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The Mirror and The Monitor

The Mirror and The Monitor: Female Self-Portraiture in Video Practice
Alex Bag, Joan Jonas, Lynn Hershman Leeson, Kristin Lucas, Martha Rosler
Curated by Dr. Catherine Caesar
March 24 - April 29, 2012
Opening Reception Friday March 30, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m.

From its inception in the mid-1960s, video art has been closely tied with self-portraiture.  Early on, the artist became the natural subject for her projects, because of her guaranteed availability and also the draw of seeing her own moving, speaking image on the monitor, television, or film screen.  The video self-image, however, produces a series of paradoxes--our image is both familiar, yet distanced, thanks to both the time delay of the playback image and the strange unfamiliarity of watching our own reflection.  For women artists in particular, using one's own body to unleash the political power of autobiography can be countered and potentially undermined by the history of the objectification of the female body in art and mass-culture.  The artists in this exhibition embrace some of these paradoxes by both celebrating and revealing their own images, yet simultaneously obscuring themselves through various strategies including masquerades and pseudonyms and the manipulation and desynchronization of the video medium itself.  This exhibition includes artworks from five decades of video practice: Joan Jonas's Vertical Roll (1972), Martha Rosler's Domination and the Everyday (1978), a series of works by Lynn Hershman Leeson ranging from 1986-1994, Alex Bag's Untitled Fall '95 (1995) and Kristin Lucas's Involuntary Reception (2000).

Tuesday, April 3, 4pm
In conjunction with this exhibition,  the Haggerty Gallery will host a public talk by Jenny Vogel entitled "Images for and Unknown Public."  Vogel's video, photographic, and computer-based artworks have been exhibited widely, nationally and internationally.  Based in New York and North Texas, Vogel is  currently Assistant Professor of New Media Art in the College of Visual Arts and Design at the University of North Texas.

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