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Meningitis Vaccine Policy

(effective October 1, 2013)

State of Texas Legislation mandates that ALL students under the age of 22 enrolling for the first time at the University or returning from leave of absence must submit evidence of vaccination against bacterial meningitis to the University. Students must provide evidence that the vaccination was administered at least 10 days prior to the first day of the semester and within the last 5 years. Students without this proof of vaccination will not be permitted to register for classes or attend classes at the beginning of the term.

Acceptable Evidence of Vaccination includes:

Undergraduate proof of Meningitis Vaccine can be delivered in person, mailed, emailed or faxed to:

University of Dallas
Office of Student Life
1845 E. Northgate Dr.
Irving, TX 75062
972.721.5323 – office
972.721.5291 – fax

Students enrolled in graduate programs should contact the relevant graduate office:
Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts: 972.721.5106
College of Business: 972.721.5004
School of Ministry: 972.721.5814

A student may be exempted provided the following criteria is met and submitted to the Office of Student Life or the relevant graduate office.

Texas State Exemption Form

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers from CDC about Meningitis

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