gargano

    Maryanne Garner, ‘10

    Leslie (Kerr) ‘97 and Grant ‘01 Garnett

    Anthony L. Garrett

    Kenneth F. Garrison Jr, MBA ‘85

    Jeffrey M. Garrity, ‘12

    Lou ‘95 and Jo Ann (Shoaf) ‘67, MBA ‘69 Gasper

    Louis and Jo Ann Shoaf Gasper, ‘67, ‘69

    Linda K. Gatlin

    Whitney Gatling Dorsel, ‘98 and Danny Dorsel

    Domenic D. Gattuso, MBA ‘86

    Sarah Gaunt, ‘02

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gaunt, Jr.

    GE Foundation

    Babs Gedeon

    Lauren M. Gedeon

    Rodney ‘83 and Teresa (Gee) ‘83 Helt

    Karen and John Gempel

    Mr. and Mrs. John C. Gempel Jr.

    Micah A. Gempel, ‘11

    Sara E. Gentry, ‘99

    Scott E. George Jr. MBA ‘86

    Jane F. Gerard

    Paul H. Gerber, ‘74

    Samuel and Michelle Gerdano

    Roberto and Kristina (Gerken) ‘91 Picha

    Arnim and Linda Gerstenmeier

    George Getty

    Timothy and Kerry Getty

    Martha Gherardi

    Josephine E. Giangrosso

    Michael Gibbs

    Benjamin M. Gibbs

    Kathryn F. Gibbs

    John D. Gibson

    Penelope and David Gibson

    Benjamin D. Gibson

    John W. MBA ‘77 and Martha Gibson

    Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gieske

    Mark A. Gigante

    Michelle E. Gigante, ‘12

    Diane Gilcreast, ‘92

    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Gilcreast, Jr.

    Theismon D. Giles ‘08

    Kevin J. Gilhooley ‘04

    Karen M. Gill

    Tim and Jackie Gilles

    Mr. and Mrs. Henry T. Gillespie

    Rachel (Winstead) ‘02 and Dale MBA ‘12 Gilliam

    Mary Gilstrap

    Barbara A. Gipe, ‘81

    Steven Glaser, ‘99

    Taylor Glass

    Andrew and Emily (Wescott) Glicksman, ‘02, ‘02

    Juan Carlos Goenaga, ‘92

    Paul and Magdalena Goerdt

    Elena Goerdt

    Ms. Amy Goicoechea

    Andrea L. Gold

    Erica Gomez

    Christian M. Gontarz

    Juan Gonzalez

    Danna D. Gonzalez, ‘98

    Thomas ‘84 and Heather (Platt) ‘85 Goodman

    Gregory A. Goodrich

    Brendan M. Goodspeed

    Mark Goodwin

    Alice Louise Goodwin

    John and Melissa Gorman, ‘91, ‘88

    Melissa and John Gorman, ‘88, ‘91

    Steven Gorman

    Eileen Gorman

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gorman

    Jordan A. Gortmaker, ‘11

    Stephen and Eileen (Kampman) ‘87 Gorton

    Susan M. Gosline

    Luke Goveas

    Dr. Diane T. Gowski ‘82

    Jenna M. Grable, ‘11

    Eleanor J. Graham

    Gregory S. Graham, ‘12

    LtCol Peter J. Graham USMCR ‘80

    Joseph M. Graham, Jr., ‘90

    Martin and Louise Granados

    Cory S. Grant

    Kelley E. Grant

    Meaghan E. Grant

    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Grant

    Joyce M. Gray

    Mark A. Grayson

    Mark and Patricia Graziano

    Alexandria A. Graziano, ‘11

    Rachel Greco

    Michael J. Green MBA ‘07

    Paula P. Green, ‘84

    Lawrence R. Greene

    Jerome M. Greener

    Andrew B. Greenspan ‘82

    Maureen Greenwood SM ‘11

    William Gregory Jr.

    Karen Sue Grenot, MBA ‘98

    Thomas G. Greuling

    Lisa Greuling ‘94, ‘96

    Emily K. Grewe, ‘10

    Geraldine Gribble

    Gregory E. Griffin, ‘12

    Amber Griggs, ‘08

    Antonio Grijalva

    Andrea C. Grimaldo, ‘10

    Laura A. Grosso

    Michael A. Grosso, ‘11

    Dominick and Marianne Grosso

    Fred R. Grote Jr. ‘96

    Yiwen J. Gu

    Theresa Guerra

    Marcelina Rae Guerrero

    Vanessa Guido, ‘99

    Peter and Margarita (Guijarro) ‘91 Lyons

    Miss Laura A. Guimond, ‘09

    Henry Gund

    Catherine ‘95 and Albert ‘95 Gunn

    Garrett M. Gustafson

    Gonzaga Gutierrez, ‘12

    Renee Gutierrez

    Blake Guyton

    John ‘86 and Laura (Guzdziol) ‘86 Reilly

    Joel and Maria Guzman

    Joel and Maria Guzman, ‘12, ‘12

    Roberto Guzman Jr.


    Jerry Haba

    Elizabeth J. Doetsch ‘02

    Martin J. Haest

    James Hagemann

    Michelle Hagemann

    Kevin W. Hager, MBA ‘84

    Anne and Pat ‘71, MBA ‘73 Haggerty

    Patrick ‘73 and Anne (Maher) ‘70 Haggerty

    Donald G. Hailer

    Joseph P. Haine, ‘10

    Rachel M. Hales, ‘11

    Sarah D. Hales

    Emmett V. Hall, ‘11

    Robert J. and Shelia Hall

    Gloria Adamo Hall, ‘76

    John and Juliana Hall, ‘07, ‘07

    David E. Halper, MBA ‘74

    Lisa and Eric Hambidge

    Elizabeth M. Hamilton, ‘12

    Arlene M. Hamm

    Afeef S. Hamra

    David and Mary Ann Haney

    Mary Ann Haney

    Louis J. Hannegan

    David C. Hannegan, ‘11

    Joseph Hanretty

    Ross and Sharon Hansen

    Suzanne Morgan Hansen

    Mr. and Mrs. George T. Hanson

    Susan E. Hanssen ‘02

    Mr. Mohammed M. Haque

    Suzanne and James Harder

    Christine E. Hardey, ‘12

    Brian and Felicia Harding, ‘99, ‘99

    Wendy Sue Hardt ‘88

    Anne ‘81 and Anthony Hardy, ‘81

    Edward P. Hardy, MBA 07

    Miss Lauren E. Harkins, ‘09

    Mary C. Harkins, ‘12

    Dan and Peggy Harkins, ‘81, ‘81

    Rebecca M. Mattingly

    Larry Harmon

    Christine A. Harmon

    Verlon P. Harmon Jr., MBA ‘89

    Jeanna M. Harnisch, ‘05

    James A. Harold, ‘79

    Michael and Diann Harries

    Lance B. Harris

    Irene Harris

    Kristen M. Harris, ‘10

    Rebecca A. Harris

    Emily L. Hart, ‘12

    David and Cynthia Hart

    Robert and Ann Hartle

    William A. Hartley

    Julie Baker Hartmann, MBA ‘94

    Daniel Hartmann

    Cynthia and John Hartnett, ‘99

    John-Anthony Harwerth

    Charles T. Hast, ‘75

    Stephanie B. Hastings, ‘10

    Mrs. Deborah Ann Hathaway

    Richard J. Hatton ‘90

    Gerald and Vicki Hauck

    Kevin and Lacey Hautzinger, ‘01, ‘01

    Joseph Havlik, ‘00

    Karla and Dean Havran, ‘85

    Keith G. Hawkins, ‘86

    Michael T. Hayes, ‘12

    Denise Hayes

    Thomas and Denise Hayes

    Ruth Hayes-Barba

    Dr. Ruth E. Haynes, Ph.D.

