You Should Know Them #1 - Professors and Their Students

January 22 - February 21, 2010

This exhibition organized by Professor Juergen Strunck presents an innovative and diverse range of printmaking techniques utilized by contemporary artists working in this field today. You Should Know Them #1 features the works of Texas printmaking professors and their students.

Kate Borcherding, Andrew DeCaen, Tim High, Berry Klingman, Charles P. Jones, Richard Ash, Nancy Palmeri, Linda D. Guy, Larry Scholder, James Pace.
Brianna Satterfield, Carlos Aleman, Sarah Miller, Manolito Cardoza, Taylor McClure, Hank St. John, Scott Meyer, Daniella Valerio, Amanda K. Smith, Kristina Grauke, Maria Alvardo, Daniel Ogletree, Hoang Oanh Le, Erika Aguilar, Abhidnya Ghuge, Paul Windle, Charity Moelling, Jolie Miener, Michael Christopher.


You Should Know Them

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