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Student Scholarships

Establishing a new scholarship at the University of Dallas is an excellent way to memorialize a loved one or honor them for their accomplishments.

What is the minimum amount required to establish an endowed scholarship?
A partial scholarship endowment can be established with a minimum gift of $50,000 which can be paid over multiple years. The scholarship cannot be awarded until the fund reaches a market value of $50,000.

How much is required to establish an endowed full scholarship?
A full tuition scholarship requires a $750,000 gift, which can be made over a period of years. The scholarship cannot be awarded until the fund reaches a market value of $750,000.

I don't have enough to set up an endowed scholarship. What other options do I have?
If you are unable to establish a scholarship but would still like to give, you can select one of our many existing scholarships or give to our Cor Fund which supports scholarships for students in academic good standing but have unmet financial needs.

May I set the preferences for the kind of student who will receive my scholarship?
Yes, however all preferences and scholarship agreements must first be approved by the University. Typical preferences include characteristics such as major program of study, minimum GPA and the financial need of the recipient.

May I set up a scholarship in my name or to honor someone else?
Yes, many scholarships honor or memorialize individuals.

Will I be informed about the student who receives my scholarship?
Yes. Each year endowed scholarship donors are mailed reports on the market value of their fund as well as on the recipient of their scholarship. Whenever possible, we try to arrange for opportunities for scholarship recipients to meet their donors.

If you would like more information on establishing or contributing to a scholarship, please contact:

Jim Livernois
Jim Livernois

Director of
Annual Giving

If you are a student or parent of a student seeking financial aid, please contact the your financial aid counselor in the
Office of Financial Aid at 972.721.5266 or

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