    E. R. Haynes, ‘65

    Gabriel J. Hays

    Sue Head

    Hayden and Sue Head

    Siobhan Healy

    Kristin Healy

    Eileen Healy McQuiggan ‘87

    Greg Heanue ‘92

    Louis Heck

    Michael and Christina (Hammond) Heffernan

    William Hegedusich

    Ashley Heid

    Eric Heil, ‘01

    Anna Heimes

    Casey D. Heineman, ‘11

    Mr. and Mrs. Heinemann ‘92

    Frank and Barbara Heinen

    Charles D. Heinen, ‘74, ‘79

    David J. Heinert, ‘11

    Ray Heipp ‘86

    Mr. and Mrs. Saul C. Hellerman

    Lucy C. Hellerman

    James G. Hellmuth, Jr. ‘89

    Jesse and Marcella Hembree

    Mr. and Mrs. Alan Hendrickson, ‘00

    Julie Adelmann, ‘92

    John and Judy ‘90 Henneberger

    Judith Henneberger, ‘90

    Kathryn Hennessy

    Amy Henson

    Paul and Patricia Herbert

    Monica T. Herman

    Mr. and Mrs. Scott Herman

    Joshua Hernandez

    Monica Hernandez

    Olivia Hernandez

    Mary D. Hernandez

    Ruben M. Hernandez, ‘02

    Ellen M. Herold ‘70

    Salvador and Virginia Herran

    Cesar MBA ‘11 and Maria Herrera

    Maria Herrera Septien

    Darlene (Sullivan) ‘01 and Philip ‘00 Herrington

    Nancy Crabtree Herrman, ‘72

    Andrew R. Herzog, ‘12

    Madeline Hesse

    Mary P. Hesse

    Ms. Sally Hesson

    Sheila (Terry) ‘65 and Bob ‘62 Hettler

    Benjie Heu

    Clinton Heyer

    Nicki ‘03 and Emily (Cook) ‘07 Heyne

    Tommy Heyne ‘06

    David Hicks, ‘88

    Evan Hierholzer

    Ralph and Sherry Higginbotham

    Leah Higgins

    Aaron Highfill

    Frank Highsmith, MBA ‘71

    Paul ‘03 and Robin (Kniskern) ‘02 Hilliard

    Cooper D. Hilton

    Hilton Anatole

    LaQuita M. Hilzinger

    Lora E. Hinchcliff, ‘96

    Julia Hines

    Emily A. Hines, ‘12

    Erik Hinojosa

    Jasie E. Hinson, ‘02

    Cheryl L. Hinze, ‘11

    Rachel Hiser

    Roselyn T. Hoang, ‘12

    Tasha L. Hobbs, ‘12

    Robert Hochberg

    Sarah P. Hodges

    Eric Hofbauer

    Joel ‘95 and Sarah (Jacobs) ‘96 Hogan

    Eileen M. Hogan

    Julia M. Hogan, ‘10

    Cherie L. Hohertz

    Jennifer A. Hoitsma, ‘06

    Ilana L. Holden, ‘96

    MaryAnn Holder-Browne

    Tim ‘83 and Kaia Holder

    Marion Holec, ‘65

    Alexis S. Holguin

    Tapley D. Holland

    Jeffrey and Cristina Hollinger

    Claire Holman

    Monica Holman

    Mr. and Mrs. James E. Holman

    Fraser A. Holmes

    Colin F. Holobowicz

    Caroline C. Gladin, ‘10

    Janet Olney, M.D., and C. Brett Hon, D.O., ‘82

    Sokyoung Hong

    Lawrence W. Hood

    Bill Hooten

    Jessica L. Hooten Wilson ‘09

    Christy Lee (Hopfer) Gail ‘03

    Frank ‘73 and Patricia (Devers) ‘64 Horak

    Catherine M. Horan, ‘96

    Michael C. Horan, ‘09

    David F. Horkott

    Jessica Hornsby, ‘09

    Quesha R. Horton, ‘10

    Mohammad and Syeda Hossain

    Catherine Hotard

    Maria Hotovy

    Cierra Houchins

    Stephen J. Houle MBA ‘79

    Kara K. Houser, ‘10

    Sky Housouer

    Daniel S. Housten

    Roger and Penny Howard

    Thomas and Carolee Z. Howard, ‘83

    Thomas and Polly (Zapp) ‘83 Howard

    Marie C. Howard, ‘12

    Robert and Barbara Howard, ‘61

    Brendan ‘03 and Claire (Howard) ‘05 Cronin

    Anna E. Howe

    Joe ‘00 and Chiara Howe

    Jo Ann and Robert Howes, ‘94

    Angela M. Howey

    John Howie ‘81

    Holden H. Hoy, ‘12

    Robert and Elda Jo Hoy

    Merry Lou Hoynos, ‘92

    Joseph R. Hrbacek

    Paige M. Hryszko

    Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hryszko

    Cecilia Marie Pilar Hu

    Ken Hu, MBA ‘90

    Gwendolyn M. Huff

    K. E. Huffer, ‘96

    Jason W. Huffman, ‘04

    James S. Huggins ‘75

    Cheryl D. Hughes, ‘99

    Mary Maher Hughes, MBA ‘01

    Matthew Hull, ‘10

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hunker

    Mary Hunt ‘83

    Ruth A. (Hilker) Hunt

    Jill Hurt

    Israel Hurtado

    Andrew D. Hurzeler ‘93

    Beth A. Hussey

    Kate (Daly) ‘03 and John ‘03 Husted

    Quinn Huston

    Timothy and Teresa Huston

    Jennifer V. Hutcheson ‘06

    Patrick M. Hyde ‘02

    Miss Moira S. Hyde, ‘09


    i Fratelli Ristorante

    Mr. Edgar F. Ibarra

    Ice Skating Center At Galleria Dallas

    Mr. Tom ‘04 and Mrs. Margaret (Henderson) ‘08 Illingworth

    Mary Anne Ingram ‘72

    Mary C. Ingram, ‘84

    University of Dallas

    Richard Iorio

    Ester A. Ippolito

    Lisa (Pelletier) ‘93 and Randy ‘86 Irlbeck

    Diane Irwin

    Elizabeth J. Isensee

    Dr. Maurice O. Iwunze ‘74


    Amy Jackson

    Miss Sarah E. Jackson, ‘09

    Norma J. Jackson, ‘07

    Bonnie C. Jackson, MBA ‘83

    M. K. Jacobs ‘72 and G. D. Veith

    Edwin ‘81 and Yolanda (Ward) ‘81 Jacobs

    Todd G. Jacobson, ‘12

    Julie B. Jacobson

    Joseph M. Jakubczyk, ‘10

    Therese M. Jakubowski ‘90

    Christopher P. Jameson

    Linda and Edward Janeczko

    Mr. and Mrs. Jay Janis

    Irene Janis

    Benjamin Jared, MBA ‘92

    Antoni T. Jasnowski, ‘76

    Gabrielle Jasper

    Stephan G. Jasper

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Jasper

    Laura Jauregui

    Philippe and Thu Hang JeanJean, ‘92

    Mrs. Virginia Jeffers

    Robert and Sara Jenkins, ‘81

    Sheilah A. Jennings

    Cory and Caroline Jensen, ‘07, ‘10

    Mr. and Mrs. D.C. Jensen

    Dana M. Moran, ‘92

    George and Brenda Jeter

    Tom and Janet ‘92 Jodziewicz

    Marissa C. Johannes, ‘04

    Emilie A. Johannes, ‘11

    Alexander Johannigman

    Jina D. Johansen

    Russell Johansen

    Renee and Walter Johnson

    David ‘90 and Priya (Mathew) ‘92 Johnson

    Shanna K. Steinbach, ‘03

    Aileen Johnson

    Andrew D. Johnson, ‘08

    Kimberly L. Johnson

    Anita R. Dow Johnson

    Joseph G. Johnson

    Joseph R. Johnson, ‘10

    Daphne Ferris Perry, ‘99

    Deacon and Mrs. Gary Johnson

    Patrick and Robyn Johnson

    Robert A. Johnson

    Dorothy Johnson

    Angela M. Anstead

    Kimberly and Tad Johnston, ‘79, ‘79

    Thomas C. Johnston

    Lonnie and Margaret Jones

    Lonnie and Margaret Jones ‘82, ‘82

    Kerry A. Jones ‘99

    Mr. and Mrs. Grantley Jones ‘96

    Akane C. Tanaka ‘02

    Sherwood and Edith Jones

    Tom Jones

    Mr. Archie P. Jones ‘91

    James ‘81 and Barbara (Brault) ‘84 Jordan

    Robert E. Jordan, MBA ‘89

    Adele P. Jorissen

    Adele P. Jorissen, ‘04

    Thomas Joseph

    Shikha Joshi

    Lyndsay M. Joson, ‘10

    Noah and Nicole Jouett, ‘11

    Ania (Szakola) Joy ‘96

    John W. Joyce Jr. ‘82

    Frances Juarez, ‘11

    Mary Jumao-as

    Stephanie Jung

    Miss Laura M. Junker, ‘09

    Karen Junker

    Matthew J. Jura

    Oskar and Nichole Chomicki


    Karen R. Kaczmarski

    Dennis L. Kaeb, MBA ‘87

    Henry E. Kahlich, ‘92

    Robert T. Kai ‘05

    Elizabeth R. Kaiser, ‘12

    Philip Kaiser

    Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kaiser

    Jeffrey N. Kaitcer

    Anna Kaladish

    Robert and Alison Kaladish

    Emily E. Kaleida ‘02

    Kaitlin Kalina

    Dr. and Mrs. Michael J. Kalish, ‘81

    Mr. Alan David Kaltz

    M. G. H. Kamerbeek, ‘92

    Zofia S. Kaminski, ‘12

    Nena T. Kamman ‘88

    Patrick ‘08 and Meaghan (Flood) ‘06 Kane

    Mr. Peter L. Kane, ‘09

    Amol K. Kansagra, ‘03

    Anne Marie Kaplan

    Mr. and Mrs. George Kapusta

    Joseph B. Karako, ‘11

    RJ Karas

    Grace L. Karnell, ‘10

    Leigh Christina Karnell, ‘08

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Karpinski

    Ashok R. Karra

    Glen MBA ‘93 and Tracy Katlein

    Lesley Katzilierakis

    Dr. Mary T. Grimm, ‘85

    Matthew F. Keblis

    Keene Building Products Co., Inc.

