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The University of Dallas has recommended to its pest control providers that they use Green List pesticides as much as possible. There may be times when Yellow and Red List pesticides must be used in order to eradicate a pest issue. Any use of these types of pesticides / herbicides are for the immediate area of treatment and only for the target pest.

MSDS information for the chemicals used is available for viewing in the Facilities Administrative Office during standard business hours.

Pest Control on Campus

The University of Dallas Facilities Department follows the IPM regulatory guidelines set by the EPA, and the Texas Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control Board.

The Facilities staff of the university are not licensed pest control applicators; as such we cannot treat your room, office, kitchen, lab nor set traps, baits, and devices. The Facilities Department maintains pest control contracts with the following companies:

These contractors are licensed by the State of Texas and may legally apply pesticides, herbicides, bait and set trap devices. 

Notification of intent to apply pesticides

The State of Texas requires that pest control applicators give 48 hours advance notice of their intent to treat an area. Here on campus, since we know that we will receive pest control service every Tuesday at or around noon, a work request shall serve as notice of intent to treat. Requests for immediate treatment require that the requestor sign a waiver negating the advance notification.

State IPM regulations also require that the campus be notified prior to the broadcasting of pesticides and herbicides outdoors. A notice shall be submitted 48 business hours in advance on the Today@UD email flier that posts each morning to the campus email system.

Critters & Varmints

Our campus is located close to the LB Houston Nature Trails, a dense wooded area to the N/W of campus. Due to the highway construction that is taking place, many creatures are being displaced and wandering on to our campus. If you see animals such as bobcats, armadillos, skunks, opossums, foxes, or snakes please report it to Facilities. Do not attempt to feed, pet, or antagnoize these animals. Stray dogs or cats on campus may also be reported to Facilities, or CSO.

 If you have a campus pest problem

If you have a pest control issue, please submit a work request at least 48 business hours in advance of each Tuesday. All work requests submitted for pests in buildings & residential halls are issued to the Arrow Exterminator pest control technician for treatment.  If you notice pests still inhabiting the area after treatment, please submit a new work request.

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