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The University of Dallas is an "at will" employer. Submitting an application for employment in no way guarantees employment with the University of Dallas or the Facilities Department.

The University of Dallas does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, age, religion, or physical disability. 

Student Workers in Facilities Department

Student Workers: Spring & Fall Semesters

During the Spring & Fall Semesters we offer employment to students approved by the Office of Human Resources who are enrolled in the financial-aid /work study program. Please confirm that you have been approved for work-study by Human Resources before you come to Facilities.

Who is my contact at the Facilities Department?

Contact Steve Serna Monday through Friday, between 8:00am & 11:00am.
His office phone number is (972) 721-5296.  E-mail:

Commencement Set-up Crew Helper
Facilities Summer Student Employment

After undergraduate commencement, & through the months of June, July, & August (May 18 to August 21, 2015) the Facilities Department uses student temporary employees to help with repairs & modifications to the campus. We offer a 28 hour work week, & allow a leave of up to 10 business days for those wishing time off.

Who may qualify?

Commencement set-up, and summer employment are not financial-aid or work study positions. You do not need to qualify for a financial-aid award in order to apply. You must be registered as a current and returning student of the University of Dallas.

   apply on line   for Summer employment, or Commencement set-up crew.

Once you have applied for summer employment Facilities Craft Supervisors will choose the applicants they feel are best qualified based on the information provided in the application. Only those students will be contacted for an interview. Applying for employment in no way guarantees employment with the Facilities Department or the University of Dallas.    Click HERE to see the Summer Handbook.

Need on-campus housing?

The Office of Student Life handles all requests for summer on-campus housing. The Facilities Department does not secure or guarantee housing of any kind.


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