    Bryan E. Keever ‘95

    Peter and Kara (Kelley) Heyne

    Sean and Shannon Kelly

    George W. Kelly

    Theresa D. Kelly, ‘81

    Theresa (Ackels) Kemp, ‘81

    Phillip Kendall, ‘98

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Kennedy

    Karen (Cole) Kennedy, ‘76

    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Kennedy

    Dan Kenninger

    Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kent

    Andrew G. Kent, ‘11

    Jessica Kessel, ‘03

    James A. Kerin

    Mark and Kathleen Kerin

    Mr.and Mrs. Butler

    Rachel L. Kern

    Mark and Nancy Kerner

    Leslie Ann Kerr ‘97

    Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Kerr

    John K. Kersting, ‘05

    Jeremiah Kested ‘00

    Laura Kewell

    William H. Kewell ‘03

    Matthew J. Kewell

    Dylan J. Key, ‘11

    J. William Keyser ‘98

    David T. Khirallah

    Simon N. Kigo, ‘92

    Reese Kiker

    Joseph Killion

    Robert ‘84 and Lynn (Mason) ‘84 Killius

    Laura and J.D. Kinney, ‘87, ‘87

    Marvin L. Kinsey

    Dick ‘61, ‘69 and Marcia (Dickson) ‘62 Kinsey

    Dick Kinsey, ‘61

    Kyle Kirk

    Halcyon Kirkendall, MBA ‘02

    Nan Fagan Kirkpatrick

    Barbara Kirksey, ‘73, ‘92

    Joy (Davis) Kirsch, ‘85

    Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kirtley

    Gerald J. Kissel, ‘06

    Amanda K. Kitten

    Loretta Kitten

    Clare (Manion) ‘02 and Tim ‘99 Klassen

    Clare and Tim Klassen, ‘02, ‘99

    Eva Marie (Drogin) ‘03 and Chris ‘97 Klassen

    Andrew C. Klein

    Mary Ann Klein, ‘69

    Miss Monica M. Klem, ‘09

    Michelle L. Kemetz, ‘11

    Brigette and Michael Knackstedt, ‘94, ‘94

    Mary Lacy Shepherd Knapp

    Mary Ann Kneip

    Ron ‘69 and Leslie ‘69 Knetsar

    Katherine Knickerbocker

    Thomas ‘08 and Jessica (Swaja) ‘09 Kniest

    Cory and Caroline Knorr, ‘09, ‘10

    Kelly Lynn Knorr

    Mr. and Mrs. Donald Knorr

    Mark and Diana Koch ‘88, ‘89

    Natalie M. Koch, ‘11

    Dr. Carl Kogut, ‘80

    Hilda and Ed Kohl

    Mary Margaret Kohr, ‘66

    James N. Kolakowski

    Joan and Bob Kollmansberger, ‘64

    Mary Christine Kolner

    James Konz, MBA ‘73

    Michael A. Korson ‘07

    Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kossuth

    Irene (Hicks) Kossuth, ‘68

    Steve W. Kotara, ‘84

    John MBA ‘90 and Merrilee (Salata) ‘02 Kralik

    Sarah A. Kramer, MBA ‘04

    Patrice A. Krampff, ‘67

    Johnna K. Krantz

    Bob Kreipe, MBA ‘03

    Kroger Food Stores

    Lauren Krueger

    Mark A. Krueger ‘91

    Martin Kruk

    Stephen and Diane SM ‘10 Kruse

    Mary and Dan Kubala, ‘84, ‘85

    Beth (Calme) ‘88 and Patrick ‘87 Kuhns

    Michael A. Kuluz, ‘94

    Deborah Kunkel ‘11

    Joseph and Renee Kuntz

    Renee Kuntz

    Herbert and Charon Kupfer

    Jennifer Kupfer


    Dianne M. La Fon

    Mr. Joseph J. Lacey

    Francis D. and Jean P. Lagor

    Patricia Laird

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Laird

    Barbara and Doug Lamb, ‘95

    Weldon W. Lamb

    Jessica Lambert, ‘10

    Steve and Barbara Lanari

    Katherine and Bill Lancaster

    Robert ‘11 and Emily (Beatrice) ‘10 Landreaux

    Robert and Emily Landreaux

    Betty Landreaux

    Joseph ‘05 and Kathryn (Swegart) ‘05 Landreneau

    Elizabeth R. Landreneau

    Bruce and Valerie Landrum

    Nathan P. Landry, ‘02

    Dr. Brett J. Landry

    Frank and Barbara Lane

    Marilyn Wyss Laney, ‘71

    Cecilia Lang

    Layton Houston Lang ‘93

    Miss Kendra D. Langley

    Emma Langley

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert Langley

    Hannah M. Langsfeld, ‘10

    John J. Lappe

    Mr. and Mrs. John P. Lappe

    Nicole M. Lasswell ‘03

    Catherine R. Latiolais

    Jonathan and Patty Latour ‘86

    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Lattner, ‘75

    Catherine C. Lauer, ‘87

    Frank and Susan Laux

    Fred Laux

    Paul and Claire Vallone

    Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Lawrence, Jr., ‘92

    Stephen D. Lawrence

    Kathy Lawrence

    Kenneth ‘87 and Rosemarie (Trybus) ‘86 Lawson

    Kate E. Leary

    Brigette L. LeBoeuf ‘02

    Robert L. Ledbetter

    Taneia Lednicky ‘83

    Katarina Lee, ‘12

    Tracy Lee

    Mr. and Mrs. Edmund Lee

    Jared A. Lee

    Janet Lee

    Robert and Janet Lee

    James R. Lee, MBA ‘76

    Robert & Suzanne Lehrberger ‘71, ‘73

    Robert and Suzanne Lehrberger, ‘71

    Stephanie D. Leitheiser, ‘07

    Matthew and Rebecca McBride, ‘05, ‘04

    Tim and Theresa Leland

    Charles P. LeMaire, MBA ‘89

    Teresa (Danze) ‘01 and Kyle ‘98 Lemieux

    Alexander C. Lemke

    Christian Lenczowski

    David ‘08 and Katherine (Lenczowski) ‘08 Bridges

    Marilyn Dickson Lendvay, ‘70

    Gregory J. Lensing, ‘90

    Maria Lenzen

    Emilia B. Leon, ‘11

    Chris Leonard

    Steven ‘83 and Irene Leonard

    Michael R. Leshner ‘87

    Ms. Noel M. Lewis, ‘09

    James N. Lewis, ‘07

    Rebecca (Horvath) ‘05 and Sean ‘03 Lewis

    Liberty Mutual

    Sister Maria Liebeck, ‘68

    Christian T. Liebenow, ‘11

    Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Liebenow

    Deandra Lieberman

    Dr. and Mrs. Scott M. Lieberman

    Jackie and Don Limberg

    Michael T. Limongello, ‘12

    Chia-Fang Lin

    Stephanie and Michael Horan, ‘12, ‘09

    Andrea L. Lindsay

    Joseph A. Linn ‘02

    Maria Linn

    Mr. and Mrs. James Linn

    Caroline Linz

    Benjamin and Virginia Lippert

    Benjamin R. Little

    Wei Liu, ‘01

    Ms. Rachel E. Lively, ‘09

    Daniel ‘05 and Alissa (Guin) ‘05 Lively

    Daniel and Alissa Lively

    Timothy E. Lively

    Jennifer E. Lobb ‘90

    Dr. Paul E. Lockey ‘89

    Lockheed Martin Corporation

    Michael A. LoCoco, ‘11

    Cecilia Gangluff Lody, ‘73

    Bob Loftus ‘76 and Melanie Wells ‘76

    Robert Long

    JoAnne and Russell Long ‘73

    William C. Long, MBA ‘06

    Ms. Carol Long

    Michael Longoria

    John P. Longyear

    David F. Lopez, ‘12

    Michael and Lori Lopke

    Paul and Gretchen Lorei

    Gwen Lorei

    Martha Lee Lorimer

    Miss Anne H. Lorimer

    Kimberly Losoya

    Kate M. Loudenslagel

    Elisa and Steven Low, ‘03, ‘05

    Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Low

    Michael G. Lower, Jr.

