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University Smoking Policy


University of Dallas Smoking Policy Statement:

I. The following guidelines and changes in University policy are designed to meet the requirements of the city of Irving ordinance and to achieve the University’s goal of a smoke-free public environment:

(1) Smoking is defined as the burning of tobacco or any other material in any type of smoking equipment including but not restricted to cigarettes, cigars, or pipes.

(2) Smoking is prohibited indoors in all University facilities at all locations, including campus-owned or leased vehicles,

(3) Smoking is also prohibited outdoors within 25-feet of all entrances and exits of the buildings, and within 25-feet of any fresh air intakes or any operable windows of any University buildings. This 25-foot prohibition applies to all porches, balconies and patio areas that are connected to the buildings. Smoking is also prohibited within 25 feet of all the outdoor athletic fields and facilities.

(4) Smoking is strictly prohibited inside any Residence Hall and the Student Apartments. Smoking is also prohibited outdoors within 25-feet of all entrances and exits of the Residence Halls. Smoking is permitted on the patios and balconies of the Residence Halls and Student Apartments.

(5) Appropriate signage prohibiting smoking may be added to any new and or existing areas on Campus where smoking is prohibited that is not specifically covered by this policy.

II. Reason for Policy: The University of Dallas is committed to promoting a healthy and safe environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. This policy is intended to reduce the health risks related to smoking and secondhand smoke for the campus community.


V. Entities Affected by this Policy: All individuals on the University of Dallas campus, including faculty, staff, students, parents, vendors and visitors.


VI. Procedures:

(1) The University’s primary goal is to achieve voluntary compliance with the smoking policy by educating students, faculty, staff, and visitors about the policy. That said, enforcement is often necessary to aid in the adoption of a new policy, and Campus Safety will be monitoring compliance with the policy. Any faculty, staff, student, or visitor who does not comply with the policy is subject to the disciplinary actions listed below.

(2) University faculty/staff who violate the smoking policy are subject the progressive disciplinary procedures in accordance with the University’s Human Resource policies. Department heads and supervisors should be notified of violations and will assist in the discipline process.   

(3) Students are encouraged to respect the smoking policy drafted to insure the overall health of the UD community, students who violate the policy are subject to a $100 fine.  Repeat offenses by the same person shall be dealt with through already established administrative/disciplinary procedures.

(4) Visitors who violate the policy will be informed of the University smoking policy. Visitors who continue to violate the policy following a warning will be escorted off-campus.

(5) Enforcement is primarily the responsibility of Campus Safety and Housing & Residence Life staff.

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