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2015-2016 Annual Housing Registration Guidelines for Current Undergraduates

**Housing Registration runs April 7, 2015 through April 10, 2015**


REQUIREMENTS:  The standard undergraduate RESIDENCY REQUIREMENT remains in full effect for the 2015-2016 academic year.  Housing registration applications and contract submissions will be entirely online for both Irving and current Rome campus students. Applications and contracts submitted during Housing Registration Week have priority over late submissions after April 10th.

Each currently enrolled undergraduate is expected to individually submit his or her own application AND contract.   Students will be able to request specific roommates and/or room types in the online application form during the Housing Registration Week process starting April 7th.  A 'backup' plan is strongly recommended in case potential future roommates are uncertain of their individual plans, or room type requests exceed availability.
Continuing undergraduates who fall under the Residency Requirement for 2015-2016 but do NOT register for housing during Housing Registration Week will still be billed for campus housing.  These students will be placed in "To Be Assigned" housing and charged standard room and board fees for the fall semester.  Charges will be adjusted accordingly as students submit contracts and are assigned to a specific location in campus housing.

AVAILABILITY BY CLASS: After confirmation of housing contract submissions, all campus housing applications received during Housing Registration Week will be processed in order of student classification and cumulative credit hours with Seniors having first selection priority; Juniors second and then Sophomores.  Group applications are processed first. Complete group applications (rooms and apartments) will be awarded by the total number of cumulative credit hours for the entire group.  Seniors who apply after Housing Registration Week will no longer have priority and will be placed on a 'wait' list along with other late applicants no longer under the mandatory University of Dallas residency requirement.

FUTURE ROMERS: Students officially accepted to the Fall Rome Program will automatically be billed for Rome housing and do not need to do anything further.  However, Fall Romers on the 'wait list' should still submit a housing contract and apply for Irving housing during Housing Registration Week.  As students are officially accepted into the Rome Program, Irving campus housing charges will then be replaced with Rome campus housing charges on Business Office accounts.  The Contract Breakage Fee does not apply to fall Irving residents who go to Rome the following spring. 

APPLICATION PROCESS: Regardless of the housing request, each student is responsible for his or her own individual contract AND application submission during Housing Registration Week from the link further down this page. The application link will not go 'live' until April 7th, the first day of Housing Registration Week.  However, the link to the housing contract is live for early submissions and will be held to match with applications received during Housing Registration Week.

The application form is designed so that everyone is required to complete the 'hall application' section but a separate section will also permit application to the campus apartments for those who qualify to do so by meeting the 60 credit hour minimum by the start of the fall.  If you are uncertain of the number of your cumulative credit hours, that information is being sent by the Registrar to your on campus PO Box and is also available online via BannerWeb.  Any perceived discrepancies should immediately be addressed with the Office of the Registrar.

Applicants who will NOT be under the Residency Requirement as a senior or a junior over age 21 at the start of the fall, have the option in the 'hall application section' to indicate that a campus apartment is the only choice of campus housing.

Each application for a campus apartment or a triple suite in West Hall must be as part of a complete qualifying group with all names listed on each student application in order to verify mutual roommate requests.  Groups may be of mixed classifications.   Mutually confirmed group requests submitted during the official housing registration period will be processed in order of official cumulative credit hours for the entire group.   Groups with the highest number of cumulative credit hours are assigned first. When there is only one room (or apartment) type remaining to be assigned and more than one group with the same number of cumulative hours has applied, other determining factors such as group average GPA, application submission dates/times, current hours, etc. are then reviewed

Keep in mind that apartments are double occupancy by bedroom and each apartment group applicant must still have a minimum of 60 credit hours by the start of the fall.
Upon successful submission of the application form you will see a confirmation message on your screen with additional instructions.

CONFIRMATION: After Housing Registration Week, successful applicants will later receive an email containing housing assignment information.  Remaining applicants will be emailed regarding temporary 'wait' list status.


Starting on Tuesday, April 7th at 8:45 a.m. CST in the U.S. you may click * HERE * to submit your online housing application form for next year.

However, as part of the application process you may now submit the online hall contract HERE for next year.  Please note updates in the 'Meal Plan' section of the contract.