    Tari Y. Lucky

    Lori A. Lueger

    Genevieve Fernon Luke

    Jill Lulves and Joe Collard, ‘96, ‘96

    Cesar Luna

    Barbara Lunce, ‘72

    Adam C. Lunger

    John and Debbie Luquette

    John and Deborah Luquette

    Catherine Lusk

    Deanna L. Lusty ‘03

    Mr. and Mrs. Eric Luthi

    Elizabeth Lynch

    Gayle Lynch

    John M. Lynch

    Edward and Jacqueline Lynch

    Hugh and Carol Lynch

    Brian and Suzanne Lynch

    Daniel J. Lyons

    Michael Lyons ‘02


    Honelynn P. Mabul

    Gail C. Macalik, ‘97

    Hector ‘85 and Thelma Macedo

    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel MacInnes

    Jennifer E. Mackay, ‘12

    James C. Mackenzie ‘09

    Miss Brooke E. Maclennan, ‘09

    Christopher Maczka, ‘84

    Lex and Jamie Madden

    Pollie Madden

    Shawn Madden

    Dr. Stephen Maddux ‘71

    Dore M. Madere

    Rosemary Maellaro, MS, SPHR

    Denise T. Magnuson ‘05

    Teresa C. Mahoney, ‘10

    Teresa and Michael Mahoney

    Paul and Tammara Mahoney

    Michael L. Maiella

    Bill Main, ‘78

    Dennis M. Makus

    James Adrian Maleady, ‘88

    Therese P. Maleady

    Kylan Malloy

    Christopher and Flory Tomutsa Malloy, ‘99

    Chris and Flory (Tomutsa) ‘99 Malloy

    Barbara M. Maloney ‘61

    James W. Maney, III, ‘65

    Joan and John Mangan

    Aida Manganiello, ‘11

    Leecia Manning ‘89

    Mary Vosburg Mansueto, ‘86

    Francis L. Marchesini MBA ‘88

    John Marchica

    Mr. Miguel B. Mares, ‘09

    Meghan Walbran Maresh, ‘99

    Sister Joan Markey, SSMN ‘66

    Shannon L. Marks

    Daniel Rinn Marler

    Chad and Monica Blando, ‘04, ‘97

    J. Michael and Janice Marsh

    Katherine Blackburn, ‘92

    Ricardo Martell

    Jennifer L. Marten, ‘87

    Andrew Martin

    Catherine L. Martin, ‘10

    James F. Martin, ‘85

    Jennifer Martin

    Fanny Martin

    Kristin J. Martin, ‘96

    Christine and Edmundo Martinez

    Dr. Manuel L. Martinez

    Gabriela Martinez, ‘12

    Mr. and Mrs. George V. Marusak, ‘62

    Peter T. Marx ‘03

    Craig and Kim Mason

    Anna M. Massey, ‘11

    Trey Masters

    Lauren Masty

    Josh Materne

    Linzi M. Mathew, ‘11

    Phillip J. Matias, ‘12

    Nancy L. Matthews

    Carolyn Mauzy

    John A. Maxey, M.D. ‘79

    Donna Maxon

    Don and Marianne Maxwell

    Margaret M. May MBA ‘81

    Nicholas P. Mayeux, ‘10

    Matthew D. Mayor

    Nicole Mayor, ‘99

    Mr. and Mrs. Raymund Mayor

    Mr. Rodney E. Mazoch

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mazza

    Martha McAdams, ‘10

    Anne Marie (McAndrew) ‘83 and Kevin Malone

    Maria McArdle Rodriguez, ‘91

    Mr. Edward C. McCabe, ‘09

    Michael V. McCaffrey, ‘68

    Barry ‘06 and Mary (Wells) ‘06 McCain

    Cathy McCaleb

    Susan M. McCalla ‘92

    Kathryn Maureen McCarthy

    Rhea and Beth McCary

    Irene McClellan-Mason ‘83

    Leslie Nicole McClendon ‘99

    Elizabeth McClernon

    Sharon R. McCloskey, ‘94, ‘95

    Jana K. McConville

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McCormack

    Mr. and Mrs. Kevin McCormick

    Dr. and Mrs. Thomas McCrorey

    Sean ‘08 and Anne (Parker) ‘08 McCrory

    Bryan ‘82 and Gayle McCrory

    Michael S. McCurdy

    Mr. and Mrs. John W. McDaniel, ‘70

    Sandi Wenzl McDermott ‘80

    John and Margaret McDermott, ‘68, ‘69

    Michael and Margaret McDermott, ‘68, ‘69

    Mr. Alexander A. McDonald

    Linda S. McDonald

    Megan McDonald

    Sean McDonnell

    Michael and Karen McDonnell

    Tom ‘70 and Marianne (Carnes) ‘68 McDonough

    Tom MBA ‘70 and Marianne ‘68 McDonough

    Peter J. McDonough, ‘10

    Clare L. McDonough, ‘12

    Steven C. McDowell

    Brad and Rebecca McDowell

    Gregory McElvy

    Robert J. McEwan ‘02

    Bridget Cecilia McEwen ‘07

    Maureen P. McEwen, ‘10

    Michael W. McEwen, ‘12

    Janet and Richard McEwen

    Brent D. McFadden

    Katherine McFall

    Susan McFarland

    Christine McFarland

    Matthew McGee

    Larry McGee

    Mr. and Mrs. James B. McGill

    Carie M. McGinnis

    James McGovern

    Mark and Julie McGowan

    Mr. Neal S. McGowan, ‘09

    Marianne C. McGrath

    John and Nancy McGrath

    Teresa R. McGrath

    Paul Michael McGregor, MBA ‘92

    Colleen McGuinn

    Bridget McGuire

    Karen and Pat McHugh

    Michael W. McIlhon

    Colleen McInerney

    Michael and Patricia Mcinerney

    John T. McKeefery, 01

    Rev. W. Shawn McKnight, S.T.D., ‘90

    Patrick ‘80 and Yunyong ‘81 McLain

    Miss Molly J. Mclaughlin, ‘09

    Ms. Eileen T. McMahan

    Brigid McMahan

    Michael R. McMahan, ‘12

    Ms. Jamie Lynn McMahon

    Shirley and Gary McMahon

    Michael B. McMahon ‘07

    Joy L. McNabb ‘03

    William McNeill, ‘93

    Keith ‘83 and Elizabeth (Clough) ‘92 McPherson

    Jeanne McQuade

    Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Mech

    John and Patricia (Kirby) ‘95 Medaille

    Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament, Inc.

    Lee and Patricia Meese

    Patricia A. Meese

    Monica Ann Mehan

    Petra ‘02 and Patrick ‘01 Mehen

    Samuel and Elizabeth Meier

    Samuel and Elizabeth Meier, ‘04, ‘03

    James J. Meier

    Eileen (McPherson) Meinert, ‘83

    Kyle J. Meinert

    Fernando Mejia

    Gerald M. Melancon, MBA ‘91

    Tony L. Melendez

    Melva Melendez

    Ricardo Melendez

    Larry and Marie Melendez

    Nicole Melman

    Maria Mendoza

    Angela M. Menzia, ‘11

    Breanna J. Heim, ‘09

    Dr. Judith M. Wylie ‘63

    Mary and John Mertes

    Mesquite Rodeo

    Harry E. Messenger, MBA ‘77

    Kyle Messerschmitt, ‘84

    Larry J. Meyer, MBA ‘72

    Philip and Teresa Meyers, ‘70, ‘70

    Emily Michael

    Gregory B. Michael

    Midori Sushi Japanese

    Kathleen M. Hibbler

    Stephan & Ann Mikelonis

    Dr. Amy Milakovic, ‘98

    Fred Carroll and Marta L. Milian, ‘71

    Melissa Miller

    William Miller, ‘03

    Dr. Tiffany Jones Miller

    Frederick G. Miller, ‘84

    Cheryl Miller, ‘02

    Stephen and Elizabeth Miller

    Don R. Miller, MBA ‘87

    Larry G. Miller, MBA ‘90

    Lawrence P. Milliken

    Danielle (Schumer) '10 MBA '12 and Madison Milliken '12

    James B. Mills

    Todd J. Milner ‘75

    Elisa Minondo

    Michael Miranda, ‘10

    Christopher V. Mirus

    Alexander F. Misko, ‘09

    Daniel P. Mistrot, ‘10

    Daniel L. Mittnacht, ‘10

    Lisa and Jeff Mobus, ‘90, ‘90

    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Mobus, ‘90, ‘90

    Brian Molanphy

    Susan Mollet

    Mary Jean Moloney, MBA ‘95

    Etsuko Momii

    George A. Moninger, ‘86

    Kristen M. Monsey, ‘12

    Merrie Montondon

    Diane and Scott Moon

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Mooney

    Erin Moore

    Samantha Moore

    Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Moore

    Yvette P. Morehead, MBA ‘01

    Gilberto Moreira

    Mr. and Mrs. Luis Moreno

    Timothy Morgan

    Mark and Donna Morgan

    Mary Morgan

    Ron SM ‘03 and Sandra Morgan

    Sandy (Caldwell) ‘68, ‘01 and Ronald Morgan

    Patricia C. Morkert, ‘10

    Mack C. Morris, IV, ‘11

    John ‘85 and Sondra Morris

    Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Coghlan

    Dennis and Gina (Bonanno) ‘85 Morrison

    Jeffrey S. Moschel ‘89

    Mr. Mitchell S. Moses, ‘09

    Rachel E. Mueller

    Mary S. Mueller ‘90

    Michael W. Mueller, ‘80, ‘81

    Ellen-Marie Muhlbacher, ‘93

    Elizabeth Mulig

    Ronald and Lucy Miller, ‘85

    Erin Mulligan

    Kathleen A. Mulligan

    Christopher Munns, ‘96

    John P. Munoz

    Gloria Muñoz

    Dr. Patricia T. Munro, ‘63

    Maria C. Murdock

    Christine E. Murphy

    Peter J. Murphy, IV, ‘11

    Mary K.E. Murphy, ‘11

    Peter ‘81 and Lisa ‘82 Murphy

    Austin Murphy, ‘72

    Sue A. Murray, ‘86

    Ronald J. Mussett MBA ‘05

    Linda and Tim Muth, ‘83, ‘83

    Jennifer Muzyka, ‘85


    Mr. and Mrs. Allen Nabors

    Miss Alexandra M. Nakagawa, ‘09

    Roshanak Namavari, ‘00

    Robert and Tracy (Rogers) ‘90 Napper

    Nationwide Foundation

    Oliver Navratil

    Leon J. Neihouse, ‘61

    Neiman Marcus Group

    Keith A. Nelson, ‘07

    Donald F. Nelson ‘66

    Heather C. Nelson, ‘10

    Kelly A. Nelson, ‘11

    Stephanie Nelson

    Patrick ‘04 and Shanna (Nelson) ‘02 Molitor

    Katherine Parma Nemec, ‘67

    James and Amy Nendza

    Mr. and Mrs. James Nendza ‘83

    Ann and Robert Nerburn, Jr.

    Marc ‘08 and Lara (Simpson) ‘96 Neri

    New Care Homes, LLC

    Gordon and Theresa Newman

    Bruce A. Newman, ‘90

    Lari Yvette Newman-Williams ‘07

    Stephen A. Newton, ‘84

    Elena L. Newvine, ‘11

    Hoai-Ngco Thi Ngo

    Peter and Mary Nguyen

    Chi Lien Nguyen, ‘92

    Tina A. Nguyen

    Linh T. Nguyen, ‘12

    Nicholas Duy Hoan Nguyen

    Raphael and Sheila Nguyen

    Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen

    Anthony Nguyen

    Nicole Nguyen

    Kim Nguyen

    Joe Nguyen

    Jaci and Chris Nichols

    Marjorie Nichols

    Steve Nichols ‘86

    Charles and Catherine Nicholson

    Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Nicklaus

    Jeremy D. Nickleberry

    D. Garth Nield, ‘02

    Tory K. Niemann’01

    Rose and Ben Nieswiadomy

    Catherine Nikoden

    Douglas J. Nikolai

    Ann Nix ‘76

    Irene Nohavitza

    Stephen J. Nohrden ‘03

    Kathleen Nolan

    Thomas and Martha (Hogentogler) ‘98 Nolan

    Paul A. Norkett MBA ‘07

    Stephen ‘73 and Clara (Stahl) ‘73 Norman

    John P. Norton, ‘12

    Mr. and Mrs. Leo J. Norton

    William and Janet Norton, Sr.

