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Who is CARES?

The University of Dallas participates in a healthcare consortium called CARES (Collegiate Association REsource of the Southwest). The sole purpose of CARES is to provide benefits for faculty and staff members of participating colleges and universities. CARES was formed in 2004 and provides health benefits for University of Dallas employees as well as the employees of two other private schools in Texas: Austin College and Texas Christian University. All decisions regarding CARES are made by the board of directors. Each participating school designates one board representative (a member of the senior staff with experience in Finance, Administration or Human Resources) and has one vote in all matters decided by the board. CARES employs two staff positions, an executive director and accountant to manage the day-to-day activities of the consortium, interact with vendors as well as marketing to private schools to increase CARES membership.

For more information, please visit the CARES website.

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Summaries of Material Modifications

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Medical Coverage for Retirees

UD offers group health plan coverage through CARES to any eligible retiree who: (a) is a Participant in the Plan during the 3 month period immediately prior to retirement from UD; (b) was actively working on the day prior to retirement; (c) is at least 55 years of age and has a minimum of 10 years of continuous service with UD from the most recent hire date; and (d) the sum of such Employee's age and years of service is at least 75.

If you are a Retired Participant, your coverage under this Plan will cease on the date you attain age 65 and are eligible for Medicare. If you are the covered Spouse of a Retired Participant your coverage under the Plan will cease on the date you attain age 65 (regardless of when the Retired Participant attained age 65). The coverage of a Dependent Child of a Retired Participant who is no longer eligible for coverage under this Plan (due to attainment of age 26 and/or eligibility for Medicare) will cease on the last day of the month in which the Dependent Child attains age 26 (regardless of whether the child is considered disabled under the definition of "Dependent"). However you and your Dependent may be eligible to enroll in UD's Medicare supplemental coverage through OneExchange.

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Health Plan Supplement

Contains eligibility provisions and summary information for Prescription Drug Plan, Best Doctors, Employee Assistance Program and the Prevention Plan.

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Special Enrollment Rights

Explains special enrollment rights due to certain changes such as birth, marriage, adoption, loss of other coverage, etc.

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Notices and Other Resources

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