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International Student Health Insurance 


Us federal regulations and the University of Dallas require that all international students have health insurance, also called medical insurance to help cover the expenses of unexpected medical issues while residing in the US.  The university has contracted with Aetna Student Health to provide a policy that complies with federal law.

All incoming students will be automatically enrolled on the policy and related charges will be added to student accounts at the business office.  There are very few exceptions to enrolling in the University of Dallas insurance.  The annual cost is $1,432 which averages out to $124.39 per month.  However, the exact amount of the charge that is placed on an account varies depending on the student’s program and academic calendar. 

 The benefits on the policy are very good.  But be advised that routine dental and vision examinations are not covered.

To help you understand a little more about insurance in the US, click HERE to listen to some further details about how medical costs are covered.  Just so you aren't confused, please note that this video is a marketing piece implying that the listener can choose from more than just the Aetna policy.  That is not the case here.

To correct a couple pieces of mis-information or to expand on what is stated on the video:

  1. The University of Dallas does not offer any stipends to grad students designated for health insurance premiums.
  2. Your annual deductible is $200.00 
  3. There are no "per condition" deductibles

To review the specific benefits of the UD Aetna policy, click HERE to be taken to the Aetna website for the University of Dallas.

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