    John M. Noschese, ‘89

    Miss Elizabeth M. Novacek, ‘09

    Kristy (King) ‘93 and David ‘94 Novinski

    Michael R. Novinski

    Joanne and Francis Nugent

    Jose Nunez

    Nathan Nwaeze

    Charlene (Bartniski) ‘00 and John ‘93 Nyhart

    Charlene and John Nyhart, ‘93, ‘00


    Victor Obiako, ‘99

    Katherine A. O’Brien, ‘12

    Jean O’Brien

    Mr. and Mrs. Frank O’ Brien, Jr.

    Lincoln D. O’Brien, ‘12

    Mr. and Mrs. David O’Brien

    Edward and Jane O’Brien

    Omar ‘92 and Stephanie (Powers) ‘91 Ochoa

    Elizabeth O’Connell

    Timothy O’Conner, MBA ‘03

    Molly E. O’Connor

    Raymond and Irene O’Connor

    Marjorie C. O’Connor, ‘10

    Mark J. O’Connor, ‘92

    Fred MBA ‘76 and Estelle Odell

    Michael O’Donnell

    Teddy and Betty Oetama

    Steven and Gloria Oetting

    Mr. and Mrs. Al Ogletree

    Mr. and Mrs. James Ogletree

    KyoungHwa Oh

    Patrick and Patricia Hasler O’Hagan, ‘63, ‘63

    Maureen O’Hare-Holy, ‘81

    Margaret I. Ojeogwu, ‘10

    Kathleen M. O’Keefe, ‘10

    Michael R. O’Keefe

    George W. O’Kelley, MBA ‘03

    Rachel Oleksiak

    Edward and Mary Oleksiak

    Nancy J. and Timothy Oliver, ‘87, ‘89

    Timothy and Nancy J. Oliver, ‘87, ‘89

    Joseph J. Oliveti, SM ‘07

    James Olney

    Luke and Hannah Olsen, ‘10

    Michael Olson

    Barbara O’Malley ‘00

    Therese and William Junker

    Reed C. Onken

    John J. Opalach

    Daniel W. Orazio

    Nan and Joseph Orchard, ‘81

    Carolina Ordonez, ‘12

    Dr. Maria E. Ortega

    Andrew L. Osborn

    Lisa E. Osborn

    John F. Oseth

    Roberto Ospina, ‘11

    David M. Ostermann

    Cathy Ostermann Cromer, ‘91

    Charles Ostermann

    Ralph P. Ostermann

    Louis C. Ostermann, ‘96

    Donna and Albert ‘80, ‘81 Ostermann

    Pierina Otiniano

    Louis P. Ott, ‘76

    Stephen ‘81 and Kathleen Otto


    Pacific Door Products, Inc.

    Artemio Pagan, MBA ‘02

    Tonse V. Pai MBA ‘72

    Brianna L. Pajak

    Servando R. Palomeque

    Lucia Palos ‘92

    Anna M. Pansini

    Sarah Marie Papania, ‘08

    Mark ‘80 and Karen (Hamm) ‘82 Papania

    Charles and Judy (Loisey) Parada, ‘70

    Janet (Bigbee) Paradis, ‘67

    Miss Maria J. Paredes, ‘09

    Maria Aurora P. Paredes ‘00

    Lance Park, ‘88

    Mary Parker

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Parker

    Angela L. Parker, ‘04

    Christopher W. Parker, ‘12

    David Parker

    Mary K. Parker

    Dr. James R. Parkey

    Cynthia Bird

    Mary Ann and George Parks

    Jeff W. Parmley

    Margaret A. Hamlet ‘02

    Kristin Hope Parrish ‘08

    Zachry Parrott MBA ‘92

    Joy Parsons SM ‘08

    Bethany A. Patterson

    Christian S. Patterson

    Andrew Michael Patterson

    Jo Ann and Ron Patton

    Ronald and Jo Ann Patton

    Andrew J. Patton

    Elizabeth A. Patton, ‘10

    John and Kristen Patton

    Lyle R. Paul

    Steven and Charlotte Pauletti

    Monica T. Paulo, ‘79

    Mr. Laszlo S. Pavel ‘72

    PDK Foods

    John Alexander Peacher, 08

    Cherie R. Peacock, ‘97

    Edward and Cheri Peacock

    Camille Pecha

    Dr. and Mrs. Robert Pecha

    Julie Pecha

    Dr. and Mrs. R. Erick Pecha

    Mira Z. Pejovich, ‘11

    Greg and Cynara Pellegrino

    Mr. and Mrs. Pellegrino

    Madeline Pelletier

    Jennifer R. Pelletier ‘95

    Olivier Thomas Pelletier

    Theresa Pellow

    Clarice Peninger, ‘66

    David and Anne Pennell

    Stephanie Martin, DO, ‘90

    Katherine E. McNamara Penny, ‘96

    Kenneth R. Penrod, MBA ‘78

    PepsiCo Foundation Inc.

    Janet M. (Sanders) Pepsin, ‘86

    Richard Peregoy

    Mr. and Mrs. Sergio Perera

    Angie O. Perez, ‘05

    Justin Perreault

    Betty Perretta

    Ronald T. Perry

    Carolyn (Fuchs) Perry ‘ 65

    Michael and Susan Pervere

    Robert and Marjorie Pervere

    Rev. Michael Petering, ‘94

    Annaleah R. Peterson, ‘12

    Miranda J. Peterson

    Molly Peterson

    James A. Petros

    Jarred Pfeiffer

    John and Susan Pfeiffer

    Phinias Pfuridzo, ‘07

    Bryan and Colleen Phelan

    Andrew Philip

    Christian L. Philip

    Doyle Phillips

    Dr. D. Paul Phillips

    Mr. and Mrs. David Phillips

    John Phillips

    Vicky Pickard

    Ashley Pickert

    Courtney R. Pieper, ‘10

    Steve ‘82 and Pat (Gilmore) ‘82 Pierret

    Elisabet Pierucci

    Mr. and Mrs. John B. Piescik

    Clement E. Pikner, ‘05

    Stephen and Rachel Pimentel

    Miss Sarah E. Pipak, ‘09

    Hannah M. Piper, ‘11

    Barbara Pitstick

    James and Barbara Pitstick

    Gregory A. Pivarunas ‘10

    John E. Platts

    Pocket Sandwich Theater

    Catherine A.C. Podegracz, ‘11

    Kristi Pogue

    Kathryn J. Pokladnik ‘74, ‘76

    Robin Polito-Shuffer, ‘84

    Claire Poole

    Nora E. (Poppito) Ruth ‘89

    Luke Porter

    Gayle and David Porter, ‘91

    John Posey, ‘87, ‘89

    Allison A. Postell

    Joseph W. Postell

    Robert & Joan Sagnibene Potter ‘74

    Joan Sagnibene Potter, ‘74

    Kyrie A. Potter, ‘10

    Sally (Krmpotich) ‘87 and Bobby Potter

    Dale and Lori Potter

    Ronald P. Powell, Jr., MBA ‘97

    Mary E. Powers ‘09

    Nicole A. Boos ‘99

    Deborah L. Prachyl Hawk ‘77

    Tyler Prahl

    Alpha M.C. Preble, ‘11

    Kathryn Prejean, ‘11

    Laura Prejean

    Sam H. Pressler

    Rena M. Price

    Jarred C. Priester, ‘12

    Harry P. Prieto MBA ‘81

    Michael J. Probus, ‘12

    Dan and Jennifer (McDonald) ‘87 Proctor

    Elaine M. Prokup

    Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Prososki

    Marie Louise Prybyla

    Katherine Y. Pryor, ‘05

    Alexandra E. Puccio, ‘11

    Joseph and Helga Pulliam

    Jeff and Nora Purcell

    Christine (Purk) ‘03 and Stephen ‘03 White

    Collin J. Puthoff, ‘12


    William and Judy Quick

    Hector Quijadamuniz

    Matthew D. Quinn

    Emily and Roderick Quiros, ‘94, ‘94



    Dianne D. Rachal

    Marguerite Derdeyn Radkiewicz, ‘62

    Tom Rafferty, MBA ‘87

    Peter and Loretta Raia

    Peter Raia

    Diana Dudoit Raiche, PhD

    Cecilia Rain

    Kathleen A. Rainbolt

    Adrian D. Ramirez, ‘07

    David M. Ramirez

    Monica and David Khirallah

    Ray A. Ramon, MBA ‘03

    Mary S. Ramos

    Miss Michelle B. Ramsey, ‘09

    Clayton L. Ramsey

    Jeanette H. Randolph, ‘04

    Elizabeth M. Nogan

    Sara Rankin

    Jack Raskopf, ‘73

    M. Terrie Ratcliffe, ‘79

    Ms. Kiron M. Rathnam

    Jerry Rattenbury, ‘90

    Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Rattliff, Jr.

