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Internships, part-time employment, and volunteer experiences allow students to investigate their abilities, skills, interests, and values in a practical environment. Students can identify professional areas of interest and build experience and credibility as future employees while developing knowledge and competencies requisite to performing well.  

In addition to learning valuable new skills and gaining practical experience, internships also provide students an opportunity to explore a field of interest before "officially" entering it.

What is an Internship?

Experiential Education

Remember that internships are just one component of Experiential Education. Participation in the following activities are also important tools for career development and can help build your resume.

Academic Credit

Academic credit is often required by employers if an internship is unpaid. Academic credit for summer internships and part-time local internships during the academic school year can be obtained through various University of Dallas academic departments. All University of Dallas students may also earn up to six hours of upper-level elective course credit through internship experience. Students should contact Julie Janik regarding requirements and deadlines. All internships requiring academic credit are subject to approval.


The internship search process can take 6-9 months and requires several key steps.

First Years & Sophomores

Identifying  internship opportunities for first-year students and sophomores can be challenging. Students having difficulty finding opportunities should talk to an OPCD Advisor regarding how to pinpoint opportunities and effectively build a resume.

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