Upperclassmen later awarded a campus apartment will then be sent the link to the online apartment contract which will void the previously submitted hall contract.  The apartment contract also gives the option to decline a residential meal plan.

While the application form will still be available after Housing Registration Week, applications submitted DURING Housing Registration Week ending April 10th have first priority.  


'COMMUTER STATUS' QUALIFICATIONS:  If you qualify for and wish to claim official 'Commuter Status' [age 21 before the start of the academic year; senior standing (90 credit hours); married; veteran; or commuter living with parents locally], you MUST submit this online "Commuter Form" for next year marking all boxes.  Submissions prior to July 1st will qualify for a Housing Deposit refund. Students who may later qualify for 'commuter status' mid-semester are still subject to the refund schedule policies as outlined on the "Residency Requirement" web page.

Residents who do NOT qualify for official 'commuter' status may appeal for exemption from the residency requirement based on one of the two categories below. Exemptions to the residency requirement are difficult to obtain. These requests MUST be made by May 1st. 

FINANCIAL – Undergraduates with financial concerns about the cost of living on campus must contact the Financial Aid Office and have a current FAFSA on file.  The Office of Student Life is NOT responsible for releasing students from the residency requirement due to financial issues.  Submission of a FAFSA will first be required by the Financial Aid Office before any possible additional financial assistance may be considered for those who remain under the mandatory residency requirement.  Students (not parents) may email an appeal to the Director of Financial Aid at with the detailed request which must also include a breakdown of estimated costs to live off campus.

MEDICAL – If a student feels that they have a valid medical reason which would preclude them from living on-campus, they should send an email message outlining the general details of the medical condition. Supporting medical documentation from the student's primary care physician or licensed MD specialist must accompany the request. Submitted requests will be reviewed, but exemptions to the residency requirement for medical reasons are extremely rare.  Students (not parents) may email an appeal to   Medical issues will not be factored into the Housing Registration Week process.

Exemption requests made after May 1st will NOT be processed.

Otherwise, Students who remain under the mandatory residency requirement will continue to be billed accordingly for on-campus housing for the academic year while enrolled as a full-time undergraduate.




MAYTERM 2015 Housing Information LINK


SUMMER 2015 Housing Information LINK.


SPRING 2015 CLOSING:  Current campus residents are required to formally check-out of hall rooms and apartments by 10 a.m. on Friday, May 15th. This must include the return of any residential keys issued to residents.  Swipe access cards will automatically expire at closing on Friday, May 15th.  Key Return envelopes for traditional hall residents will be made available in your area. A direct link to the required check-out form will also be emailed to you with detailed instructions in advance of move-out.  The URL is also printed on the Key Return envelope.  Failure to properly complete the check-out process and online form WILL result in improper check-out fines.  Failure to leave your room or apartment in approximately the same condition as when you moved in will also result in fines.  

Residents may also click HERE for additional details regarding proper check-out procedures.


LATE DEPARTURE:  The only exceptions granted upon request HERE to the official closing time are the following:

Graduating senior residents (deadline automatically extended to midnight of graduation Sunday ONLY).

Siblings of graduating seniors upon request and confirmation of family status.  Again, approvals are only until midnight of graduation Sunday.

Mayterm class registration and request for housing.  Click HERE for detailed information about Mayterm housing and link to request paid Mayterm housing.  Current apartment residents wishing to remain for a Mayterm class will be required to relocate to a temporary room in West Hall as all apartments will CLOSE by midnight of graduation Sunday due to summer renovations which begin the next morning.

Students who request and are authorized by the university to stay in support of graduation services (deadline automatically extended to midnight of graduation Sunday ONLY). 

Residents approved for summer housing who will move out of West Hall after Mayterm and then into the designated summer hall, Madonna Hall, for the remainder of the summer.  Click HERE for detailed information and the link to apply for summer housing.

The submission deadline is May 1st for students who do not fall into any of these categories but wish to seek official approval to stay a bit longer for valid and verifiable reasons.  This will result in relocation over to West Hall if living in one of the traditional halls or an apartment resident if approved to remain past graduation.   ALL residents requesting late departure must complete and submit this online  "Request For Late Departure Form".   Be prepared for a $20/night fee when the request is of a personal nature and not at the request of the university nor academically related.


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