    Madeline Rawicki

    Nathaniel Rawicki

    Molly C. Rawicki

    Bennett and Trish Rawicki, ‘09

    Raytheon Company

    Kimberly Read

    Paula Shelburne Read ‘82 and Mark Read

    Kristin Hamm Rearden, ‘89

    Ian Redmond ‘99

    MarieAnna Redmond, ‘01

    Ellen (Flannery) Reedy, ‘05

    Ryan D. Reedy, ‘05

    Patricia Rees, ‘72

    Karolyn Regan

    Kristin N. (Reible) Pelletier, ‘05

    Martha Ann Henderson

    Elizabeth (Reisinger) Sprague, ‘93

    Madeline Reiter

    Oliver J. Reiter

    Ted ‘73 and Carolyn (Schniederjan) ‘73 Rekerdres

    Madeleine M. Rekerdres, ‘11

    Herbert Remidez

    William Remmes

    Juan Rendon-Reyes, ‘00

    John C. Reneau

    Jennifer M. Resendez

    Mr. and Mrs. Victor Resendez

    Madeline Respeliers

    Ed Reusch, ‘82

    Liana A. Reveles

    Lucas P. Revellon, ‘10

    Ann and Joseph Reynolds

    Hayley Reynolds

    Mary Reynolds

    Susan Rhame

    Patrick J. Rhea, ‘10

    Jacob Rhodes ‘07

    Mr. Thomas ‘11 and Mrs. Kathleen (Rhodes) ‘09 Twetten

    Gennaro Riccitelli, MBA ‘98

    Meredith Rice, ‘02

    Jonathon B. Richards

    Jeffrey H. Richards

    Libby (Hill) ‘65 and Don Richardson

    David W. Richardson, ‘76

    Julie and Chris Richey, ‘92, ‘87

    Chris and Julie Groschen Richey, ‘87

    Colleen Eastman Rickert, ‘67

    Toby A. Rider, ‘11

    Marlene and Anthony Riela

    Emily Rielley, ‘98

    Amanda Rieman

    Joe and Amanda Rieman

    Charles and Suzan Riggs ‘01

    Charles A. Riggs, MBA ‘01

    Robert F. Riggs, ‘94

    Clifford P. Riley

    Art and Lark Rilling

    Clare E. Rindone, ‘12

    Ms. Monica A. Rindone, ‘09

    Anne F. Rindone, ‘10

    John and Judith Riordon

    Liliana Rios

    John G. Risch, MBA ‘84

    Thomas J. Robak, ‘12

    Mary M. Roberti, MBA ‘92

    Daniel J. Roberts, ‘10

    Riley Roberts

    Johnnie Roberts ‘89

    Mr. and Mrs. Richard Roberts

    Tammy Robertson

    Gary and Diane Robertson

    Bruce A. Robidou

    John ‘68 and Sharon (Gallagher) ‘67 Robinette,

    Sandra L. Robinson

    Tony ‘64 and Michele (Folse) ‘64 Robinson

    James B. Robinson

    Teri E. Rockenhaus

    Ms. Susan Claire Rodgers

    Jorge Rodriguez

    Monica Rodriguez, ‘01

    Joe and Janet Rodriguez

    Joe and Janet Rodriguez ‘71, ‘72

    Mr. Pedro A. Rodriguez

    Lora B. Rodriguez ‘85

    Bethany E. Roessler, ‘11

    Gregory ‘73 and Barbara (Schulz) ‘82 Rogers

    Richard P. Rogers, ‘85

    Emily Rogers

    Catherine A. Rogers, ‘10

    Mary Roggenbuck

    Tanya Roggenbuck

    James P. Rollino, ‘11

    Ronnie J. Rombs

    Charles M. Romeo

    Matthew Romero

    Jessica J. Rondeau, ‘09

    Robert and Susan Rooke

    Robert and Susan (Wischmeyer) Rooke, ‘70

    Mr. and Mrs. John W. Roppolo

    Rebecca Rosen

    Mr. Robert J. Rossato

    Juliauna Rossi

    Dino and Terry Rossi

    Julia Rossini

    Jeannette Rossman Kint ‘91

    Michael and Diane Mikkelson, ‘03, ‘02

    Michael A. Rouse ‘87

    Charles H. Roussel Jr.

    Matthew D. Rowles

    Auksuole A. Rubavichute ‘01

    Laura Rudolph

    Mary Ruebelmann

    Jared A. Rueby, ‘10

    Anne Ruedi

    Douglas and Brenda Rupp

    David and Barbara Ruppert

    David E. Ruppert ‘92

    Mark and Ellen Rusch ‘79, ‘79

    Kelley G. Rusnak

    Anne Russell

    David O. Russell, ‘04

    Betsy ‘00 and Jorge Martinez

    Jason C. Russell, ‘05

    Patricia G. Russo, ‘12

    Carl J. Russo, ‘11

    Michael (‘78) and Becky Braniff Russo (‘81)

    Rachel A. Russo ‘02

    Michael and Juliann Russo

    Brian D. Russo, MBA ‘84

    Michael J. Rutherford, ‘12

    Thomas & Mariana Ryan, ‘09

    Mr. and Mrs. John J. Ryan

    Tim G. Ryan MBA ‘86

    Bonnie K. Ryan, ‘05

    Kathleen and Michael Ryan

    Douglas A. Rybicki, ‘09

    Arthur and Sandra Rybicki

    Cecilia L. Rziha, ‘11


    Sibyl N. Sadiq, ‘12

    Luke A. Safranek, ‘12

    Shana Salaff

    Elijah L. Salazar, ‘12

    Mr. Carlos H. Salazar, ‘79

    Robert H. Salazar

    Paul Saleeb, ‘99

    Eric M. Salem, ‘79, ‘89

    Amanda Salgado

    Jeff Salisbury ‘97

    Sharon E. Salmon

    Luisa F. Salomon, ‘11

    Salons on the Plaza

    Mary Salotto

    Scott Salzman

    Gregory and Linda Samorajski

    Jarred W. Samples

    J. Antonio Sanchez

    Anthony MBA ‘05 and Maria Sanchez

    William D. Sandler

    Elaine A. Sanford

    Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Sanford

    Elizabeth Santorum

    Mr. Bret J. Saunders

    Adam Saurwein, ‘99

    Alan B. Saweris

    Anthony Chernoff & Mary Emily Scallon

    Brady T. Scarborough ‘02

    Jeanne P. Schachle

    Sara A. Schaner, ‘12

    Jacob P. Schaner, ‘10

    Anna M. Schardt

    Paul ‘94, ‘95 and Lucy (Judge) ‘94, ‘96 Schemel

    Mr. Robert J. Schena, Jr., ‘09

    Richard J. Schiefelbein, MBA ‘88

    Mary Beth Shillaci ‘70

    Rebecca Schiller Kumar, ‘93

    Ann Schiola MBA’98

    David K. and Patricia H. Schlafly, ‘81, ‘81

    Nathan ‘96 and Elizabeth (Haine) ‘96 Schlueter

    Stephen F. Schmidt ‘11

    Bret & Virginia Schmidt

    Bret and Virginia Schmidt ‘88, ‘88

    Gregory P. Schneid

    Greg Schneider, ‘90

    Jessica L. Schnepp, ‘06

    Adam and Renee Schniederjan

    B. Andrew Schoeneberger

    Carolyn Abelanet Schrader, ‘65

    Martin and Nancy Schreiber

    Devin A. Dzialo

    Jillian Schroeder

    Walter and Gail Schroeder

    Gail Ginapp Schroeder ‘97

    Timothy L. Schroer

    Emily Schuler

    Ann Catherine Schuler, ‘12

    Denise (Michalka) ‘75 and Kurt ‘75, ‘86 Schuler

    Michael A. Schweiss, ‘12

    Mary Jean Schweiter-Lowe

    Shannon Scott

    Fiona Scully

    Mary F. Klahseen

    Dr. and Mrs. Brian Scully

    Securian Foundation

    Miss Bridget A. Leuschen, ‘09

    Gabriela and Paul Sefranek

    Andrew Sefranek, ‘02

    Timothy J. Seibel, ‘83

    Diana Seidel

    Rosemary Seifert

    Anthony P. Seiler

    Thomas ‘69 and Mary (Davis) ‘69 Seiter

    Dominic M. Seitz, ‘04

    Jocelyn Selle Malone

    Shirley Mouton Sellers ‘72

    Catherina A. Sercer, ‘12

    Laura E. Papania, ‘09

    Steven R. Serna

    Jose M. Serrano

    Gabrielle O. Servando, ‘11

    Christian P. Sevilla, ‘12

    John Radford Shafto, III, MBA ‘98

    Amy Postert Sharpe ‘84

    Ann L. Shaughnessy, ‘93

    Patrick and Victoria Shaughnessy

    Colin and Kathleen Shea

    Maura R. Shea, ‘11

    Samuel C. Sheetz, ‘11

    Brian J. Shelburne, ‘12

    Stephen F. Shelvey

    Robert and Paula Shenk

    Robert J. Sherron, Jr.

