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Economic Hardship

F-1 student regulations allow a student who has experienced a severe, sudden change in their financial circumstances that is beyond their control or that of their sponsor, to apply to the Department of Homeland Security for a work permit in order to take an off-campus job "to help" with tuition, fees, school and living expenses. Please note: The student cannot be destitute - they must still have some funds being provided.

Such employment is limited to part-time work (20 hours maximum per week) while school is in session. Full-time work is permitted during breaks or Annual Vacation. The work permit expires (regardless of the date on the card) upon graduation, transfer to a new school or other termination of the program on which the expenses were based.

The recommendation for the work permit must be made through the SEVIS system so the application must be processed through the International Office.


The student must have completed at least one academic year of full-time study - 2 consecutive trimesters for Satish and Yasmin Gupta College of Business graduate students, 9 months for liberal arts students.
The student must have experienced an event which has changed his/her financial circumstances - an event that is unexpected, severe, and beyond the student's control or that of his/her sponsor.

-Severe abrupt devaluation of currency
-Sudden new personal expenses - medical, family, etc
-Death of parent or sponsor;
-Sudden illness or accident involving parent or sponsor

Documentation Required

- Letter from student explaining the original financial plan for their studies and the event that has altered that plan. The student's letter must include a budget showing typical expenses for an academic term.
- If a sponsor or parent has provided funding, a second letter further explaining the circumstances of the unforeseen event.
- Objective evidence to corroborate the statements in the letters.


Student prepares personal letter with budget, gets sponsor's letter, gathers objective evidence. If desired, these documents can be emailed to the International Student Advisor for review before going on to the next steps.
Make an appointment with the International Student Advisor and in addition to the letters and evidence, bring the following:
- Form I-765 - Access, complete and print out the from from the USCIS web site
Passport and I-94
- Two passport size photos taken within the last 30 days. These photos can be taken in the UD Printing and Postal office on the lower level of Haggar
- Past I-20's
 -Personal check for $380 

Processing of this type of work permit can take 3+ months. Employment off campus is NOT PERMITTED prior to receipt of the work permit.

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