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If you need a position posted on the Blue Board, submit the following:

Request for Posting a Student Employee Position

If you are requesting to hire a student employee, submit the following:

Request for Student Employee Action Form (EAF)

Student Employee Evaluation

Student Employee Handbook


Payroll Schedule 2014-2015 

General Information

Student Employee and Supervisor Relationship
For many student employees, their student employee position will be their first job. Further, as we are largely a liberal arts school, for many of these students, their student employment will be their job skills training for the “real world.” It is important to keep this in mind as we encourage our student employees to grow as employees. It is also important to remember that these students are the future representatives of our University in the workforce.

Every employee on campus is required to complete new hire paperwork, including the I-9 form. If student employees have not completed the I-9 form within three days of their hire date, they will be required to stop working entirely until they have completed the form. Both the student and the supervisor will be notified if this occurs.

To complete the I-9 form students will be required to present one or more original forms of identification. Please go to this link for more information about the form:

On the last page is a list of acceptable forms of identification. Students only need to complete this paperwork once, unless their I-9 expires during their employment. If this is the case, HR will contact the student and supervisor to inform them the existing I-9 is set to expire and give a deadline to renew the I-9 or to stop working.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why wasn't my student paid?

First, make sure you've submitted a request for an EAF. Second, make sure the student has completed all of the paperwork. Typically the students don't finish the paperwork in time and an EAF will sit in HR until they turn in the paperwork. Third, make sure the student entered their time in UD Web Time Entry online. See the current payroll schedule for deadlines.

Can I hire a student who is working for another department?

Yes. Make sure that the student has told their primary supervisor that they will be getting a second job. The primary job has first claim to the work study award. Please make sure that in working for your department that the student is not going to run out of funds before the semester ends.

Upcoming Meetings/Events:


*** Student Employee Appreciation Week

                        April 6 - 10, 2015


           Mahalo "Thank You" Luau
                         April 9, 2015
                 West Hall Courtyard
                        4 p.m. - 6 p.m.








Web Time Entry Manuals

Timesheets have been converted to the electronic web time entry process thanks to the hard efforts of the Business Office. This new change will help you manage students easier as it will now be very clear on who has a job set up in the system and can be paid and who is not.

Training manuals:

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