    Bob and Mary Sherron

    Ruchi Sheth

    Andrew N. Sheumaker, ‘92

    Philip ‘90 and Fanny (Baltazar) ‘88 Sheumaker

    Byron Shields ‘75, ‘82

    Bill ‘03 and Laura ‘05 Shoemaker

    Bill SM ‘03 and Laura SM ‘05 Shoemaker

    Robert and Annette Shorosky

    Jeffrey Shoulta

    Ruthie Shulz

    Teresa Shumay

    Donald and Donna Shumay

    Mrs. George A. Shutt

    Thomas ‘84 and Julie (Alverson) ‘84 Sica

    Suzanne Roemer Sidorenko ‘93

    J. Marianne Siegmund

    Lucas J. Sifuentes, ‘01

    Mikaela Sifuentes, ‘12

    Anthony J. Sigillito, ‘11

    Oreste and Mary Sigillito

    John Sigmond, III, MBA ‘84

    Raymond D. Siler MBA ‘91

    Adam W. Sillivan

    Raul E. Silva, ‘11

    Todd D. Simmonds

    Joseph E. Simmons, ‘10

    Dr. E. Lance Simmons

    Donald and Carolyn Simoneaux

    Adelina Simpson

    Lt. Col. Thomas E. Sinclair III

    Mark C. Sines

    Erik A. Singh, ‘04

    Tiara C. Sirons, ‘11

    Richard G. Sisler MBA ‘80

    Patrick & Elizabeth (Sittenauer)Hrenchir

    Betty Martin Sitton, ‘68

    Madeleine Skaggs

    Joshua and Rachel Skinner, ‘00, ‘00

    Rachel (Neal) ‘00 and Joshua ‘00 Skinner

    Alan and Nina Skinner

    Colleen Slattery

    Tanya (Pomeroy) Slaughter

    Claire Slowey

    Theresa M. Smart

    Michael R. Smesny, MBA ‘91

    Andrew M. Smith

    Renee C. Smith

    C. Allen Smith, ‘69

    Melanie and Bruce Smith

    David B. Smith, MBA ‘77

    Melanie Smith, MBA ‘86

    Michele Therese Smith

    Norah (Smith) ‘98 and Jay Foraker

    Dennis Smith

    Kari Smith

    David Smith

    Katherine MacGregor Smith, ‘12

    Madeline M. Smith

    Megan K. Smith

    Morgan L. Smith

    Sally J. O’Neill Smith ‘92

    Daniel and Nyla Smith

    Summer N. Smith, ‘10

    Mr. Timothy W. Smith, ‘09

    Patricia K. Smith

    Charles Smith, ‘10

    Rose A. Smith-Bouska

    Dennis and Jennifer Snarski

    Jonathan Snodgrass

    Eugene J. Snouffer

    Gary H. Snyder, MBA ‘92

    Peter and Robin SobrakSeaton

    Modupe A. Solanke, ‘09

    Ignacio Solares

    Juan and Monica Solares

    David Enrique Solis Jr.

    Barbara Lewin Somers, ‘64

    Heidi M. Sommer

    Jinsoo Song

    Senthilkumar Soundrapandian, ‘12

    Paul H. Speaker ‘93

    James F. Speelman

    Luke and Allison Bird, ‘00, ‘01

    Luke and Allison Speier, ‘00, ‘01

    Emily E. Speller

    Joshua Spencer

    Gregory L. Spenla, ‘10

    Brian ‘04 and Eileen (Rakowitz) ‘04 Spinner

    Kathleen M. Spivey ‘74

    Spring Creek Barbeque

    Barbara Bailey Springer ‘76

    Steven Derek Springer MBA ‘04

    Sophia Anna Sproule, ‘94

    Lynne M. Sprugel, ‘92

    Molly (Hunker) ‘05 and Britton ‘04 St. Onge

    Blake Anthony St. Onge ‘06

    Wendy V. Staab

    Diane Staacke

    Robert and Melanie Stack, ‘61

    Roger D. Stacy, MBA ‘94

    Marlyce Stainbrook

    Charles Stalzer

    Matthew C. Stamper

    Shawn Michael Stanley MBA ‘07

    Benjamin Starnes

    Richard and Deborah Starnes

    Richard and Mary Starrett

    Kenneth W. Starzer

    Forrest M. Statler, ‘12

    John and Mary Statser

    Leslie A. Statt

    Bill and Karolee Stauduhar ‘83

    Paul and Brigid Stauduhar, ‘11

    Charles Steadman ‘68

    Shelly M. Stearns ‘92

    Justin S. Stebbins ‘02

    Timothy R. Stebbins

    Erin (O’Brien) Steichen, ‘86

    Mary Steinberg

    Ellen M. Steinmiller

    Elizabeth C. Stephens, ‘12

    Blair Stephenson

    Joseph Stephenson, ‘63

    Mr. and Mrs. Felix Sternfels, ‘92

    Michael Stevens

    Elaine Stevens

    David and Annette Stevenson

    Scott Stewart ‘95

    Alan and Kathy Kurtin Stewart

    Dr. Marilyn G. Stewart, ‘80

    Rebecca Stich, ‘10

    Dr. William L. Stigall

    Barbara and Tim Still

    Mary Stirton

    Kathleen M. Wheaton

    Diane and Barry Stocker

    Frank and Jeanette Stokes

    Anjeanette M. Stokes ‘02

    Austin Strain

    William H. Strange, M.D.

    Anne M. Streett

    Mr. and Mrs. John Streett

    Fr. Ambrose Michael G. Strong, ‘05

    James and Katherine Stroud

    Katherine and James Stroud

    Lance C. Stryk, ‘11

    Lindsey Stryk

    Dennis A. Stuekerjuergen, MBA ‘71

    Mr. Vaidyanathan Subramanian

    Deborah J. Sulak

    Julie Dysart Sulkowski ‘80

    Mr. Matthew S. Sullivan, ‘09

    Charles and Robin Sullivan

    Darlene and Philip Herrington

    Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Sullivan, ‘03, ‘03

    Peter and Melody Sullivan, ‘03, ‘03

    Dennis and Catherine Summerhays

    Rosemary E. Suprenant

    Richard J. Suydam, ‘88

    Christopher W. Swales, ‘05

    John and Elfi Swales

    Rose E. Sweeney

    Mary K. Sweeney

    Dr. Erica and Mr. Paul Swegler, ‘79, ‘72

    Erica (Williams) ‘79 and Paul ‘72 Swegler

    Ms. Jennifer E. Swegler

    Francis R. Swietek

    Kenneth R. Swindle, ‘10

    Quin M. Swiney, ‘05

    Swingle, Collins & Associates

    John Swofford

    Adam Swonson

    Joseph C. Swope, ‘12

    Stephen ‘05 and Valerie (McKeon) ‘03 Syski

    Zoltan and Lia Szabo

    Monica Szabo ‘98


    Helen Ta

    Douglas J. Taber, ‘98

    Jim Tabor

    Renee T. Talamantez

    Julie C. Talarico, ‘10

    Laura Talbot

    Maureen Talbot

    Nancy Talkington

    Cecilia Tanaka

    M. Victoria Tanco, ‘11

    Michael J. Tann

    Elizabeth A. Tasler

    Matthew and Joan Tasler

    Edgar and Kelly Tavares

    Katherine Taylor

    Mrs. Diana M. Taylor

    Christine Gormely Taylor, ‘73

    Deanna Taylor-Bird

    Eddie R. Tealer, Jr., ‘04

    Micah C. Teller, ‘11

    Thomas E. Tenner, Jr. Ph.D. ‘71

    Terilli’s Restaurant

    Rev. Richard D. Tero, ‘74

    Barbara and Vince Terracina, ‘92, ‘91

    Michael D. Terranova, Ph. D, M. Arch., ‘85, ‘93

    Joanne Tesoriero

    Teresa M. Tesoriero, ‘12

    Texas Rangers Baseball

    Textron Charitable Trust

    The Cheesecake Factory

    The Coca Cola Foundation Matching Gifts Program

    Richard J Theiss, MBA ‘04

    Timothy and Jeanne Thelen

    Rosalie Interrante Theriot

    Beverly and Daniel Thetford ‘00

    Troy and Jane Thie

    Julene Thom

    Karen M. Olson

    Elizabeth M. Thomas ‘11

    John and Kathryn Thomas

    Trachele Y. Thomas

    Toni Barila Thompson

    Nicholas E. Thompson, ‘10

    Dana M. Thompson, ‘12

    Patricia Thoreson, ‘97

    Hope E. Thornton ‘02

    Alexander Thornton

    Margaret E. Thornton

    Marilyn (Horrell) ‘71 and Perry Thornton

    Monica M. Thorpe, ‘07

    Dylan Thorwaldson

    Bradley T. Thrasher, ‘05

    Eugene H. Tierney

    Theresa and David Tiggeman

    Carlos and Patricia Tijerina

    Richard G. Tilghman, III ‘67

    Sarah and Mike Tiller

    Mr. Lance A. Timco

    Miss Michaela N. Tindall, ‘09

    Sarah (Jacobi) ‘99 and Bradly ‘98 Tindall

    Meghan M. Tinning, ‘06

    Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tinsley

    Saravanan Tirrnav, ‘06

    Steve and Catherine Tjia

    Erika Tobiassen Place

    Engiell Tomaj, ‘12

    David ‘84 and Nancy Toombs

    Nubia Yurianna Torres

    Justin A. Torres, ‘97

    Daniel E. Torrez

    Total Petrochemicals USA Foundation

    Janis L. Townsend

    Douglas Tozier

    Annette ‘91 and Perry Trachier ‘91

    Patrick ‘78 and Diana Tracy

    Susan (Orr) ‘82 and John Traffas ‘75

    Transocean, Inc.

    Melody and Jason Pierce, ‘00, ‘00

    Julie Moran Travis, ‘67

    Michael J. Traylor ‘04

    Marc J. Traynor ‘02

    Janet Trejo

    Nancy Tresp, ‘72

    Mr. Tristan M. Trevino, ‘09

    Alejandro M. Trevino

    Joseph F. and Sarah R. Trimble, ‘01, ‘01

    Wayne Thomas Trimmier, MBA ‘95

    Susan Burkel Trojacek ‘88


    Cynthia Ann Tucker MBA ‘93

    Clyde ‘65 and Kathy Tullis

    Elizabeth Pauken, ‘01

    Alexa Turczynski

    Elizabeth W. Turicchi

    Marie E. Turner, ‘03

    John M. Tutuska

    Patricia and John Tweedy

    Mary Twetten

    Rev. Jason M. Tyler, ‘01

    Caroline Amorella ‘00


    Christine M. Uhl, ‘02

    Susanne Underhill

    Sarah E. Upton ‘03

    Albin and Judith Urbanski

    Father Daniel S. Utrecht

    Sue Ann Utz

    Harry Uy

    Lynn E. Uzzell


    Mark Valdez

    Kathy and Marco Valenzuela, ‘90

    Mario and Donna Petty Valenzuela

    Kristin Van Cleve

    Janet (Gentry) ‘70 and Rick Van Heyst

    Tom Van Schaick

    Jules and Kathleen Van Schaijik

    Chelsea and Andrew Miller, ‘11, ‘11

    Becky and Abraham Vanderberry

    Stephen and Ann Vanderslice ’69, 72, 79, 64, 83

    Bishop Kevin Vann

    Brigid T. Vaughn

    Julia Vaughn

    Jeffrey and Monica Vehige, ‘98

    Richard Velasquez

    Stacen J. Velvin, ‘11

    Joe B. Ventimiglia, M.D., Ph.D.

    Katherine (Lively) ‘03 and Brian ‘ 03 Verderese

    Rev. Peter A. Verhalen

    Mary Elizabeth Vernino ‘80

    Thomas W. Via, ‘05

    Via Real

    Julie and Ross Vick

    Roberta (Victor) ‘98 and Mark Moglia

    Matt ‘91 and Natalie Victorine

    Joel William Victory ‘99

    James Vilade

    Jaime D. Villanueva

    Mr. and Mrs. Benito Villanueva

    Marie P. Villanueva ‘00

    Dr. Lora J. Villarreal

    Marissa Villarrubia

    Carmen A. Villasana, ‘92

    Charmi Vince

    Tran Tu Vo

    Long H. Vo ‘81

    Mary T. Vo

    Tien and Nina Vo

    Joshua J. Vogel

    Paul D. Volcheff

    Valera J. Vollor

    Michael S. Volosen

    Sara (Hellkamp) ‘04 and Steven ‘04 Voynich

    Caryn (Goloby) Vukelich, ‘73


    Charles R. Wadle

    Julie and Michael Wadle

    Ruth Ann Waechter

    Jonathan and Shirley Wagner

    Sharon and Joe Walbran

    Hugh David Waldroup ‘92

    Tod Walker

    Joseph D. Walker

    Sara D. Walker, ‘09

    Scott and Mariella Walker, ‘93, ‘93

    Paul Walker

    Michael and Terese Walker

    Jackson Walker, M.D.

    Deane T. Wallace, ‘77

    Gordon and Mary Anne Wallace

    Kristin Wallin, ‘03

    Scarlet S. Walls

    Susan M. Walser

    Keith T. Walsh, MBA ‘00

    James and Marguerite Walter, ‘66, ‘70, ‘75, ‘65

    Rodney ‘64 and Libby (Starkey) ‘64 Walter

    C. Wesley Walter, ‘83

    Thomas Walter

    Kenneth and Joan Walters

    Ashley L. Walters

    Annie Walterscheid

    Preston W. Waltrip, ‘12

    Matthew D. Walz

    Mary K. Wampach

    Phil and Susanna Wandrey

    Phillip Wandrey

    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas T. Wardlaw, ‘75

    Robert MBA ‘70 and Carol MBA ‘72 Ware

    Joe Warren

    Paul and Anne Wasko

    Theresa Watson

    Mary C. Watson

    Kathryn and Stephen Watson

    Erin Watson Hess

    Thomas and Dorothy Watson

    Thomas ‘02 and Julie (Danaher) ‘02 Watson

    Daniel G. Watts ‘81

    Brad D. Weatheread

    Jean I. Weaver

    Mary Lou (Burt) Weaver, ‘68

    Tabrina Webb

    Michael and Nancy Weber

    Michael and Nancy (Tobin) ‘66, SM ‘06 Weber

    Tony Weber ‘00 and Holt Haley-Walker ‘00

    Van Webster

    Gerard B. Wegemer

    Monica R. Weigel, ‘04

    Charles T. Weigel, III

    Nicholas M. Weil

    Jeffrey R. Weir

    Heidi Weisbrod

    Doug and Peg Weisbruch

    Angela M. Weisse

    Natalie A. Weisse

    Zach (‘04) and Mary Taber (‘05) Weisse

    Peter A. Weldon

    John Wellik, MBA ‘98

    Margaret Wellman

    Robert Loftus and Melanie Wells, ‘76, ‘76

    William and Emily Wells ‘80

    Zachary F. Wellwerts

    Frank and Jeanne Wellwerts

    Rosanne and Jack MBA ‘77 Wensinger

    Amanda Werley

    Sue Werley, MBA ‘01

    Mr. and Mrs. Jim Werley

    Michael and Mary West ‘06, ‘06

    Juan C. Wester

    Nancy T. O’Malley ‘03

    Alexandra Weston Grove

    Dirk W. Westphal

    Antoinette M. Whalen

    Anthony and Judy Whalen

    John (‘02) and Rachel (‘02) Wheadon

    Rachel M. Kresyman ‘02

    Margaret Nelson Whelan, ‘70

    Thomas M. Whisenant

    Mary Jo White

    Marilyn White, MBA ‘90

    Daniel B. White

    Kathleen McEwen

    Serena R. White ‘11

    Rebecca and Joe Bird

    Peter W. White

    Rose E. Brannon

    Michael and Debra White

    Camille and Richard White

    Martin and Jean White, ‘86, ‘87, ‘86

    Phyllis White

    Sylvia A. Whiteacre

    Amber M. Whitehead, ‘03

    Elizabeth Whitfield

    Brian and Mary Whitney

    Laura M. Wick

    Ellen M. Wicker, ‘12

    Alex S. Wiebold

    Kathryn L. Wiener

    Michelle Wiesner Williams and Donald Williams, Jr.

    Sarah Wilkerson

    Raymond W. Wilkerson

    Gary Wilkinson

    Robert C. Williams

    Janet Williams

    Charlene Williams, SM ‘08

    Paul Williams

    Julia and Richard Williams

    Robert S. Williams

    Francis M. Williams, ‘86

    Dr. Rodney M. Williams, DBA

    Victoria W. Williamson

    Jamie Williamson (Christman) ‘92

    Jessica Williamson

    Sarah Willingham

    Daniel Willis

    Mr. and Mrs. Gene Wills

    Marianne Wilson

    Adrienne Wilson

    Emily C. Wilson

    Joseph T. Wilson, ‘09

    Mary and Michael Barvick ‘97, ‘95

    Michael S. Wilson, ‘04

    Elizabeth P. Window

    Kathryn A. Winick

    Lillian G. Winstead

    Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Winstead

    Katherine Wisowaty

    James W. Woeber

    Theresa Wohldmann

    Getinet Woldmariam

    Kelsey Wolf

    Marisa A. Wolfe, ‘09

    Thomas M. Wolfe

    Christopher J. Wolfe, ‘09

    Lance A. Wolfe

    Amy L. (Bolk) Wolfe, ‘85, ‘89

    Greg ‘77 and Patrice (O’Hare) ‘78 Wolfe

    Gregory Clyde Wolfe II

    Rachel Wolford

    Joseph and Anna Wollscheid, ‘03

    Micah Wood

    Robert ‘83 and Katie (Baehr) ‘84 Wood

    Thomas Woods

    Kelly Woods Battaglia ‘90

    Brian D. Woods, ‘94

    Cynthia D. Worth, SM ‘09

    Mark A. Wright, ‘00

    Cody T. Wright

    Kenneth W. Wright ‘86

    Sarah (Wright) ‘01 and Joseph ‘01 Trimble

    Katherine Wyman

    Carlisle C. Wysong

    Kristen Wysong

    Mary Wysong

    Scott Wysong


    Lionel and Janet Yaceczko, ‘05, ‘05

    Lisa Y. Yager ‘88

    Robert Yale

    Paul and Miyako Yamamoto

    Mr. and Mrs. Paul Yarbrough

    Kathryn Yegge

    Tsai-Hsai Yeh, ‘88

    Mark S. Yelchak

    Karen (Owens) ‘73 and Rucks ‘73 Yerger

    Dean and Holly Yoshimura

    Youkhanna Youkhanna

    Mark and Eileen Young

    Coleman Young ‘82

    Anne E. Young

    Connie M. Young, ‘65

    Rachel M. Yuengert, ‘12


    Vincent SM ‘10 and Mary SM ‘10 Zaby

    Catherine Zadnik

    Jack Zanini ‘83

    Anastasia F. Zaruba

    Colleen Monaghan Zarzecki, ‘88

    Mr. and Mrs. Felix Zayas

    Mariana L. Zayas, ‘12

    James and Cindy ‘82 Zemis-Morris

    Robert W. Zens ‘94

    Karen (Dillabough) ‘82 and Mark ‘80 Zeske

    Qing Zhang

    Thomas ‘87 and Lisa Zipper

    Jonathan and Alice (Pincus) ‘85 Zischkau

    Jonathan D. Zischkau, Jr.

    Adrienne Zollo

    Maria Zubillaga

    Isabel Zubillaga

    Reiner C. Zuercher

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